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I don't mean to be annoying. It just comes to me naturally. If you had to think of one word to describe. Either that or everyone else gets annoyed to easily. When it comes to my dad that may be true.

My dad writes romance novels. I've been talking to him all day. I just couldn't shut up. That either was because of my ADHD or the fact that I was going to my bestie, Arianna's, sleepover that night. I was super excited.

The time I hadn't spent bothering my dad I'd spent packing my bags. The perfect outfit and make-up and nail polish. That only lasted thirty minutes though. And that is why at 5:15 my dad said ",EVIE MONTAROY JUST GO ICE SKATING!" That hurt. He used my full name. He then called Arianna's parents and told them to pick me up from the ice skating rink.

I had no objection to that. My three favorite activities were obsessing over peoples love lives, hanging out with my friends, and ice skating. In that order too.

I love obsessing over love lives because I see love differently than most people. For every person there is a red ribbon, for some people multiple red ribbons. When two people fall in love their ribbons are tied together. Sometimes one ribbon would try to tie itself to another ribbon, but that ribbon wouldn't let the other ribbon. The freaky part was that I actually could see all of that.

I loved hanging out with my friends because friends make the world just a little bit brighter and I loved ice skating because it made me feel like I was flying. It was my hobby. And that is the reason I had no objection to grabbing my pink zuca bag (A/N that is the kind of bag ice skaters use to haul there ice skates) and walked to the ice skating rink.

I breathed in the cold air. Ice World was my favorite place on earth. Some days I worked there as a guard or at the snack bar. My father only would pay for my essentials. He said if I wanted make-up then I'd just have to go and buy it myself. I wasn't too pleased with that, but it was what introduced me to skating. That was when I was seven.

Most people would think that seven is a little young for make-up. I don't. Seven is just the right age. It is when you start to care more about your appearance. It is when most people have their first crush. Yes, seven is a perfect age.

My zuca bag wouldn't move. Maybe it had snagged on something. I turned around. Something was holding it. Something definitely not human. And then I saw Arianna.


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