"And down, two three, clap, clap. And turn, two, three, clap, slide, clap, turn, clap, clap" Mr. Shue was going over the new choreography for the new number they have been working on for the last two rehearsals. It wasn't a very difficult routine, even the vocal part wasn't too complicated, but Kurt just didn't seem to get it. His mind was a thousand miles away.

He spent the entire weekend in bed. Too hurt to really do anything, but also too afraid that his dad might find out what had happened – so he pretended to not feel well all weekend. His dad left him alone, for most of the time. Entering his room every few hours to check up on him, take his temperature, which was slightly high, to Kurt's surprise, and making sure that he was eating his toast or whatever and got enough fluids.

He ignore his friends over the weekend, telling them that he was sick in bed, which was mostly true, and politely text them not to come over. His entire body hurt. His bruised ribs caused him sharp pain every time he shifted position and made it slightly difficult to breathe. He also still bled a little. He was really worried about that at first, but the bleeding subsided over the weekend, so Kurt simply assumed he was healing just fine.

On Monday, his dad suggested that he stayed home another day or two, just to get his strength up. He was probably right. Just getting out of bed and fixing his hair drained him of all his energy. Climbing up the stairs into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before school, had left him panting and slightly out of breath. But Kurt didn't want to draw too much attention. His friends were already worried. He just wanted to pretend that nothing ever happened. He needed to move on; to put this terrible ordeal behind him. He needed to get back to his old routine.

So Kurt, put on more make up than usual to cover his more than usual paleness, along with the bruises, made himself and his dad coffee and informed him that he was feeling fine, just a 24 hour bug or something.

"More like 72." His dad mumbled in response, but he didn't push the matter.

And that's how Kurt found himself in a glee club rehearsal after 8 long and painful hours of school. Trying his best not to show that he was hurting and holding himself upright, when all he wanted to do was to crawl back to bed and fold into a fetal position.

The dance routine they were going over made the pain even worse. It was hard enough to bend over and stretch back up so fast. But the sitting on a chair and flailing his leg, like Mr. Shue wanted, was pure agony. He had to stop singing every time they got to that part in order to suck in his breath and not to scream out in pain.

"Stop… Stop" Mr. Shue called. "Okay… Tina, that's down, two three, clap, clap on the count of four. And Kurt… What are you doing? You're not paying any attention. Concentrate. It's not that hard… you had it right last time, when we practiced on Friday." He said, sounding just a little disappointed. The thought of last Friday, made Kurt start to sweat, his heart beat became faster and it all felt a little too hot, a little too noisy and crowded. It was getting harder to breathe. Kurt closed his eyes, resting his hands on the back of the chair to keep his balance and forced himself to draw even deep breaths.

"Okay… let's just take it from the top. Just the dance routine, without the song." Mr. Shue called out to them, pulling Kurt out of his daze.

The piano was playing in the background as Mr. Shue went over the moves again as they continued to practice: "And down, two, three, clap, clap. And turn…"

"Hey, watch it, fag." Noah Puckerman hissed in a harsh tone at Kurt, as he accidently ran into him when he turned right instead of left. Kurt froze on his spot. Hearing that word brought it all back. He was trembling a little, and all color was draining fast from his already pale face. His sudden stop caused the rest of his group to slam into one another in a comic reaction, resembling a set of dominos. But Kurt was oblivious to his surrounding. No one seemed to notice his distress, nor did they hear Puck's venomous offensive words. No on but Racher, who stood right beside him.

"Kurt. You have got to focus. Where's your head today? Your singing off key… messing the dance moves. Concentrate…. I know you can do this."

"He called him a fag", it was Rachel of all people that had to butt in, why can't she just mind her own business?

Mr. Shue turned around "What?"

"I said, he called him a fag and –"

"Noah, is that true?" Will asked in a harsh voice turning his attention to Puck, deliberately calling him by his first name, and not the nickname everyone used.

"I don't need your help" Kurt hissed at her, trying to control his sudden anger.

"I was just trying to –"

"Well don't. I can stand up for my self. I don't need do be protected by a girl"

"Look Kurt, I wasn't saying that you can't protect yourse –" Rachel tried to explain herself, but Kurt didn't give her the chance.

"Just mind your own fucking business!" He shouted and to his and hers utter surprise he shoved her hard, using enough force to send her crashing to the floor. The whole glee club stood there in shock. Kurt stared down at Rachel, his eyes wide and shocked. He looked even more frightened than she did. He couldn't believe what he had just done.

