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Ethan POV

I had recently talked to Paavo and Nigul; they had made it to New York where it is snowing as well. When I was on the phone with them, I heard Nigul complain "We didn`t leave one place for a colder place." I told him to relax and that we shall soon be in California or anywhere else warmer. He asked me about Skyler, at first I did not know how to answer him. After some minutes of thinking I told him "That I loved her.! No one would separate us." They said they understood and said they would come here, and then we would leave this place.

I talked to Danny some more and in no time he will be on my side, and able to convince Skyler ,should she need it.

Danny and myself have been bonding by shooting his guns, Danny is slowly trusting me and every few glances he would give me that "son to father " look. He enjoys it since Max ,has also been showing him some love as a niece,though he thinks it`s his little sister loving him on my part ,I make sure she still calls him Danny,I told her to call him uncle Danny once we leave our home.

Skyler I haven't had to escort Skyler to her classes anymore, I miss our lunch we sit together ,though instead of just two of us its us plus Tyler damn I want to kill him. Does he not think I dont see his hand touching her knee? Plus Skyler blushes every time he does, I resist the hard temptation to grab his hand and break it ,but not before rolling my eyes.