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Ethan POV

After our breakfast I decided to talk to Sky, I found her outside on the swings.

I walked over to her "Mind if we talk?" I asked sitting beside her

She shrugged "It's your house."

I shook my head "No, it's our house." I clarified

She sighed "We are going to talk, so can we at least take a walk ?" She asked looking to me

I got up giving her my hand "Of course."

She thanked me as she got up, I held her hand as we began to walk "So you don't like what we did to Tyler, though he was going to treat you like trash?" I asked to sum up her feelings on him.

"Yes, though I wish you would have just beat him not get him hooked on drugs." She said while staring at some wildflowers.

"That would not have him learn his lesson, trust me I know people like that." I said remembering one of the older boys Erik from the asylum.

"How do you know, if you kicked his ass then maybe he would actually be nice instead of giving lies and false smiles." She says snatching her hand from mine

"Sky, trust me alright I know guys like him." I said sternly

"Alright." Sky said dropping it

I smiled enjoying our walk,I put my hand back in hers. "Anything else ?" I asked wanting everything out in the open.

"Esther. He kidnapped her, you all kidnapped her."

"She wasn't getting the love and attention she deserves, with us she is."I clarified

"Still you kidnapped her."

I rolled my eyes "So would you rather she grew up with her overworked parents,brother who wants to act like her older brother who's an ass." I said having her look at me

She kept my gaze but soon looked to the ground while walking off.

"I am sure the next thing you want to talk about is Danny, and I was thinking about us telling him tonight." I said watching as she stopped walking.

"What story will you tell him?"

"Well ,going to say how an email from some police how they found our father had accidentally overdosed on depression medication. Along with finding items of a picture of us and a plane ticket to here." I said with a sigh

"It's a better story than his real one." I said stopping her from talking.

She nodded her head, slowly looking down. I had her look at me,I was staring at her beautiful eyes "I love your eyes." I say before kissing her.

She get's closer to me , and I wrap my am around her waist. She didn't seem to mind,since she put her arms around me.

We decided to stop so that we could breathe, I loved the look in her eyes. I put my forehead on hers "I love you so much." I said breathless

"I- I I love you." She said a little fearful

I smiled even bigger, I picked her up putting her against a tree. I started kissing her and rubbed her thigh, I then kissed her neck.

I knew she felt my arousal, especially since she started moaning when I changed to nipping.

"Don't stop." She moaned while putting her fingers through my hair

"I don't want to." I moaned, going into her shirt with my hands

"Max come back!" I heard Danny yell

We both froze, I put her down gently. I made sure that her clothes are straightened out and then mine.

"Got ya!" We heard Danny say with laughter

We both looked around, we couldn't see them. I grabbed her hand and we walked close to the laughter, we enjoyed seeing Danny and Max playing.

"They are actually enjoying their time together." Sky said with disbelief

"They are closer."I put my arm around her, having her move in front of me so I could put my head on her shoulder.

"Their smiles reach their eyes." Sky said

I nodded "I'm sure that hasn't happened since the accident."

She nodded her head, I looked at them they were so going to need a bath.

"We should get them to take a bath." I lead over to them.

"Can't we let them play a little longer." She asked while holding my arm

"All right," I sighed "but you'll have to watch Max, though I was going to."

She looked to Max who was playing with dirt, getting it in her nails.

"They can play after their bath." Sky said

I kissed her on her forehead "I knew you would see it my way." I headed for the kids.

I didn't have to look to know she was blushing.

Ethan bathed Max who kept playing with her toys that kept getting away from her.

Sky was on the couch watching as Nigul and Paavo were putting briefcases near the door and were fixing their hair.

"What time is the job interview?" Sky asked

"In two hours, don't worry though you won't be alone." Nigul said looking at her while putting on his tie.

"Who is coming here?" Sky asked getting up

"A friend from church,she has an interest in my daughter. To see if this will be a good match I want to know she can be trusted."

"So she'll be guarding me?" Sky asked crossing her arms

He looked at her done with everything "Well I told her how you have been feeling homesick and I am worried about you and your depression. So as a good brother and friend and her wanting to be closer to me, she agreed to come over and help you watch the kids."

Ethan came down with Max "Alright sweety, daddy and your uncles have to get a job." He kissed her on the forehead and put her in Sky's arms.

Some one knocked on the door. Nigul went to go and answered it "I'm so glad you could make it, did you have trouble finding the place?" He asked stepping back.

The girl walked in "No not at all." She looked around and smiled at seeing Esther. "Here's the cute baby."