"Rachel, are you okay?" Mr. Shue asked rushing to her side. "What's wrong with you, Kurt?" He asked him as he kneeled by her.

"Don't you ever lay your hands on her." Finn was the first of the glee club members to finally move. "Do you hear me? Don't ever do that again" He rose to his full height, towering over Kurt. "What's wrong with you?" He too asked as he grabbed his shoulder trying to force Kurt to turn around and face him.

Kurt flinched and backed away, stumbling slightly over Artie's wheel chair. He felt them again, touching him, hurting him and caressing him at the same time. He could feel their hot breath on him, could feel their hands all over his body.

"Don't touch me!" He shouted, starring at Finn with big frightened eyes.

"Kurt?" Mercedes asked timidly, she was the first one to draw her attention away from Rachel and focused on Kurt instead.

"Just stay away from me!" He cried out again backing off some more. "Don't touch me! Just stay away! All of you" He shouted again, backing against the door.

He suddenly seemed to realize where he was. It was like coming out of a dream. The entire glee club was staring at him in shock. Rachel was standing now, fixing her skirt. Mr. Shue looked at him, in confusion, his hand slightly raised, as if he were trying to reach him.

He just couldn't look at them. What the hell did he do? He couldn't breathe there in the auditorium. He couldn't focus. The room was too small. The walls were closing in on him.

He suddenly spun on his heels and fled the auditorium, Quinn's question "What the hell?" echoing after him.

Mercedes got up to leave after him, but Finn beat her to it. There was something about Kurt, that made him want to go after him and make sure that he was okay. Sure, everyone was a little worried about his outburst. It wasn't like Kurt Hummel to lash at people. Finn didn't think he'd ever seen him like that – He never used any violence (well at least not a non-verbal, physical one) – and he couldn't remember ever hearing him curse before. The whole scene made him feel unease. But it wasn't just that. When he touched him, he tensed up so quickly, Finn could feel his muscles pulling and when he looked at him his eyes were unfocused and frightened. He was scared. Kurt was actually scared that he would hurt him. He's never seen Kurt afraid before.

"I'll go" He mumbled and took off after Kurt.


"Kurt? Are you in there?"

"I didn't mean to –"

Finn found Kurt in the boys' bathroom on the second floor. He opened the door carefully; sort of afraid of what he might find once he got inside. He tried to approach Kurt again, but he didn't seem to acknowledge his presence. He was crying. It confirmed Finn's suspicions that the guy wore makeup – the thin eyeliner was all smeared from the tears, making Kurt's appearance even more concerning.

He tried again. "Kurt?"

This time Kurt actually looked up at him. "I didn't mean to push her… I didn't mean to. You have to believe me." He sounded so desperate.

"I know you didn't –"

"Is she okay? Did I hurt her?

"She's fine, she didn't even fall that –"

"God, I didn't mean to."

"Yeah, you said it already"

"I'm not a violent person…" He had that look again – like he was looking right at Finn but he didn't see him.

"Kurt… Hey Kurt, look at me" He tried to get his attention once again.

Kurt looked up again and Finn noticed that his eyes were glassy and slightly unfocused. What the hell happened to the guy?

"I know you're not violent. Rachel knows you're not violent. Everybody knows it." He tried to level with him, to get him to listen.

"Is she really okay?" He asked quietly, lowering his eyes. He suddenly couldn't face Finn.

"Yeah, she's really okay." He paused for a few seconds, hoping that he got through to Kurt. "Are you?"

"Am I what?" He didn't seem to understand, he just couldn't focus, couldn't produce one coherent thought.

"Are – you – okay?" Finn asked slowly, like he was talking to a child.

Kurt looked at him again and didn't answer at first, but Finn seemed really and truly concerned, like he actually cared. He felt his eyes water again, and wiped the tears with his sleeve. He didn't even care that the eyeliner staining his shirt. And that shocked Finn more than anything. Kurt was always so careful when it came down to his wardrobe.

"I don't know…" He finally answered in a low voice, barely above a whisper.

"I'm not a fag..." He suddenly blurted out.

"What?" Finn wasn't sure that he'd heard right.

"I'm not a…" He took a deep shuddered breath "I'm not a fag".

Finn didn't understand. Puck's words couldn't have caused such a reaction – after all, Kurt's been called that before, and he never seemed to be too bothered by it.

