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Although DG had a long history of not thinking about the consequences of her actions, there were a few things she had expected to happen after defeating the witch. She knew she would be a princess, but not quite just how much work that would entail. She expected Az to need some time to learn how to be herself again without the witch's presence, but not to be the depressed creature that virtually locked herself in her room and refused to see anyone but for a very few select people (the last she knew Glitch had even volunteered to come up with a secret password for her to ask any would be visitors). DG had known that it would be hard for people to accept Az, contrary to popular belief DG was naïve, but not that much. However, she did not expect one of those people to be their mother.

Lavender didn't say anything unkind to Az or avoid looking her in the eye as some others did. There was no outward sign of hesitation when she touched her, but to those who were close there was a coolness, a distance that should never be between mother and daughter. DG hadn't discussed it with anyone yet, but she knew the others saw it. It was there in the sadness lurking in Ahamo's eyes whenever he looked at his wife or eldest daughter.

Even more than Lavender's distance, the thing DG had least expected were the two men who supported Az the most, after herself and Ahamo, the Cain men. They were the first to volunteer to protect her and one of them was often found by her side. DG had questioned Glitch about it once. He'd followed her gaze to where Az and Jeb were walking in the distance and had replied, "Why not? Out of all of us they should understand what it's like to be trapped in your own mind." Then with a flashing smile and a wave of his hands he'd turned his attention back to her, "What do you think about using amaranthine, it could be a tribute to the Queen's eyes, or maybe something more irrelative, like limicolous? Perhaps we could even do a rotation. I wonder where Raw is…" and before she could even nod her head he was turned around and off in the other direction talking to himself, presumably in search of Raw, while she'd continued to stare after Az and her escort.

Now as DG held her sister after her latest nightmare and watched Cain stare out the dark windows, she rather thought that made sense after all.