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"Moka-san, are you alright?!" Tsukune asked with concern in his voice.

"Ouch… I'm fine Tsukune, I just tripped." Moka replied embarrassed.

"You're bleeding Moka-san" Tsukune said noticing the scrape on her knee, bent and touched her knee to examine it.

Moka was extremely embarrassed by his action due to being in the shoe locker room of the school with other students there and a few were watching the scene play out. "Ts-Tsukune what are you doing?"

Tsukune didn't hear her, he was too focused on Moka' bloody knee. He felt strange by the sight of Moka' blood. He just sat there staring, what looked to be a blank stare to everyone around him.

Moka was getting more nervous as to what Tsukune was doing. She thought of an excuse to get out of the situation. "Uhh…Oh...That's right, I have to go somewhere before homeroom starts. Sorry I got to go." With that said, Moka took off at a sprint leaving Tsukune behind.

Tsukune remained in his dazed state a few seconds longer after Moka had left. He shook his head and came back to reality. 'W-What happened just now' Tsukune thought to himself about what just happened 'Why did I just freeze up at the sight of Moka-san' blood?' Tsukune was deeply confused by the event. Before he could put more thought into it, he realized he needed to get to homeroom before he was late.

He arrived at his homeroom and took his seat not bothering to look at anyone, even his friends, especially Moka. His thoughts kept going back to what happened earlier with Moka. He stared out the window next to him ignoring what the teacher was saying, he was too preoccupied by thought of Moka' blood. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get the thought out of his head. All of the girls noticed his behavior was off and wanted to know what was wrong.

Half an hour later, the bell rang dismissing class. The girls tried to rush to Tsukune to see what was bothering him. Before any of them could reach him, their path was blocked by other students eager to leave. Once the students got out of the way, they saw that Tsukune was already gone. All of the girls were confused. "What is going on with Tsukune, he normally walks with us to the next class." Kurumu said looking at the other girls. Moka seemed a little more worried than the other girls. 'Is it about what happened this morning?' Moka thought to herself 'I hope he is okay.'

All the girls headed to their next class. When they arrived they find out Tsukune is not there. "Where is Tsukune?" one of the girls asked. "I'm not sure. I wonder what is wrong with him. He is acting very strange this morning. Do any of you know anything?" Kurumu asks the other girls. They shook their heads to say no. "I think we should look for him and make sure he is okay." As they started for the door, they were stopped by the teacher.

"Kurumu, Moka, Yukari, and MIzore please take your seats." They wanted to protest against it but did as they were told. They sat down hoping Tsukune was okay and that they would see him soon.

Tsukune was outside sitting near a vending machine. He had been sitting there drinking bottles of water since he left class. The odd thing was that he was drinking a large amount of water. 'Why won't my thirst go away?' Tsukune asked himself. 'No matter how much water I drink, it doesn't quench my thirst.' Tsukune had about five empty twenty ounce bottles laid across the ground next to him.

Tsukune had an idea of why his thirst would not go away, but did not want to accept it as the answer. Even then Tsukune could not stop thinking about Moka' Blood. 'Why can't I get that thought out of my head?' Tsukune then realized something. Looked down at his right wrist which held the Holy Lock the Exorcist gave him to seal the ghoul that was now within Tsukune. He stared at it with a depressed look on his face. 'I understand now, what I want to drink is not water, its Moka-san' blood!'

After his realization, his facial expression changed to anger and he hit the wall that he was sitting against with the side of his fist. After he moved his fist away from the wall, he saw the small hole he put in the solid brick wall. "What the hell! How did I put a hole in a solid brick wall?!" Tsukune was shocked by what he did. He would have to have tremendous strength in order to do something like that. 'so how did I do it , I'm human not a monster, I shouldn't have the strength needed to do it.' Tsukune once again looked at the Holy Lock. 'Shouldn't I be normal now, I mean the Exorcist said this sealed the ghoul right? So everything should be back to normal.'

Tsukune got back into back into his original position just sitting against the wall, head hung low. He was not making any noise, and He just sat there with his mind on the situation he was now in. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he failed to notice footsteps approaching him.

The footsteps had reached him and stopped. He was oblivious to the person there until they spoke his name. "Tsukune…" They said in a slightly nervous voice.

Tsukune hearing his name looked up to see Moka looking down at him a worried look. "Moka-san?" Tsukune now had a confused look on his face. "What are you doing here Moka-san?"

Moka hesitated for a moment "well you have been acting kind of strange since this morning…" After hearing this, Tsukune looked away from Moka to the space in front of him. Moka continued "…and when you did not show up class today, I got worried that you might not be okay."

Tsukune did not reply. He wasn't sure what to tell her. She was already worried so the last thing needed to know was that he is having thoughts of drinking her blood. They sat there in silence until she spoke up "Tsukune, will you tell me what is wrong? Maybe I can help."

"Moka-san…" Tsukune started but hesitated "Moka-san, I'm…I'm sorry but…but I need to go." With that Tsukune stood up and started to walk away but was grabbed by the wrist by Moka.

"Tsukune wait don't g…" she was cut off by Tsukune.

"I'm sorry Moka-san, but… I don't think this is something you or anyone else can help me with. I need to figure this out on my own. I'm sorry." He gently removed her hand and walked away.

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