Disclaimer: I don't own Armored Core, though if I did I'd do nothing different with it. And, yeah, this is the rewrite, beginning with, well, the beginning, obviously. (Note: this is with the League ending, and, I've added a little bit of dialogue, didn't want to drone on with paragraphs with battle.)

So, the old life, no one's asked about that for so long…Oh well, it all began with a simple thing, I was the baby brother of a world-renowned Raven, known for his abilities in battle, against Berlioz, his AC Supplice, and Joshua O'Brien, the wrecker of Anatolia, who piloted a suped up AC. For some reason, my older brother Raven, he still wants to be unnamed, don't ask me why, he's not one for fame, not after what happened to Fiona after the last war, the one I was in, which, I'm just going to call the Cradle War.

It all began with the Cradles, and, it almost ended with them as well. Line Ark rose up, as did another company, to destroy them it seemed. In any case, it began there that I was volunteered by force for Collared, someone noticed my tie-in to my brother. AC training began not a few hours after they picked me up and dropped me on-base, leading me to a survivor, and fighter, of the National Dismantlement War. They put me into a simulator, told me roughly how to pilot it, and away I had to go. First thing I had to do: Make it walk. I figured if they were going to start with this, they're going to make sure I can pilot this AC they may make me pay for, with what I have left. I immediately began flying through the sims. Then, it came for the real thing, the real fight.

"This should be simple, you already know how to-" Serena, already acting as the communications officer, how great she's already trying to make me sound like I have no idea what to do. Before she can end the sentence, I hit the overboost and the vertical boosters, barely clearing the building ahead of me.

"Only a few MTs, and a helicopter. Oh, wait, maybe a Normal? Is that all you got for me?" I called out, as I already started firing. Wow, for a rifle, this thing isn't doing much...Boom. Okay, never mind.

"Let's see what this'll do to a Normal." I boost to its defenseless back, and unload the rifle into it, destroying it. I swap to the second weapon, and destroy the rest.

"Simulation complete, estimated time: 35.6 seconds. They weren't joking, you have your brother's gift." Serena added.

Well, at least this may not be all that bad, I thought, I could get through this, if it's all like this, what's the chance I've got to lose?

As I should've known at the time, it's never that simple. I was put on the Collared roster, bottom of the pickings, bottom of the roster. And yet, they gave me a big assignment already. The briefing basically told me what I figured, I'd have to go against Line Ark, destroy military assets like MTs, Normals. White Glint, number 9 of Collared...Gah, the name flew by too fast for me to catch...Oh well, whoever the guy is, I may have to fight him. Oh, and I got to choose my AC...One was GA, I remember my brother telling me GA heavy stuff is hard to destroy, but, a pain to pilot...Energy weapons took a little too much out of boosting, the other one, well, just weird to me. Finally, I saw the AC my brother piloted, an Aaliyah. Old, cheaper now, but, when I saw it, I knew the thing had plenty of potential, its demeanor still very impressive. I knew, then, that this was still the AC stomping machine it had been for my brother. I got it fully loaded with weapons, two plasma cannons, and two Hitman machine guns. Same as my brother, if I remember right, with a smile.

"Destroy all hostile forces the Line Ark has out, don't leave any behind." Serena, again, reminding me of stuff I knew...Overboost to the target, again. Well, at least this AC is just as fast as my brother mentioned.

"A NEXT? We can't take that thing out!" Hehe, how right that enemy was, as machine gun rounds tore through a line of MTs, and slightly demolish the structure behind them.

"Well, guess I should be less trigger-happy, oh well, another set's up there, this is going to be fast."

"This line is supposed to be open if I need to send a warning!" Again, Serena's yelling in my ear...What did I do wrong this time? Oh well, MTs can't destroy themselves. I shred through another, taking a little bit more care with the accuracy and timing. This time, they managed to send a few bullets, that almost seemed to bounce off the AC's Primal Armor.

"Primal Armor?! We can't do anything to stop this, where are our Normals?!" Well, if the soldier wanted to know, they're about to get decimated, I switch to the plasma cannons, smile, lock on, and fire, twice in rapid succession. The two Normals near me simply obliderated by the impact.

"Wow, that was stronger than I figured maybe-"

"BE QUIET!" Serena, again...Maybe I should stop talking to myself, or cut off the mike. Oh well, those Normals are slow, took them a few seconds to turn about, too late, though, I already jumped to the left of them, and quickly demolished the rest of them.

"Well, besides a little bit of distracting, you did near perfectly, but, nothing to write home about, nothing at all"

"Can I speak now ma'am?"


Some time later, I landed at the base, the coordinates are still classified, mind you, so, can't tell you where. Anyways, after gaining clearance to land, I parked it at the modified AC hangar, where it had every tool imaginable for ACs. Sadly, no FCS points, so, no point in some of the modifying and tuning gear. As I figured, the bullets simply bounced off the field produced by the AC, doesn't mean the field generator didn't take damage, but, I left that to the mechanics. I walked to the debrief, got debriefed, and right outside the door stood Serena.

"Sorry about earlier, just, we may have an emergency, which has happened many times before, especially in this line of work, even for me." She kinda said that while trying to stare down the wall behind me

"Ehh, it's fine, I heard the same thing from my brother. Just, kinda used to mentioning things out loud, especially when I think about something. Next time I'll mute my end of the mike. Well, see you later, want to get out of this stupid suit...We've got extremely powerful and destructive machines, but still can't figure out how to make the suits comfy..."

"Should've seen how it was before, it was hell, at least they made some advance to it"

"What, how to keep the stench and sweat down? That's not helpful really Serena."

"Oh, really? I'll make you appreciate it, next time you wear one of the older suits."

"Ehh...I'll pass on that one.."

"I knew it! Knew you'd try to do something like that, you're not getting out of it Kid!(1)" She playfully punched my shoulder, and cracked a smile.

"Kid? What's with that name? And thanks?" I hesitantly return the smile, not used to her being like this.

"Just an old tradition, started from the 1990's, young, rookie pilot with a lot of potential tends to get that name, and not a problem, I'll make sure it's not fallen to pieces, though, it normally was like that for emergency launches" She's still smiling. Weird still?

"Thanks for the consideration..." I reply softly. " Well, thanks for the nickname I guess..."

"Not a problem again, see you later Kid, you better rest, AC pilots have been killed because they didn't get enough sleep, and fell into mirco-sleep. Most of them didn't have a chance after that tiny bit." She...Cares? Well, she doesn't want me to die, she's really not that type I guess.

"Yeah...See you later Serena." I quickly walk away, and go to the dressing room, located, thankfully, right next to the debrief room almost, and put on some regular clothes, eat dinner, talk to no one, go to my AC, try to work on it a little, get used to it a little, briefly talk to some mechanics, then head off to my room, I don't want to find out if what she said about the micro-sleep part was true personally.

And, well, that's how it began, my past in the war, bringing about the guy you see before you, with a happy life, brought on not by riches or fame, but because of another merc, but, I'm not telling who it is, not for a long while.

Well, I hope I did the two battles better than the last. (1) was a reference to Ace Combat 5 Unsung War, pilot you played as was Kid, and the ace of that war. Obviously, huh? Anyways, suggestions on names for the kid? I figured the names would be kinda different, c'mon, Wynn D. Fanchon, Berlioz, Serena, Shamir? That's just to name a few of the different names. I need to get the Xbox out again, can't remember quite well how it went on those.