"I don't understand. You pushed Rachel because of Puck?"

"If I showed you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?" Kurt asked in that desperate tone again. Finn couldn't understand what the hell he was talking about. The guy didn't make any sense.

But Kurt sounded like he really wanted to show what ever it was to Finn, like his life depended on it. He probably hesitated a bit because Kurt asked him again: "Promise me. You have to promise me."

"Yeah… okay… I promise." Finn wasn't really sure he was doing the right thing, promising Kurt he'd keep his mouth shut, but it seemed like the only way to get him to open up.

"You have to swear not to tell anyone. Swear on your mother's life, on the life of the unborn child you thought was yours. Swear. You've got to swear not to tell anyone" He nearly shouted.

"Okay. Okay, I swear." What the hell was going on?

Kurt nodded slightly and to Finn's surprise started to unbutton his shirt.

"What are you doing?" He asked, the whole scene was just too surreal. And then he saw it. It was the firs thing that he noticed – the word "FAG" was cut into Kurt's body. It covered most of his torso. It didn't seem deep, but the red fresh cut stood out against his pale skin.

"What the hell?" He asked in shock moving a little closer to Kurt. Then he noticed the bruises that also covered Kurt's body. And suddenly he saw the faint bruises on Kurt's face – how could he have missed it before?

Kurt buttoned his shirt again; it took him several tries, since his hands were trembling slightly. But he finally seemed more in control.

"Kurt, who did this to you?" Finn asked, trying to control his anger at whoever did this to Kurt, trying not to let it show how upsetting it was.

Kurt didn't answer. "You can't tell anyone. I mean it, Finn, you – can't – tell – anyone" He emphasized each word.

"When…?" Finn asked quietly.

"Friday. After rehearsal.

"Did you…? Were you…." He tried to ask the question – he was almost sure that getting beat up wasn't the only abuse Kurt endured on Friday, but he couldn't bring himself to say it out loud. He stepped closer to Kurt – and couldn't help it but feel a little bit insulted when he flinched and backed away – but he didn't back off.

"Was there more to it?" He finally managed to say, looking up straight into Kurt deep blue-green eyes.

Kurt lowered his eyes again, feeling ashamed. He did not answer. He wiped the tears again before saying: "remember, you promised. No one can know about this. No one."

Kurt then turned away from Finn and faced the mirror. He started wiping the eyeliner he will never admit that he uses, with some dry paper, and fixed his hair a little, using his slender fingers as a comb. When he was sure he was fully composed once again, he turned to face Finn. If you hadn't been looking you wouldn't even know that he was crying.

"What are you going to do?" Finn asked quietly.

"I'm going back to rehearsal."

"That's not what I meant."

"Yeah, I know what you meant." Kurt answered dejectedly. "And I'm going back to rehearsal" He opened the bathroom door and held it open for Finn. "Remember your promise" he said again as Finn past him by.

They went back to the auditorium and didn't speak the entire way back. Finn couldn't really think about anything to say, and Kurt was just too exhausted to speak. As he pushed open the auditorium doors all eyes were on him.

He took a deep breath, put the mask back on and marched in walking over to Rachel, his head held high.

"Rachel… I'm so very sorry. I don't know what came over me. Please accept my deepest apology." He said in a monotonous voice.

"Apology accepted." Rachel answered in the same tone of voice.

"Are you okay, Kurt?" Mr. Shue asked. Kurt simply nodded.

"Okay guys, lets take this from the top – and down, two three clap, clap, and turn, two, three, clap, slide, clap, turn, clap, clap…"


"Mr. Shue, you got a minute?"

"Sure, Finn, what's on your mind?" Will turned to face Finn and stopped the task of arranging the auditorium after glee rehearsal.

"If you found out something about someone…. Something awful…." he had a really hard time finding the right words. It felt both right and wrong doing what he was doing right now. He knew that Kurt might never forgive him for betraying his trust. But he also knew that what had happened to him, well what he suspected that had happened to him, should not be kept a secret, for Kurt's sake. No one should handle that sort of thing on his own. No one could. That's why Finn was hovering after rehearsal for whole twenty minutes trying to come to the right decision. He finally decided that he should tell Mr. Shue about it, and now he can't even come out with one single coherent sentence to speak up his mind…

Will looked at him in a confused and somewhat worried look and waited for him to continue.

