Doofenshmirtz EVIL incorporated

That's the name of the purple building in the tri-state area and nearly the most evil building in Danville (apart from the tax office by the chiropractors now THAT'S evil). And there's supposed to be an EVIL man who lives inside with really EVIL contraptions with the name of Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Well…this is third true. He's not really a doctor for starters but more importantly he's not really evil. He tries he really does it's just…he doesn't have the hang of it. He has the skills, the mad scientist look and a nemesis to match but he didn't have the heart of an evil mastermind. The black spot was too small most of his evil colleagues would say.

But there was another side to Doof that he himself had only dreamt about and told Vanessa on numerous occasions. Doof's shadow if you want to put it terms. Perry the Platypus wouldn't know that black silhouette's strength until it was too late.


The eggs splattered over the windows up on the 5th floor of the DEI building from the two kids down below snickering. The thumps made Perry the Platypus jump and Doofenshmirtz growl shaking his fists in irritation "Ugh! It's those darn kids again! If you'll excuse me Perry the Platypus…" he stormed off by the window sticking his head out two them "HEY! Get off my property you urchins!"

They just shrugged off the response "Up yours DoofenDORK!"

They threw another egg up at Doof which ended up splattered in his face and hair and they left in casual triumph.

Heinz just growled once more and grabbed the nearby D initialed towel from nearby "I knew it was good idea to put a towel rack by my window" he sighed rubbing the egg yolk out of his hair "I wouldn't have minded if they pelted those eggs cos they hated my evil schemes but to call me a dork? That's just mean…" he glanced over at Perry the platypus who was dully playing with his webbed foot "Hey! How did you get out of the trap?"

Perry looked up 'huh?'

"ugh anyway where was I…oh yes my latest maniacal plan" he re-started looking at his -inator "I created this to wipe out all the flowers in the tristate area so that hay-fever sufferers like me no-longer have to…suffer! …A-and those flowers are annoying anyway…some…how…"

Perry was now playing with his other foot yawning 'I could be getting a lie-in back home, but nooo I'm stuck listening to this mad man talk about how much he MIGHT hate flowers…'

Doofenshmirtz noticed the tired look in his nemesis eyes and rolled his eyes "y'know what Perry the platypus you can just go home, I pulled out most of the flowers in the tri-state area to make that trap which turned out incredibly escapable and is making my eyes sting like crazy so go on go. Curse you Perry the Platypus etcetera etcetera…"

Perry frowned at Doof's slump but left hastily leaving the doctor with his head resting on the desk.

Doofenshmirtz was still in his un-creative, un-evil despair later that night and his head now had a large red line wear he had been slamming it on the desk "…this is getting out of hand! I haven't had a good evil thought in past 13 hours!" he re-corrected himself placing his head on the desk again "oh who am I kidding I haven't had a evil thought in WEEKS!"

He desperately looked up at a drawing pinned on the wall. It was a crudely drawn picture he had drew when he was 8, the classic him on top of the world him laughing maniacally. It was sort of a 'motivational poster' for him like a 'hang in there baby' one (even though he had one of those too, he just thought it was really cute).

He stroked the picture feeling the dusty crayon markings "where are you evil me? I know you're in here somewhere" that's when an idea struck him right between the eyes as well as the floor "I must get that chair fixed!" he growled rubbing his already still sore head "but before that I've got some scheming to do!" he ran grabbing some goggles and placed them over his eyes, he already looked more menacing.