Tomorrow's A New Day

The Sad Ending

Ok I take it back, it's not a sob-fest I'm hoping for but an ending that is sad as it's meant to be, sad. Sad doesn't always have to be heart-wrenching types but some kinds of sad can be stoic ones. I really don't know what kind of sad this is; all I know is that this is sad by my standards ok?

There was one word that kept ringing true in Suzaku's mind. "No."

Suzaku then suddenly got out of his shock violently and made a semi-pose of the sprinting position and ran towards Lelouch. In no time at all, from his position on the floor on the doorway to the Study Room he was at Lelouch's bed side, on his knees crying violently. His face, full of agony, pain, sadness, desperation and hopelessness stared at Lelouch's serene visage. His tears wouldn't stop and he didn't want them to. He held Lelouch's hand near to him, his face looming over the sleeping Emperor's own, his own tears dripping down to his beloved's own. He cupped Lelouch' cheek and whispered.

"You c-can't do this Lulu. Please d-don't do this to me. Please I beg of you. This was our original plan, I know. I'm being stupid but p-please don't leave me. I l-love you s-so much, you're the only reason I had left t-to live. I only agreed to your plan i-if the others didn't cooperate but t-they're here, your, no, OUR family's here. Please, Lelouch. Don't leave me." Anguish, pure unadultered anguish radiated through Suzaku's voice. His body shook but his voice remained semi-steady. His mind had already accepted it but his heart could not keep up with the current events.

"Nii-sama…" Nunnally had softly said as her eyes still had twin falls of tears falling from them. She was carried next to Lelouch by Cornelia and was sat down beside him. Between her brother and Suzaku, she was an outsider now. She might have been the center of his universe once but all that changed since the two had been together.

"Please, nii-sama, don't do this to us. We need you. You're all I've only ever needed. You didn't had to cause yourself this much pain for me. P-please… N-nii-s-sama…" Nunnally's voice was breaking up.

"C.C., aren't you trying to find rest in death? Then why don't you just, I don't know… MAKE HIM REPLACE YOU AS THE IMMORTAL?!" Kallen shouted to C.C. who was standing amongst them still in shock.

"I-I can't, Kallen. The disease itself was a foul up of the immortality that the Geass Bearers have. The disease was to specifically kill a Geass user so that they can never be a Bearer. Even when he was alive and we tried to give him my immortality, it wouldn't work and trust me we tried." C.C. was over her shock and though had gone back to her mask of indifference she had a sad face on her, tears running down her face as well.

Everything became quiet. They'd done everything they could have done; now it was all over. He was gone. He wouldn't return anymore.

Toudo went up to Suzaku and pulled him off of Lelouch's side so that the doctors could do their job.

After a few hours the world knew that the 99th Emperor of the Holy Empire of Britannia was dead.

Ever since the day Lelouch died, Suzaku hadn't shed a drop of tear nor did he put down the mask and cape of Zero. A few hours after Lelouch's death, "Suzaku" then had committed seppuku in front of family and friends in the Royal Palace broadcasted all over the world, Toudou acting as his kaishakunin. Though at first it was thought to be Sayoko under it all, she showed up seconds after the act with a small secretive but melancholic smile adorning her face. Nobody knew who it was under the disguise and they didn't want to even know. "Suzaku"'s head was stitched back to place and didn't seem like it was severed.

The wake for Lelouch was a tedious one, many delegates, officials and leaders all over the world attended the wake. For them a great man died while in the process of bringing the world the peace it wanted.

They decided that "Suzaku" and Lelouch deserved eternal rest next to each other.

For their funeral, their bodies were paraded in a crystal casket with their hands joined for all of eternity. They were brought to the Imperial Capital Church for their Memorial and were then laid to rest in a Crystal Garden in the Imperial Palace to be preserved as it were for eternity.

But Fate is a cruel mistress and trouble stirred up in many of the nations.

Religious groups all over the world started acting up. They keep saying that Lelouch, a savior, a man of miracle much like Zero has died. That it was a sign from God that he condemns them, that what they've been doing was wrong yet right, that they needed to act on their own decisions. People were all over the world was going insane like it was a plague caused by the religious groups. To them it was obvious that the "New" Zero was a fake.

People started believing them and started revolting once more.

Months after the Golden Era of Peace brought on by Lelouch, the world was once more ravaged by war. The UFN was powerless by the force of nature called the "Faith of Man". They were a religious group-turned-to-army that keeps saying that God had abandoned them and man must take control.

Governments toppled and the allied governments fled into America hoping to seek asylum in Britannia.

Lelouch watched on as he became a part of the World of C but not. He keeps asking to himself, 'God? There is no God, fools. You condemned yourselves. You should have all followed the plan I created for all of you. But look at you all; instead of staying in a Golden Era of Peace, you've plunged into an Era of Darkness.'

