Hi, everyone.

I'm sorry to say this isn't a new chapter. It IS however, amazing...

You may have seen circulating an excerpt from Britain's Got Talent or this extended video including interviews with Jonathan and Charlotte. In case you haven't, I'm posting it below. Remember that FFN doesn't like us to post links, so in order to do so you have to delete every period and every slash. Therefore, I'm replacing the periods with the word DOT like that in all caps and replacing the slashes with the word SLASH. Remember that in internet addresses the slashes are forward slashes, the key that has "?" on it as well.

http:SLASHSLASHwwwDOTyoutubeDOTco mSLASHwatch?v=kt3Utn4mjeg

Anyway, when I first saw this, first heard Jonathan sing, it was like "Holy shit! That's Alex!" Mind you, Jonathan doesn't look that much like Alex. Alex's hair is straighter and darker, and Alex also has a skin condition that makes him sort of patchy and scaly, whereas Jonathan is a pretty good-looking kid. But in terms of personality, size, and singing voice, this is Alex all-the-way.

I meant to post this right away after I saw it the first time, but I never did. I don't remember why. I guess I was just busy and stuff. I've MEANT to post it a couple of times, and I never seem to manage to do it.

Well, today I happened to look at reviews for the first time in, like, a year. And someone said "And Christine never sang again?" and went on to mention the possibility of Christine and Alex singing together more. And I thought of Charlotte and Jonathan. So, first off, watcht this because it's just plain freaking awesome and also because it's everything we've all been saying about not judging one another by appearances and so forth. And when you're done with that, watch it again, and let your eyes go out of focus, and pretend that this is Alex and Christine. It's not far from how they'd sound, to be honest... Christine's talented, but she's not operatically trained. And Alex... well, you might recall that Christine was blown away that his voice was so much better than she expected, so full and deep and rich. Reference the time they sang together in the art museum under the little dome.

And finally, to respond to the review that asks if Christine ever sang again... Of course she sang. She loves to sing. She's just choosing a different ultimate goal career-wise. She's not going to sing professionally (and to be realistic, that's a better choice, because although she sings well, she's not a prodigy or anything. She's just a girl who practiced hard and sings well. But of course, Christine and Alex sing together often. Mostly they sing along with the first two Bat Out of Hell albums by Meat Loaf (which, btw, might have been what Alex was playing that had too much squealing guitar in it that time). Their voices sound really good on "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" and "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)." And they probably sing together publicly in college at least a little bit. Maybe they even perform at weddings. So yes. They sing amazing duets. And they're happy. This is one of very few things I've written with a happy ending, so I don't think I want to give that up. Maybe they even grow up and get married and stay together and everything. Because why wouldn't they? They get along great, he never takes her for granted, and she really does understand him finally.

Please post your thoughts on this beautiful video as reviews so we can all read each other's thoughts and share the awesomeness!