IT'S HERE! As of 3/27/2014

Saving Bella, all 559 pages of it are on PDF and can be emailed to you if you want it. I will not be reposting it to this site, it's just too long to have it pulled in June when they clean house again.

Other fics available are Chocolate Jasper, bittersweetheart, and The Devil Inside. Please let me know what you are interested in receiving if you send me your email.




Okay folks, because of recent events, mainly my stories slowly disappearing from fanfic because they are being deemed inappropriate. I have made this story and the others will follow available on pdf. If you would like a copy please PM me your email in the following format


If there are any problems I'll let you know.

Please let me know what stories you are interested in or if this is the only one.

You can also find a link in my profile to TWCS where you'll find all of my completed fics posted in their entirety.

I have updated this story so it looks better, reads better, and is just all around better in my opinion. I have not updated the TWCS version. I'm not sure I will...LOL

Thanks for all your support and love!