"And that person doesn't want anyone to know… but you don't think that he should keep it to himself. But he doesn't want you to tell anyone, and he made you swear not to tell and you swore on your mother's life and the life of the unborn child you thought was yours and –"

"Wow, wow…. Finn, slow down" Will was starting to get really worried now and as hard as tried, he just didn't understand what the hell Finn was talking about. "Start at the beginning".

Finn took a deep breath, waited a couple of minutes, and started over. "I found out something about someone at school…" He tried again. "Well, I didn't actually find out – he told me. But he made me swear not say anything. But what he told me… what I think had happened to him… I don't think it's a good idea to keep it a secret." He looked down at his shoes. It still felt wrong, coming here, confiding in Mr. Shue; betraying Kurt's trust like this. How can something feel so right and so wrong at the same time?

"Finn, I don't know what you're talking about here… what you are trying to tell me… but I do know, that sometimes what people want isn't necessarily what's best for them. And you have to decide what's more important – doing what you think is best for them, even if it means losing their trust or doing what they want –"

"It's Kurt." He blurted out.


"It's Kurt. The other day during rehearsal…" He didn't even have to explain, Will knew immediately what he was referring to. "When I found him, he was really upset. He was crying and mumbling, how he didn't mean to hurt Rachel. He wasn't making a lot of sense." He paused for a few seconds still trying to decide whether he was doing the right thing.

"Go on" Will encouraged him to continue.

"I think something happened to him on Friday."

"What do you mean?"

"He said that he wasn't a fag…" Will suddenly had the sense of where the conversation was headed. He didn't like it. "And then he took off his shirt… there were bruises all over his body. Not the kind he would get from football practice or from being tossed into the dumpster…"

The dumpster? What was he talking about?

"But the worst thing –" Finn went on, and Will couldn't help but think what could possibly be worse than that. "Some one cut the word 'fag' on his body"

"What?!!" Will nearly shouted. "What do you mean 'cut'?"

"Cut… like in – someone took a knife and cut him." Oh God. The mere thought of it made Will a bit nauseous. Who would do something like that?

"I asked him if there was more… you know… if something else had happened…." Finn couldn't even say the words out loud, but Mr. Shue's slight nod of his head told him he understood him perfectly well. "But he didn't say. And now I don't know what I'm supposed to do… and he won't even talk to me –"

"You did the right thing, Finn. If Kurt had been… attacked…" Will chose his words carefully "I don't think he should handle it on his own".

"What are you going to do?" It was the question that Will dreaded. Why do kids always think that just because you are older, a 'grownup', you'd always know what to do? What could he possibly do? There is nothing that he can do that could change what had happened to Kurt or make it better. And just because he was a grownup doesn't mean that he always has the right answers. He had never dealt with anything like this before. He was totally in the dark here.

"Frankly? I don't know." He admitted. "But you did good." He added after Finn gave him a confused look. "I'll figure it out. Maybe I'll consult with Emma." He tried to assure him.

"It'll be okay." I hope.


"You have to talk to his father, Will." Emma said.

"Look, I don't even know if it's true."

They were sitting in Emma's office discussing Kurt Hummel for the past 40 minutes, and the conversation didn't seem to be going anywhere. Will knew that Emma was right. Deep down he knew that eventually he will have to talk to Kurt's dad. He was just stalling, buying some more time. Talking to Kurt's father, meant talking to Kurt first, and he didn't know if he was up to it, if he could give Kurt the support he needed.

"Will, you said it yourself – he seemed hurt, as in actual physical pain, at glee rehearsal. If he is not talking to anyone about it, it probably means that if he is hurt he in not doing anything about that either. He obviously needs help. We can help him here at school. But if he had been sexually assaulted like you suspect, his father's support is going to be a big, crucial part in his recovery. He has to know."

Will knew she was right. That's why he had come to her in the first place. She was the guidance counselor after all – it's what she does.

"I know… I know… you're right. But I'll have to talk to Kurt first. But you should have seen him… at rehearsal he was so…." He was struggling to find the right words to describe him "Not Kurt. And the other day in Spanish class…"


Kurt was sitting in Mr. Shue's Spanish class staring out the window. He hadn't moved for the past 10 minutes and seemed oblivious to everything that was going on around him. It still hurt to sit, it really hurt, but he had become accustomed to the pain and he was pretty sure that people couldn't tell that he was suffering.

Mr. Shue was looking at him sort of differently – he knew he wanted to talk to him after the whole Rachel incident at glee rehearsal the other day, and he was doing his best to avoid it – so far he had been successful.

