Doofenshmirtz fell to the ground hitting his head on the floor with a bump darkness surrounding him. However the darkness surrounding him wasn't the shadows that would gnaw on his flesh…it was just the sheets and Perry was holding the sheets above him. It was quite piteous seeing his nemesis in such a state.


Doofenshmirtz snapped his eyes open feeling a cold sweat trickle down his back.

Perry tilted his head smiling 'wake up sleepy head'

The purple duvet draped over Doofenshmirtz head like a poofy veil and he hugged it tightly near his neck "P-p-perry the Platypus…?"

'Who else?' Perry shrugged smiling but his eyes widened when he found Doofenshmirtz hugging him tight

"Oh Perry the platypus I'm so glad your alive!!" Doofenshmirtz said holding back relieved tears

Perry blinked 'alive? Yeah ok I'm alive but please let go…' he struggled in

Doofenshmirtz's grip 'you're choking me…!'

Doofenshmirtz laughed lightly placing Perry down "ha-ha you wouldn't BELIEVE the dream I just had" he laughed it off nervously feeling himself shaking "really it was more of a…horrible nightmare…"

Perry just shrugged 'eh just a figment of your imagination. It'll always stay that way…'

Doofenshmirtz showed Perry out the door "you know what Perry the Platypus? You don't appreciated enough. You have to deal with me and my evil schemes everyday and don't even get credit. So take the day off. You deserve it"

Perry smiled slightly baffled at Doofenshmirtz's sudden nice-ness 'well…ok if your sure? Thanks' he walked off with more of a spring in his webbed footed step.

Doofenshmirtz closed the door and walked back through his lair, it didn't really matter that he was INCREDIBLY evil. He was happy as he was.

Doofenshmirtz suddenly stopped in his tracks walking past a mirror seeing something catch his eye. He back tracked staring back at his reflection.

The reflection's hair was more jagged and his eyes glowed with a red tint "see you REAL soon Doofenshmirtz…"