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I took a shaky breath and opened my mouth to say something, but before I could, Alice gasped and a thin trail of our blood falling from the corner of her mouth. He dropped the candle that had still remained in her hands, and she fell to the floor. I wanted to believe this was part of the ceremony. I wanted to believe that she was supposed to be down on her knees. But that feeling of dread that I had felt before this whole damn thing had started rushed back to me and I watched in absolute horror as Alice lurched forward, her hands pressed to the floor.

"What... what is happening?" Alice's voice was weak, and even Carlisle seemed perplexed.

"Carlisle?" Jasper finally spoke. I waited, with everyone else, as the seconds ticked, and I could hear Alice's heart speed faster.

And with a final shuddering sound, she collapsed fully onto the ground, her heart silent.

The sound of ocean waves roared in my ears, and I felt all of the air leave my body. I couldn't move, couldn't think. All I knew was that Alice was laying in the middle of the floor, motionless. Not breathing, heart not beating.

Everyone was in motion- Edward and Jasper rushing to Alice's side and Carlisle looking at me. I looked up at him and saw that his lips were moving. Was he saying something to me? The ocean waves were gone, and in their place was the oddest sound… I could only compare it to the sound the adults in the Peanuts cartoon made. 'Mwa mwa mwa woop wa…'

"Bella!" Edward's voice broke through, and I looked down at him. He was pressing down on Alice's chest, going through the motions of CPR. Jasper was breathing into her mouth after every five compressions. Carlisle was shaking me, his words lost on me. After fifteen compressions and three deep breaths, Alice's heart was still silent, and I felt myself react to Carlisle's shaking.

"Isabella! Can you hear me?" I looked at Carlisle and I nodded. And like someone slammed their hand into my forehead, I snapped. My vision, my body- everything. I looked down at Alice and moved towards her.

"Move," I whispered. No one made any indication that they had heard me, so I stepped even closer.

"Get the fuck out of my way!" I screamed. Jasper glared at me, but he and Edward still moved. I looked down at my hands and saw that the air around them was like water. How did my body already know what to do, when I didn't?

I didn't have any time to think about it, because before I realized what was going on, I pushed out enough energy to throw the three men around me against the farthest wall, and to lift Alice into the air in front of me.

"Holy shit!" Edward cried out. His eyes were wide, staring at me like I was on display in a damn museum. Jasper was gaping at me in shock, but with a tinge of hope in every inch of his face. Carlisle was smiling.

Alice was motionless. Heart silent.

The surge of power ran through me again, and I felt my hands twitch. I pushed out the energy again, watching as Alice shot into the air like someone had used electric paddles on her.


"Why isn't anything happening?" Jasper whispered. I don't know, I thought. Panic rushed through me, my body vibrating. Alice was on the floor, growing more pale as the seconds passed. Her dark hair lay around her head like a small curtain, her legs tucked to the side. Her arms were out to the side, like she was waiting for someone to hug her. Tears ran down my cheeks, falling to the floor as my body shook.

I had to get my energy into her, it was the only way she was going to come back. It was the only way to heal her. But my 'electric paddle' method wasn't working.

I stepped forward and kneeled next to Alice. She seemed so lifeless… I sobbed quietly before I gathered her into my arms. Her skin was cold, sending my senses into overdrive once again.

"Finish the ceremony," I said loudly. Carlisle startled at my voice and seemed confused. "Finish it, Carlisle! Keep going!" He paused again and looked at Edward and Jasper before running back over to the book he had dropped. I took several deep breaths and listened as Carlisle began to speak again. I didn't understand the words, so I knew he was reading from the book. That was my cue, and I closed my eyes, pushing out all of my energy.

I could feel the heat through every inch of my body, rushing all over me like someone poured hot water over my head. I focused on the feel of Alice's skin on mine. I imagined each and every piece of my energy shooting into her, into her heart, into her mind. I imagined her smile, her laughter. The tears kept falling from my eyes as I pushed even more into her.

Please work, please work.

I could hear Jasper's voice in my head, and I suddenly had an idea.

"Touch my arm," I whispered. There was a falter in Carlisle's words, but he kept going. I knew that Edward and Jasper were probably looking at each other, wondering if they heard correctly.

"Touch my fucking arm!" I screamed. I listened as they scrambled to their feet and flew across the room to my side. Their hands touched me and I immediately felt the heat increase. Pressure began to form in my chest, right along the lines of heartburn. Their fingers were burning imprints into my skin, but they were doing what I needed them to do.

They were giving me their energy, too.

