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"You were going to contact Dumbledore, weren't you?" her shrill voice rang through the hallway as he approached the open door.

"No" Harry said honestly.

'Slap' it echoed in the room, Snape had to control himself not to rush to the defence of Harry.

He hadn't talked to the boy in weeks; after Snape had told him that the time they had spent together had been nothing but a fuck. That he hadn't really cared for Harry the boy had stopped trying to talk to him. The only times he saw Harry were in his classroom or in the Great Hall at meal times. If he gave Harry detention he would send him to Filch.

Snape could see the hurt in his eyes sometimes but the boy did well to cover it up. These days he seemed like an empty shell.

"You sent for me headmistress." he said in the most natural voice he could muster.

Seeing Harry seated before him with a red hand print across his cheek brought a surge of anger through his stomach. He was still angry with Harry for looking through his memories but the thought of that vile woman daring to touch him, sent Snape over the edge.

But Snape held himself together as the normally cheerful voice now filled with emerging anger replied "Snape. Yes. The time has come for answers whether he wants to give them to me or not. Have you brought the veritaserum?"

'What a horrible women' Snape thought to himself, he looked at her and stated rather plainly, holding his dislike for her at bay, "I'm afraid you've used up all of my stores on interrogating students. The last of it on Miss Cho. Unless you wish on poising the boy, which I would have the greatest sympathy if you did, I cannot help you."

Snape took one last look at Harry, green eyes shimmered back at him with need as he turned and walked away.

"He's got padfoot in the place where it's hidden." the statement came from behind him; the boy really did have his brilliance sometimes. Snape turned back around and looked the boy over.

"What does he mean?" Professor Umbridge asked impatiently, taking Snape away from his thoughts.

"I have no idea" Snape said and swept away. He quickly went down to his chambers to contact Dumbledore and the Order; he just hoped the boy wouldn't do anything stupid while he was gone.

What was he thinking? This was Potter, of course he would do something stupid.