Slowly the war was bought unto the shores of America, by then Faith of Man had control over almost all of the F.L.E.I.J.A. Bombs in existence and was using it to pummel Britannia. Slowly the Black Knights were reduced to nothing but bones and dust as they valiantly fought and lost against the Faith of Man.

As the Royal Family retreated deeper into Pendragon and into the Crystal Garden holding Lelouch and "Suzaku", with them was the remaining Knight of Rounds and top core members, the starting members of the Black Knights. There, Suzaku took off his mask for the first time since Lelouch's death. The Geass cast on him to "Live On" was on full drive but he couldn't do a damn thing. They all knew that by hiding in the Palace, in the Crystal Gardens that they've doomed themselves to die. But they were going to fight until their very last breath.

"I'll fight, I'll fight until the very end for his ideals. If any of you want to come with me, then come. Until my very last breath I'll keep fighting." Suzaku said as he mounted his Lancelot one last time.

Everybody knew that no matter what happened now, they will die and if given the chance they'll die fighting, protecting the last remnants of a past that was quickly crumbling to dust.

"We'll fight, we'll all fight." Nunnally said as her body glowed and turned into a unique Knightmare, a Knightmare that has never been seen before in any battle.

"This is my Geass and with this I'll fight those who dared to defy my brother's sacrifice." Nunnally's voice sounded through the Knightmare.

The Royal siblings nodded and turned to their own custom made Knightmare Frames, they were of Royal Blood alright but most if not all, not counting the little ones were trained in battle. Gino and Anya, the last remnants of the Knights of Rounds along with Ohgi, Viletta, Tamaki, Chiba and Jeremiah mounted their own Knightmare Frames willing to follow their two leaders until death. Viletta left little Naoki, her and Ohgi's son in the Mother's arms, knew that it was the last time they'll see each other alive and was glad at least that even if they all die, it would be swift for her son.

As the older siblings got on their Frames they bade goodbye to their mothers and younger siblings promising to protect them until their very last breath.

"Please wait for us on the other side ok, Schneizel-nii-sama?" One of their younger siblings, a prince named Claude, the 27th Prince, younger than both Carline and Nunnally.

"Don't make it sound so morbid, Claude but yes, we'll all wait for you on the other side along with Lelouch, right Lelouch?" Schneizel said as he looked towards the dark skies.

In all of this, C.C. sat quietly on one corner watching the mortals march off to their deaths. She would stay here with her… family she supposes she could call them. She'll stay until their very last breaths and wonder the Earth once more.

Lancelot and Nunnally led the charge to their deaths as they maneuvered into the battlefield killing and destroying several Knightmare Frames until the enemy started backing off. They realized what was to happen next and rushed back to the Crystal Gardens to at least be close to them when everything ends.

And in a deafening silence, a blinding bright flash of pink light, Pendragon was gone and so was everyone that resided within it. C.C., ever the immortal was alive still.

Leaving the dead zone she traversed the world. The wars didn't end, there was no end.

Hundreds of years passed and that was when the wars started to end. C.C. wondered how everyone was in the World of C, lost in the eternal Conscience like any other mortal or not. None of the Thought Elevators were active anymore, destroyed in callousness; nobody knew what they were for and was destroyed in their wars.

Even after the wars ended nothing returned back into anything that resembled human society.

Everything that was left was shells of it, all these weak mortals knew was pain and suffering. They've all been fighting in wars for far too long that they've forgotten just why they were fighting at all.

And because fighting was al they've done, food had become scarce. No one knew how to plant anymore, the seas were all destroyed, all the animals dead and decaying, and remotely clean waters were non-existent. Anywhere you go on Earth; there was nothing but the hanging smell of decay and rotting.

Humans themselves were just like the corpses that surrounded them.

Desperate for any kind of sustenance they turned to themselves, more killing, this time for food. Women whored themselves to become pregnant and when they are, kills the man who did impregnate her preserving the body in anyway they can for a 9 month period and when the time comes also eats the child.

This process of killing each other for food made everyone mad, crazy. They knew nothing but to survive, becoming nothing more than animals. Their madness consumes them and when there's nobody else around they start to eat themselves as well. C.C. watches all this hoping for nothing more than to die. But she knows that if she reaches out to those people even before this decaying her wish will still not come true.

It was nearing two Millennia when even C.C. herself started to decay. Not even her immortality saved her from the kiss of death. True it might have been a long and painful process as her body slowly shuts down and decay while she still lived. But in the end as her mind was wasting away into the sands of time, she died.

As the last living creature died on Earth, Volcanoes erupted all over covering land beneath even more land, scorching the earth. Waters rise up from the sea also heated from the Volcanoes as life once more begins…

Millions of years later a green haired girl with a bird-like tattoo on her forehead runs in front a rain of bullets to protect a raven haired boy with beautiful amethyst eyes.