I could feel them inside of me. I could feel their energy mixed with mine.

It had to be enough.

Carlisle's voice grew louder, and the pressure inside of my chest exploded. I leaned my head back and took a deep breath, the pain inside of me shooting through every bit of my being.

"Oh my God," Edward whispered. I could see his face in my mind, and I saw an expression of amazement and wonder. I was sure that Jasper's matched it, but I didn't have a chance to look, because a scream erupted from me. I screamed to the heavens, I screamed for me and Edward, for Alice and her future with Jasper.

I opened my eyes, and felt all of the pressure leave me. It shot outwards, and directly into the person I held in my arms.

In my mind I could see Alice's heart. It was still… but only for a moment.

Thump thump…

"Oh dear God," Jasper cried.

My throat hurt… but I kept screaming as I pushed out every bit of me into Alice. Carlisle spoke one final sentence and I heard the book fall to the ground. As soon as I heard that loud bang… I collapsed.

The ground flew up into my line of vision and I dropped Alice from my grasp. I didn't hear her hit the ground, so I assumed that someone had caught her. I, unfortunately, hit the ground loudly. I didn't feel any pain, only numbness as everything faded into blackness.

I opened my eyes to find that I was lying on a couch. Looking around, I saw that I was in the extra living area on the second floor of the main house. The first thought I had?

What the hell is with everyone passing the fuck out?

And then my mind was on Alice. I sat up quickly, throwing my legs over the edge of the couch and standing. I pushed through the immediate head rush and turned towards the door just as it opened.

"Bella!" It was Jasper.

"Where's Alice," I whispered. I could barely hear my own voice, and I felt the floor move under me. I closed me eyes and took a deep breath. Jasper's footsteps came closer to me and I could smell his cologne.

"She's downstairs. Bella, you need to sit back down. You look pale." I shook my head minutely and opened my eyes again. He was standing close, his eyebrows furrowed in worry.

"No, I need to see her. Please." I didn't have to beg any longer, because he nodded and took my arm in his.

"At least let me help you. Last thing we need is for you to fall down the damn stairs." I felt pressure on my arm as he began to pull me towards the hall, and I closed my eyes, trusting him to lead me in the right direction. The floor moved under me, and I hung on Jasper like my life depended on it.

What had happened? I remembered Alice, I remembered hearing her heart beat after I pushed all, and I mean all, of my energy into her. But she was alive. I knew she was. She had to be.

"Please tell me she's alive," I said, allowing Jasper to lead me down the steps, very slowly.

"She's alive," he confirmed. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, and I let out a breath of relief. He said nothing else until we made it to the first floor, and only then did I open my eyes.

"She's in the kitchen." I nodded, and I let him lead me in the right direction. As soon as we walked through that threshold, I gasped.

There was Alice, sitting atop the granite counter, her short legs kicking as she spoke to Carlisle and Edward. She stopped mid sentence and her eyes met mine. I was baffled, amazed, and confused all at once.

"It worked?" I asked. "Did it really work?" Alice was very alive and well- her black hair looking as dark as an onyx stone. Her eyes were bright and shining, clearly taking in every detail of what was going on around her. Her skin had almost a sparkle to it, like the sunlight was catching the surface of tiny diamonds over every inch of her.

"Alice?" I took a step forward, Jasper's arm dropping from me. Edward and Carlisle were both smiling, no- they each had a grin the size of Texas on their face. Alice jumped down from the counter with grace and made her way over to me. She stopped a foot away and her head tilted to the side as if she were studying me.

"There's my hero," she finally whispered. I choked out a sob and fell forward, directly into her arms. Amazingly enough, she held me up off the floor without bowing under my weight. Her arms wrapped around me and held me in a tight hug.

"Oh my God, Alice, I'm so glad you're okay!" Tears flowed freely, and I realized then more than every, how horrible and empty I would have felt if she hadn't made it.

"I'm fine, Bella. I'm fine." We stood like that for a few minutes until I stepped back and took another look at her. She was different.

"It worked?" I whispered. Her eyebrow rose and I bit back a laugh.

"Yep," she responded. And then she stepped back, closing her eyes. The air seemed to crackle with electricity, and within seconds Alice's hands clenched into fists. When she extended her fingers again, her nails were black and were growing rapidly into talons. Her head bent forward, black tendrils falling into a curtain around her face. There was a faint sound of cloth tearing, and with elegance I didn't know existed, wings arched out to her sides, black in color… as black as the night.

"It worked," I whispered.