Right now he was looking out the window, watching the drizzle. The weather was so much like it was on Friday… just before… The thought about it made him sick to his stomach and he had to swallow hard twice just to make sure he wouldn't throw up all over the floor. He already vomited at school once, after he'd foolishly gotten drunk and it ended with his dad coming to pick him up from the nurse's office. That was so humiliating. And this… this is so much worse.

So he tried to clear his head and concentrate on the Spanish, Mr. Shue was trying to teach – they were learning conditions – but the more he had tried to focus the more he felt like his head was going to explode. Nothing was getting through to him, so he just settled for staring out the window again.

"Okay everyone. Put down your books" Kurt heard Mr. Shue say. It sounded like he was speaking to him underwater – he didn't seem to comprehend what he was saying.

"Kurt, you too"

"What?" He asked softly.

"Put your book away." Was class over so soon? He was really out of it. He made a move to grab his back pack and get up to leave the class, when he noticed that nobody else was getting ready to leave, so he sat back down, hearing his classmates snickering at his reaction.

"This is a pop quiz….. wow… okay… settle down…" Will said to quiet the room of unhappy teenagers down.

"But I'm not prepared"

"This is why it's called a pop quiz." Will answered calmly as he handed out the test. "You have thirty minutes. Good luck."

Kurt stared at the sheet of paper in front of him for ten minutes. He read and reread the questions, but it was like they were written in Chinese. He started to answer the first question fifteen minutes into the exam, but he had to erase it and rewrite it and erase it again until he made a whole in the paper.

He got up abruptly causing everybody to look at him. He walked over to Mr. Shue's desk and handed the paper with only his name written on it.

End of flashback

"You should have seen him, Emma. He looked so…. So… sad…. I'm not sure that confronting him about what had happened is the best thing right now."

"I understand your concerns, but if Kurt Hummel was sexually assaulted, or worse" she emphasized that last word "confronting him about it might be the first step towards recovery."

"You're right." He finally admitted out loud "I'll talk to Kurt after school today, and then we will both tell his father."

"Let me know if you need my help." She said to Will smiling a little, letting him know she was there for him.

"Thanks Emma. You've been a great help, as always…" He smiled back.


Will tried to find Kurt after school, but the kid just seemed to disappear. He knew he was avoiding him – he probably thought he wanted to talk to him about what had happened with Rachel the other day. Knowing that made Will feel even worse – he hated that he had to confront Kurt like that about something that might be the worst experience in his life. He hated even more that the poor kid will probably not see it coming.

But it needed to be done, he was sure of it now, after his conversation with Emma earlier. So he made a deal with himself – tomorrow, he will talk to Kurt about it tomorrow, no matter what.

But right now, all he wanted was to go home. He went out side and silently cursed when he realized that it was raining and he had left his umbrella in his car that morning. He started running towards the parking lot holding his back pack over his head to cover himself from the rain. It was useless. He almost made it to his car and then saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks.

Kurt was sitting by his car, oblivious to the rain. His black car was covered in a white graffiti – the word 'fag' was written all over the car's doors. On its roof someone wrote 'cock sucker' and Will prayed that Kurt, who wasn't too tall, somehow missed it. Kurt was holding a small rag over a bucket, squeezed it and tried to clean out the spiteful words. He was obviously crying – he was alternately wiping the car with the rag and wiping the tears with the back of his hand.

The sight of him broke Will's heart. How can somebody hate someone so much? He sighed heavily.

He closed the distance between himself and Kurt and sat beside him. He tried to figure of something to say to the kid, but came out empty. So he just grabbed another rag from the bucket and helped Kurt clean his car.

They worked together in silence for a few minutes, before Will put down the rag and sat on the called wet ground. He leaned against the car facing the school. Right now might be as good time as any to talk to Kurt.

He observed Kurt for a few seconds. He was still crying softly, but he made no effort to wipe away the tears this time. He also noticed the way he was hunched over, the way his jaw was clenched and the way he shut his eyes every time he cleaned a spot a little out of his reach and had to stretch his arm out. He was obviously in pain. How could he have missed it before? He also noticed that Kurt was shaking hard, but that could be explained by the cold, the kid was soaking wet by now. His clothes were damp and stuck to his body, his hair obscuring his eyes.

"Kurt…." Will finally broke the silence "What happened on Friday?"

