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We had a discussion on how he paints and how he makes the money by selling his work and other peoples work around the country.I got ready for school helping Ethan with Max`s clothes and breakfast,I also noticed that Ethan had stayed away from me.

I just got ready for school thinking about Ethan and what to do about our little situation.

Ethan POV

I guess I scared Sky off a little by coming off as rude to her. I finally got a hold of my friends Nigul and Paavo our parents weren't doctors but patients that fell in love, we were soon born. First me ,second Nigul and the baby of our little trio Paavo.

They were so excited and wanted to see my fiancée and child along with the rest of the family.

I showed them a picture of all of us at my welcoming party they could not wait to meet Max ,and buy her cute little outfits.I had to hang up since a good time for them was two pm which meant two am here, they said they would get passports and meet me in this cold climate.I am tired of the cold we are going to move somewhere warm we all agreed upon that.

We went to school and once again Sky would cling to me,I did not mind at all.I ignored the looks as always ,I do not see why Sky cared so much about what they thought. After school we all had to wait for Sky and Kate to finish talking to a teacher ,I occupied my time by talking with Max about her uncles. She showed me a beautiful picture that she had done. I promised her that I would show it to them once I got onto the computer. Sky and Kate started walking down the steps,I warned Max and waited for the two to enter the car.

"Sorry about that,now let`s get Danny." Kate said as the two buckled up and she started the car ,we drove to Daniel`s school,I offered to get him.I saw him in the hallway talking to a group of girls,I smiled"Hey Daniel,their you are." Daniel turned along with the girls ,I smiled at him and gave the girls a smile. "Come on before mom freaks out." I looked to the girls "Excuse us ladies." I said giving them another smile, which made them giggle as we walked away Daniel whispered to me that I had to teach him how to do that.

We arrived home I asked Sky if she needed help with her math homework, she shook her head no "Besides you and mom need to work on that music sheet don`t you?" She said with a smirk as she headed up the stairs.

Little vixen I thought as I watched her ass go up the stairs. "Skyler is so right, we haven't even sat down together to decide what type of genre we shall play." Kate said smiling as she sat down on the couch next to me, taking the remote from me and turning it off.

I smiled at her "What type of music do you like to play?" She took a minute to think about it before answering. "I am into classical what about yourself?" I didn't even have to think of my response Rock slash alternative."

She thinks about it "Okay I think in a strange way it should work." I nod my head thinking about how it would sound.