It worked! I shouted into everyone's minds. Laughter erupted around the kitchen and Alice nodded, her eyes glowing.

"What does this mean?" I asked, looking at Carlisle so that he knew the question was directed at him. He looked thoughtful for the briefest moments and then shrugged. He fucking shrugged.

"It means a lot of things," he mused. Alice's wings folded to her side as she listened, and my eyes continued to look over her as if she were a mirage. "Alice was not destined to be a Ganduri, but she was able to be made into one. Of course, we can't let this get out, because there will be an uproar. But… the possibilities are endless."

"We do know one thing," Edward offered. "We know that this was possible because of you. Normally we wouldn't be able to go through with the ceremony and have the same outcome. It was only because we had you there, that we were able to do this."

"So what you're saying," I said slowly, "is that as long as I'm there, I can turn any unsuspecting soul into a Ganduri?" I didn't like the sound of that. I didn't like it one bit.

"We don't know the details, Bella," Carlisle said, "but it's a theory."

"We can't let anyone know." I could hear the fear in my voice. But everyone nodded, agreeing with me. I looked at Alice and watched as her wings retracted and her nails turned back to beige.

"I'm so glad you're okay," I told her again. I looked at Jasper and Edward. We had our mates. And then I looked at Carlisle.

"Esme?" Carlisle shook his head and stepped forward. His hand fell on Alice's shoulder and they smiled warmly at one another.

"I will discuss this with Esme, this discovery. But it will be her decision. Because I've lived a large portion of my life. If she is turned now, she will only be with me for a little over two hundred years. Sounds like a lot, yes, but I don't know. It will be up to her, as long as all of you are okay with it." Everyone nodded and he smiled again.

Edward came forward and wrapped his arms around me, letting me rest my weight against him. I still felt so tired, so weak, and I wanted nothing more than to climb into bed and sleep until my energy was renewed. I listened as Jasper and Alice whispered to one another, walking into the other room. Carlisle hesitated for only a second before he followed them, and I assumed that he was heading towards his love- Esme.

"I love you," Edward whispered in my ear. Goosebumps flew over my skin, and I smiled. Things were falling in place. Like a puzzle.

"I love you more."

The next two weeks were so busy, that I could barely remember everything that happened. But… it was some of the best weeks of my life.

Jeremy had woken up in the infirmary and sought out Alice. She graciously called him a cab and walked with him down to the main road. The rest of us (Edward, Jasper, Carlisle and I) stood atop the hill, watching as she carefully told him that she was no longer with him, and she wouldn't be anytime in the next one hundred years. He looked at her like she was crazy, but still argued with her. I laughed when her eyes began to glow and she 'somehow' convinced him to leave. She waved as the cab drove off, and then ran up the hill, her smile in place. She was with her family now.

I started teaching students to play the viola or the violin. Carlisle had invested heavily in that department, and purchased a viola and a violin in every size so that I could teach people properly. There was a sign up in the Rec Hall for lessons, and within two days I had five people wanting to learn. I was nervous as hell, and I went into town with Edward to pick up books on beginners.

My first student was believe it or not, a fifteen year old boy named Eric, who had been arrested five times on accounts of assault, grand theft, and even drug dealing. He was tall for his age- almost six foot- with a small mohawk and several piercings. He scared me a little at first, but I was able to connect with him on a weird level.

Being a teacher now, I was able to move out of the dormitories and into my very own room. It was in the same building as Barbie, but she was the only other teacher in the building. This was practically an invite for Edward to stay with me just about every night. And because there were two other rooms in the building, Alice and Jasper moved into one as well. I had the feeling that Barbie didn't like this, but Carlisle made sure to speak with her, to make sure she understood that our relationships were not to be spread all over campus. Her employment there depended on that secrecy.

Edward and I… we connected on more levels that I ever dreamed of. The day that I woke up from Alice's ceremony, we holed ourselves up in the Isolation room for hours. We made love more times than I could remember, and we talked about anything and everything. It scared me that we had forever in front of us, but it thrilled me at the same time. I'd never had anything like this before, something so permanent and reassuring.

When we basically moved in with one another, things fell together so naturally. That first morning, I stretched and turned to Edward, who was still asleep. His hair was hanging in his eyes, his mouth parted to where his breath came in and out slowly, blowing in my face. I had smiled and kissed him gently, moving against him until he moved in response. What a nice way to wake up… which is how we'd been waking up every day since.

