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(Chairman' Office, Judgement day)

"So Mr. Aono, are you ready for the final step?" Asked the board chairman from behind his desk.

Tsukune sighed "As much as I'll ever be." to which the Chairman chuckled.

"Well then I have all the preparations made, all you need to do is follow me." Tsukune stood up and walked to the door and waited till he realized the chairman was just standing in front of his desk. "Not that way Mr. Aono." Tsukune walked back to him with a confused look. That is when the chairman held the Rosary of Judgment in his hand while muttering a few words under his breath. Light suddenly appeared and surrounded them. When it died down Tsukune notice that they were in a different room.

"Where are we?" Tsukune asked while looking around.

"We are in a special room I prepared for your transformation. It blocks all yokai energy that's being released from Inside. Mr. Aono, this final process is going to be very painful for you. It should only last for a few hours." The chairman said causing Tsukune to become nervous. "So are you ready Mr. Aono?" the chairman asked with his ever present grin showing.

Tsukune nervously nodded. "Hai."

The chairman then pulled some chains out from under his robes. "Please lay down so I can attach these chains." Tsukune did as he was told and after the chains were placed, the chairman started chanting in Latin. Once he was done he spoke up. "And so it begins Mr. Aono" he then reached out his hand and touched the holy lock. Tsukune felt an unbelievable pain course through his body, but before could even scream out in pain, he fell into unconsciousness with his body shaking violently.

(In Class)

'I hope Tsukune will be okay. I still don't see why we can't be with Tsukune during his transformation.' thought outer Moka.

'I agree with wanting to be there with him but that old man refused to let us.' inner Moka growled angrily.

'What if something go' wrong?' outer Moka thought with worry.

'Just relax omote, everything will be fine.' inner Moka said hiding her worry for Tsukune from her other self. 'After class' are over with go to the chairmans office.' she finished and outer Moka inwardly nodded.

(With Tsukune)

Tsukune started to shift around slightly. It took a bit of time before he became fully aware. 'W-what hell happened. My body feel' like shit!' he thought to himself. He sat up with his eyes still closed before he heard a familiar voice speak to him.

"Well it seems your up sooner then I expected Mr. Aono. How do you feel?" the chairman asked.

Tsukune lightly groaned but replied. "I feel like I've been hit by that creepy bus driver."

The chairman chuckled. "Well I can tell you that something like that would only give you some bruising for a few minutes with the way you are now." It was then that Tsukune realized why he was there. He started looking around for a mirror or anything that he could see his reflection in. "Settle down Mr. Aono, you can see your appearance soon, after we discuss a few things, but I will say your new look is definitely striking." the chairman finished.

Tsukune was curious about what he meant but decided to find out later. "What did you want to discuss?"

"Your transformation." The chairman replied.

"My transformation? What about it? Did something go wrong?" Tsukune asked adopting a look of worry on his face.

"Don't worry Mr. Aono, nothing too serious." he paused for a few seconds before speaking again. "During your transformation, something unexpected happened. Instead of becoming a vampire like you should have, you became something slightly different."

"What do you mean something different? What did I become?" Tsukune asked getting even more worried.

The chairman gave his creepy smile when he replied. "You Mr. Aono, have become a ghoul, or more specifically an 'intelligent' ghoul."

"W-What?" was all Tsukune could say at the moment.

The chairman then pulled out a mirror and handed it to Tsukune saying, "As I said Mr. Aono, your new look is striking."

Tsukune took the hand mirror hesitantly and looked at it. What he saw was definitely a striking image. The most noticeable thing about the image was the black tattoo like marks on his face. No longer was it only on the right side of his neck and face but it was now an exact mirrored on the left side as well. The fang marks were gone though. The next detail was the hair. Instead of having silver like he expected, it was a dark crimson. But the most shocking detail would be his eyes. They had the same slitted pupils as Moka' but instead of being the piercing red she has, they were a rich gold color. Overall it was a very intimidating image to look at. Tsukune just sat there staring at his reflection. "H-How?"

As an answer he handed Tsukune small rosary that was attached to the holy lock. "Look closely Mr. Aono." Tsukune did so and noticed small hairline fractures on it.

"There are cracks on it. How did they cause this?" Tsukune asked.

"This," he takes the rosary from Tsukune, "was supposed to absorb the ghoul' consciousness leaving only yours as a vampire. Since it was damaged, it absorb the ghoul, but it was released as soon as I removed it from the lock flooding your body with it and forcing this transformation. I did warn you to take good care of the lock. I would like to know how the rosary was damaged though."

Memories of when Siazou attacked flooded him. "A few days ago Moka-chan and I were attacked by Saizou. At some point in the fight he stepped on my wrist and the must be when it was damaged." Tsukune answered.

The chairman nodded. "Yes, well what' done is done so no point being depressed about it."

"So how exactly am I different from vampires now?"

"Well as a ghoul you are in the vampire family but just more of a sub-species. I can't say exactly whats different because ghouls are supposed to be killed on site, but that is with the ones that are nothing but mindless killing machine'. You however are as I said before considered an intelligent ghoul so that shouldn't be a problem for you. There are only a few things I can think of that would be different is your resistance' to most of a vampires weaknesses, but I am also sure that it comes at cost of being more blood thirsty."

"More blood thirsty?" Tsukune asked concerned.

"Yes, I believe that you will need more blood then the average vampire would. So to help you with that I will have some blood shipped to your room that you can store in your fridge. So now maybe we should go see about a rosary for you." the chairman then walked away with Tsukune following.

They arrived in the chairmans office and both sat down. The chairman started searching through his desk. After a few seconds he pulls out a long chain just like his holy lock. The chairman hands it to Tsukune who goes to wrap it around his arm. When he connects both ends the lock starts to hum. As soon as it started, the humming stopped and the lock came undone. Tsukune looked up at the chairman who was watching as well. "Um, what just happened?"

"Well it seems I'm going to have to make a custom rosary for you since your yokai is to potent for a regular one. So until I get one made you'll just have to go to class the way you are." the chairman responds with a little bit of a bigger grin the usual.

"Wait! Go back like this? How are people going to react with my new appearance? How is..." Tsukune stopped mid sentence. 'How is Moka-chan going to react to this? What will she think about me being a ghoul?' Tsukune asked himself.

"In any case Mr. Aono, I'll have your rosary ready tomorrow so it's just one day, now unless there is anything else you need, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave so I can start my work."

Tsukune just stood up and nodded leaving the office. When the door shuts a chuckle is heard from the corner of the office. Out from shadows comes a man who looks like the chairman but wearing a bus driver suit smoking a cigar. "Well old friend, things just got interesting." the figure spoke.

"Indeed they has" the chairman replied with a grin.

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