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Things at camp settled down. I got used to being in Cabin Nine and Yannie pretty much became my BFFLAD (best friend for life and death) besides Arianna. In all it was great. But then came the plan.

The plan was otherwise known as the plan to get Quentin and Arianna together. I couldn't say that mouthful to anyone who might blab. I only brought Yannie and Raquel in on the plan. Yannie because I felt like it and Raquel because I needed her help. The plan first started with me and Yannie stalking Quentin.

We would follow him, always giggling loudly so that he knew we were there. We would pester him too.

"So," Yannie played with her hair and batted her eyelashes ",What do you do when you're not at camp?" Quentin stared at her. "Nothing much," he said, not revealing anything about his personal life. Other times we asked him questions we would get similar results. Well, that didn't really matter. This stage of the plan was just because I was interested. It was also the longest stage of the plan. Soon we were on to the second stage. Of course we did the whole high five and nod with the "Stage one complete!"

The second stage was to get Arianna to come meet us at the sword arena.

"Hey," I ran up to Arianna. "Hey," she replied, studying me. "I need to tell you something," I said. "What," Arianna asked. She looked slightly curious. "I can't tell you here. Just meet me at the sword arena around thirty minutes before dinner," I said. Quentin would always slip out of the Hermes cabin then and go to the arena. "Sure," she said, going back to talking with her half sibling.

I ran up to Yannie and Raquel. "Stage two complete!" Then we went on with our day-to-day business.

After sitting on the sidelines with my siblings when we were supposed to be practicing sword fighting we went back to our cabin for before dinner prep. It was easy to slip out. Yannie and I were supposed to be giving each other makeovers, so no one was looking for us. We met Raquel in a bush in the arena. We watched Arianna standing in the arena staring at a dummy.

Quentin approached, but when he saw Arianna and turned around. That was until he heard a scream. Raquel blew up the arena. It was in flames.

Quentin dove into the flames to save Arianna. It would have been romantic – accept I knew that he only did it because he knew it was the right thing to do. Perhaps the plan wasn't working well. It also means that were going to have the face the consequences.


The godly parent of everyone one involved (Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite, and Eris) plus Mr. D, Chiron, Raquel, Yannie, and I were there. Zeus was pretty mad about us almost blowing up his daughter I must say.

"I say we blow them up," Mr. D commented ",Especially Emmy." Aphrodite shook her head ",It is Evie Dionysus. Get it right." Then she got back to checking her makeup for microscopic problems. I had done that many mornings – but shouldn't she care a little more? It wasn't the point right now though.

"Why did you blow up the arena," Hermes asked while Eris was smiling (proudly) at Raquel. "What do you mean," Raquel asked. "What?" Hermes was staring now ",You blew up the arena." Raquel nodded ",Exactly." Wow.

"In our defense," Yannie said ",We did it all in the name of love." Eris looked less proud now ",Ugh, and I thought I was proud!" Zeus took the same course but in a different way ",OH so that clears it all up!" He looked like he would blow us up right then in there if not for the fact that his kids would never forgive him. Hermes frowned. Aphrodite squealed ",Good job!" Yannie and I smiled ever so charmingly. Raquel crossed her eyes.

"May we explain," Yannie asked. "No," Raquel and Eris said at the same time. Even Zeus (through his temper) rolled his eyes at this. "Yes," he said ",Though I don't see why I don't blow you up right here!"

"Well," I started ", Arianna has this huge crush on Quentin – " Zeus looked like he was going to choke "- So we –" Raquel frowned at the we "-came up with a plan. It was an amazingly brilliant plan! Well, not really amazingly brilliant, but brilliant none the less. And so the plan started with us stalking Quentin. So yeah we stalked him and asked him stuff. That had nothing to do with the rest of the plan – we were just curious. After that we high fived and said 'Stage one complete' because that just seemed really cool at the time. Then we went on to the second stage of the plan.

"We told Arianna to meet us at the arena at thirty minutes to dinner. Then we waited and waited and waited. And then it was dinner prep time." At this time Yannie picked up the story, somehow realizing that my mouth was probably getting dry.

"We snuck out of our cabins," she said ",And went to the arena and hid in a bush. When Quentin came he saw Arianna and was going to leave but Raquel blew up the arena so he saved her – " Yannie's voice started getting all dreamy "- It was so romantic."

"That was a brilliant plan," Aphrodite gushed. Thanks mom. Zeus didn't agree ",We will go up to Mount Olympus and discuss whether or not to blow you up." With that all the gods (even Mr. D) started glowing and disappeared. "Well then," Raquel said ",Thanks for saying goodbye." After that Chiron banned us to one of the rooms in the big house where we discussed things. You could imagine our relief when the gods decided not to blow us up. The only gods who wanted to blow us up were Mr. D, Ares, and Zeus. Hera even gave us a thumbs up, but Poseidon (or as Raquel called him – Po) shushed her when she said that. It was also the first IM (Iris-message) I received so I was pretty psyched.

Of course, Raquel was equally psyched because Hera decided she liked her since Raquel had said ",Shut up Po! She is the queen of the gods you have no right to shush her!" All I could say was "LOL" and yes I speak in chat-speak.


"So," I said. I was by Arianna's bedside with Raquel and Yannie. Quentin was equally injured in the bed next to Arianna's. I put my hand on Arianna's arm.

"Grape," I said, staring at the walls. Apparently she thought I said 'break' because she screamed and yelled ",ABUSE, ABUSE!" Everyone stared at us. "Nothing," I said ",She is just having a minor meltdown. No Arianna, I wasn't planning on doing anything to you." She glared at me. I thought I heard even Quentin laughing. "Oh," she decided.

Yannie shifted her weight ",All we can say is we are really sorry for blowing up the arena. We didn't know you were in it." You lie. I thought that, like Yannie and I had telepathy. Maybe we did. I could swear I heard her saying. Shut up, Quentin is in the room. He might here if we tell the truth. Maybe that was just my conscience. And then it struck me.

Oh my my, this was my first adventure as a demigod.

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