Carlisle spoke to Esme… and they decided not to change Esme. We all cried, me especially, but it was her choice. She wanted to enjoy her time with Carlisle, but the idea of losing him in so 'little' time, scared her more than her dying. So they left things the way they were.

Alice became Edward's assistant in his class, allowing the activities to branch into much larger things. They planned more climbing trips, canoeing, course work, and even camping trips. We'd already had a little 'meeting' between the teachers about the next camping trip, and I had to admit that I was excited. After all, it was on one of those camping trips that Edward and I had revealed our 'like' towards one another.

Jasper was the happiest mother fucker in the entire world. I had walked into his classroom one day to see him just staring at the wall with a huge grin on his face. I stood there for about five minutes, just watching him, until I cleared my throat. He had turned to me and his smile just grew wider. When I asked him what the hell was going on, he just stood up and hugged me.

"I love you, Bella," he said into my hair. I felt my skin heat in a blush, and when I pulled back I looked at him in question.

"What's going on J?"

"You gave me my life," was all he answered. I laughed and lead him towards the Rec Hall.

"Let's go, Romeo. Even saps like you need to eat."

Alice and Jasper were like newlyweds. All over one another when they were in front of just the clan. Throwing looks when they were out in public.

One night, two weeks after Alice was changed, I sat out at the dock, looking out over the lake. I felt so at peace with everything, that I wanted to cry with happiness.

"Hey." I looked over my shoulder to see Edward standing behind me.

"Hey yourself," I smiled. The weather had changed again, and Edward was dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. As always, he looked handsome, and I wanted to lick him from head to toe. I wanted to lick him like a damned ice cream cone.

"Room for another?" His voice was velvet in the night, and I closed my eyes with a sigh.

"Always." He sat next to me, reaching out to hold my hand.

"You got mail today," he said after a moment. I looked over at him and saw that he held an envelope in his right hand. I hesitated for just a second before I reached for it. Looking down at the front, I cringed when I saw that the handwriting was my mother's.

"Awesome," I muttered. Edward chuckled, and I let go of his hand so that I could open the offending item. Taking a deep breath, I let the breeze whip my hair behind my shoulders, and I read the letter.


To say the last time we saw you was a mess is an understatement. But we are willing to forgive you for the way that you acted. We are family, and you belong with us. We know now that sending you to that school was a mistake, and we are hoping that you can overlook our mistake and forgive us for that.

With that said, we want to let you know that your room is still empty at home. When you are ready, it is yours again. Please let us know if you decide to grow up and join us again.

We love you,

Mom and Dad

"Un-fucking-believable." Edward turned to look at me, eyebrows raised in question.

"Everything okay?" he asked. I shook my head and balled up the paper, setting it on the dock next to me.

"Yeah. It's just a letter from the parental units, telling me that when I am ready to apologize for being a brat, they're ready to forgive me." Edward laughed, and eventually I joined in with them.

"You know that's crazy, right?" I nodded, leaning into him with a sigh.

"I know. I know." We sat there for what felt like hours, soaking up the night like it was a drug. I just couldn't believe how my life had turned around in the past year. And it all came down to… Ryan. If he hadn't tried to save me, I wouldn't have been saved.

"It sucks that Ryan had to die in order for me to be happy like this," I said aloud. Edward looked down at me, trying to figure out where my mind was.

"It does. Do you regret it?" I shook my head immediately.

"I will never regret you. Ever. It just sucks that Ryan had to die for me to be this way." We remained silent, and long after the warning siren had gone off, Edward stood, offering his hand to me. Pulling me up, I reached down to gather the trash that was my letter, and allowed him to pull me towards our room.

*tear* I know, I know. I will be honest. Some people may be ticked off at how I ended Silver Bay, but I had to end it. I've been writing it for a long time, and with me being absolutely horrible at updating it, I could have either ended it or dragged it on for even longer. Trust me, there are plenty of ways I could have taken this (Esme could have been turned, someone could have found out about turning a normal human into a Ganduri and Bella could have been taken again, the list goes on and on). But after writing this for so long, I have to be honest and say that my heart wasn't in it anymore. I've been entertaining ideas of other stories in my head, but when I realize that SB hasn't been finished yet, it un-motivates me and then it all falls to shit. So, with Silver Bay finished, I can look into the horizon for other possibilites. Like maybe working on Unsuspected Afternoon (my Jasper and Bella story that I started).

So, with tears in my eyes, and a smile on my face, I thank everyone who read and reviewed Silver Bay. It's been a pleasure, and it's been real. I love you all for standing by me, even if you weren't sure if it were ever going to finish. I love you!