Kurt's reaction was immediate and unmistakable – he stopped cleaning the car, his arm stayed put right where it was. His whole body tensed up and he was shaking even harder now. Will didn't think that was even possible. He did not answer.

"Kurt, what happened on Friday?" He tried again, bending slightly over and trying to meet kurt's eyes. But Kurt just went back to cleaning his car.

"Kurt, stop."

"I can't…." He said quietly, his voice sounded so small, so broken.

"What happened?"

Kurt slowly turned to face him. His eyes were blood shot and glassy, and Will wondered if he had a fever. His face was so pale and his lips had a slight tinge of blue to them.

"I….." Kurt tried to answer "I… I was…." His breath was getting faster now. "I was…." He tried again. He couldn't bring himself to say the words out loud.

Will saw Kurt's effort to talk to him, to answer his simple question. He noticed how his breathing became faster and faster, coming in and out in short shallow breaths. He was hyperventilating. He noticed the plea in his eyes, the struggle to get the words out. He was wrong. Kurt wasn't ready to talk about what had happened – even if he wanted to, it was obvious he just couldn't.

"It's okay, Kurt, just breathe." He tried to calm him down. "In and out…. Nice and slowly, just breathe. It's okay."

And then just like that Kurt crumpled. It started out in small quiet sobs and then, once the damns were broken, it all came out. The only problem was that once he started he couldn't stop. He was sobbing so hard, his whole body was shaking. He tried to draw in deep breaths and calm himself down, but he just couldn't.

"It's okay…." Will said again and pulled Kurt into a hug. At first he tensed upon the feeling of someone touching him, but then he allowed himself to be supported and leaned into him, sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's okay…. It's okay…. You're safe…." Will whispered in his ears as he held him tight, drawing big circles on Kurt's back. He could feel the tremors that went through his body even through several layers of clothes.

They sat like that for a few minutes, until Kurt's sobs subsided into silent crying again. His breathing coming in short gasps. Will's whole body ached from sitting on the cold ground without moving for a long time, but he did not break free.

After a while, Kurt finally calmed down and pushed himself away, wiping his face. He looked at him, and Will noticed that his eyes, although red and puffy from all the crying, were also kind and grateful.

"You okay?" Will asked. Kurt nodded and with great effort pulled himself up. The world tilted slightly as he stood and he had to lean against his car until the feeling of vertigo subsided.

"Come on. I'll drive you home."

"It's…. my… car…" Kurt said, his breath coming in short gasps, as he still tried to get his breathing under control after crying like that.

"I'll drive your car. I don't think you should be driving."


When they got into Kurt's car, Kurt turned the heat fully on. He then leaned heavily against the passenger seat, resting his head against the cold window. "I live over 17th Main St." He said and closed his eyes.

They drove in silence for almost 10 minutes until they reached Kurt's house.

"Kurt? We're here… "Will said as he pulled into the Hummel's driveway. The kid had fallen asleep as soon as they left the school parking lot. He hated to wake him up. He was probably so exhausted.

"Kurt?" He shook him gently.

"Wha' –?" Kurt's eyes fluttered slowly, glazed and unfocused. He stared at Mr. Shue for a few seconds trying to remember where he was.

"We're here" Will said softly. He turned the switch off and exited the car.

"What happened?!" Mr. Hummel suddenly bellowed. He got home a few minutes earlier and stood by the window as he heard Kurt pull into the driveway. The sight that greeted him chilled him to the bone.

His son's car was scratched, probably keyed and covered with graffiti. But what scared him the most was that as the lights were turned off he noticed that it wasn't Kurt, who was driving the car. His son was a sleep in the passenger seat, and his teacher, Mr. Shuester was the one driving. He had that awful sense of dread that something bad had happened. He stormed out of the house just as Mr. Shuester was getting out of the car.

"What the hell happened to the car?" Mr. Hummel asked again, this time turning to Kurt, who was still fighting his sleep as he got out of the car. His movements were slow and lethargic. He looked down at his shoes, refusing to meet his father's kind and worried eyes.

Kurt went straight past his dad, fighting the urge to just hold onto him and to never let go. "I'm going to go and change into something dry." He said in a weary voice and moved towards the house. Mr. Hummel waited until the door closed behind Kurt before addressing his son's teacher.

He grabbed Mr. Shuester's upper arm to stop him from going inside just yet. "What happened?" Mr. Hummel asked in a low quiet voice.

"Mr. Hummel, I think we better get inside. There is something I need to tell you."


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