I do not own Orphan just this idea okay however I do own Ethan, and Skyler.

Ethan`s P.O.V

I was looking out the window as I saw a new couple walk up to the house. There was a girl with them she is beautiful with pale skin and what looks to be brunette hair. She stops andlooks around and up I walk away from the window wondering if she had seen me or not.

Skyler`s P.O.V

My parents and I were going to this boy's home. My father thought it would be a good idea to have another man around the house and plus it would help my mom get through the baby dying. I feel eyes on me and I stop look around and look up to see a person in the window and then their gone I stop and look up still waiting for them to appear. "Skyler come on!" I snap out of my trance and notice that my parents are at the door already and I run to catch. Once I enter the doorway with them we are met with everybody is laughing and having fun and running back and forth. We are greeted by an African American who looks to be in her late thirty`s."Hello I am Miranda and you must be the Cholemans am I right?"My father nodded his head yes we are I`m Mark and my wife Kate and my mom nods her head hello and this is our daughter .Miranda smiled at me and I did so as well we started walking with her while she was talking about the orphanage. We passed some steps and I decided to walk up the stairs.

I looked around it was pretty vacant seeing as how there was a party I got bored and just started walking into empty rooms. I was making it down the steps I was half way there I heard someone playing heaven on piano. I turned around and walked back upstairs when I had made it to the room I saw a boy about my age he had middle length hair and it was black he now switched to the Diary of Jane. I walk closer but stop when I step on a squeaky floor board and I stop and look at my feet.


I heard someone enter the room and I know it was the girl because no one else enters a room that I am in. I stopped playing and turned to look at the girl and she was staring at her feet. She didn`t look up so I cleared my throat and she had looked at me and was blushing I let a grin grace my face and she blushed even more.


I looked down at my feet until I heard him clear his throat and looked. I took a real good look at him and blushed he even grinned and I felt my cheeks being warm.

I looked him in the eyes

So why are you not downstairs with the others?

I don`t really see the point seeing as how the families who come here want younger children not teens."

I looked at him questionably So how old are you?

I am fifth teen years old you?

I`m fourteen in a half actually.

Normal P.O.V

'Here she is!"We both hear `s voice and she looks worried when she notices that she is with Ethan. My father takes out his hand I`m Mark Choleman and this is my wife Kate and you already met our daughter Skyler.

Ethan P.O.V

Skyler I repeat it in my head it`s beautiful I love it. I am watching and how she doesn`t trust me. I smile and so they can maybe adopt me so I can be with Skyler.

Normal P.o.v

Well you know our names what`s yours?

Mines Ethan

So Ethan how old are you?

I am fifteen sir

Really our daughter is fourteen soon she`ll be fifth teen.

Mark was just staring at Ethan and turned to We found our new family member. Abigail was shocked but happy to have him out of here so she said follow me and they went down stairs into the office part.


I stood there looking at Ethan and held out my hand "Welcome to the family."He smiled at me and asked what he should expect about the family. I smiled well you can expect to see a little girl who`s only six her name is Maxine but we all call her Max she`s partly death so you`ll have to learn sign language also there`s Danny his real name is Daniel he`s into video games like rock band and guitar hero.


I smiled and nodded and then I grab my music papers and paint sets. I walked to my old room and grabbed my planning binder which on the outside it say bible on it. While I collect my things I see Skyler fidgeting in the corner of my eye. I ask her if she would like to help me I grab her hand and while we walk up to the attic we pass by a mirror she`s blushing so I squeezed it tighter. We make it through and I go to my biggest painting ever and pull of the sheet I used to cover it.


Ethan had asked me to help him I guess he could tell I was fidgeting so he grabbed my hand and he squeezed it and I was blushing. He led me to the attic and we walked to a big painting. he took off the sheet and it was a painting of the whole house he was very detailed and everything. I want to say something so all I say is wow I look back at him and told him he was smiled he even put some of the kids from here in the painting. We carefully take it down and I have one side and he has another we start walking downstairs while Ethan tells me where to step.

I heard footsteps and three kids were coming up and one of them opened there mouths most likely the leader but Ethan cleared his throat. All three looked at him with terror in their eyes and they started to apologize and Ethan told them to clear the way so I don`t trip on anything they nodded their heads and left.


I was telling Skyler which way to walk and to watch for toys I heard footsteps and saw Michael, Joe and Josh. Joe was about to either cuss at Skyler or flirt with her and neither were acceptable so I cleared my throat. All three of them looked at me with fear in their eyes I wanted to laugh at them but told them to clear the path for Skyler so they could be useful. They all turned and left clearing away the toys.

There we go now I know different weird but hey it`s what I think tell em what you think