Esther was playing with blocks on the floor and looked at the woman who was coming towards her.

She looked to Nigul "May I?"

"Of course, but first let me introduce you to my family."

" Annie,this is Ethan and Skyler holding their daughter Max, and my other brother Paavo, we have a little brother Danny and he will be down shortly."

"Danny!" Paavo yelled, we soon heard footsteps.

"So where are you all applying to again?"

"Griffin Inc." Nigul said

"Impressive." She said shocked

"Yes, well your saying it as if we got the job, Sky can I talk to you real quick?" Ethan asked grabbing her arm and heading for the kitchen.

He has them go as far as they could from the kitchen door "Sky, I am trusting you here, if you give her any reason to not believe our story I will have to label you schizophrenic. Also if she involves the police they will separate us, so my brothers and me may will be in jail. You three will not be together,Danny he will go to a boy's home and seeing as how Max will be taken away from you and me, even if she goes with your grandmother you know her grandmother won't have the patience and understanding."

"Yeah but-"

"Skyler you know that she will not open up anymore after you are taken, even with me she still doesn't tell me everything and with Danny she told me she is confused about him. So the choice is yours will you gain a new friend or will you break and scar Max emotionally along with Danny?"

Sky just looked outside,Ethan sighed and looked to the clock "We have to go, I will find out your answer after our interview." He had her look at him, moving her hair out of her eyes and kissed her. He wasn't forceful but gentle.

"Ethan your brothers are-"Annie stopped and blushed and Ethan broke the kiss.

"Where are my brother's?" He asked with a smirk

"They are at the car, they took your briefcase with them for you." She said looking to the ground

He stepped back, holding Sky's hand "Well ladies I must go, is Danny still downstairs?" He asked looking to Annie

She nodded her head, he looked to Sky "You two enjoy yourselves." He walked out the room

"I am so sorry, I did not mean to interrupt." Annie said with a light blush on her face

"It's okay trust me, we just get caught up in the moment. Though we are controlling ourselves, don't want another one just yet." Sky said with a smile "Come on we can hang out in the living room or do you want to hang out in the movie room?"

"You guys have a movie room, wow this place is bigger than I thought?" She said looking at the kitchen

"Yeah, it was a surprise to me as well." Sky said

Annie looked to Sky "I'm sorry if I'm intruding, I really like Nigul."

"Yeah he told us." Sky said "Also your not intruding, why would you think that?" She asked confused

"Well, you being the only girl I figured you know you were the head female. So I have to admit I was intimidated by you,especially when I saw you guys at IHOP."

It was Sky's turn to blush while sitting down she moved the chair beside her with her foot."Please, I see it as sweet at times but other times he just gets overprotective. Plus I'm not the one you have to impress."

Annie looked at her confused, as she sat down "Who do I have to impress, Max she is very vocal. Though I must ask do you know sign language?"

Annie shook her head "No, was she born deaf?"

"No, it was an accident, my mother was not watching her. How about I teach you, and I know you eying this kitchen so we can stay in here."

Annie blushed again "I'm sorry it's just you have the latest of things and I love to cook and I'm obvious again." She said sighing and frowning

Sky put an arm on her shoulder "Trust me it's OK, now let's go get the girls and bring them in here." She said standing up

Annie nodded and they walked out, though Danny entered and checked the deck doors and then the window. "All clear." He said taking out his phone and typing something.

The girls looked at one another confused "Danny,, what are you doing?"

He put his phone back "When the guys left they gave me the important task of making sure were all safe, now I can go to the second floor." He said proud of himself.

Annie looked to a confused Sky "You weren't kidding about the protection thing."

Sky didn't know what to say and sighed, they brought the girls in the kitchen. They brought them toys and had looked up some recipes they could try. Sky learned that Annie was a vegetarian, she commented how her and Nigul will be good for one another. They decided on new recipes and foods you can substitute.

Annie loved all the fruits an vegetables that they had in their fridge

"Fruit and vegetables are gross." Danny said making a gagging noise which the girls copied.

Annie looked to him as he got a little Debbie snack" If only you knew how bad those were for you." She said with a sad tone

Danny shrugged while unwrapping the Twinkie "I like them,I would be like Tallahassee searching for Twinkies."

"The actor who plays him is a vegetarian as well." She pointed out

Danny bit into his sweet and covered his mouth while talking "He makes a convincing carnivore."

"Ugh Danny go that's just gross."Sky said making a gross face

Danny rolled his eyes and left but not before making another noise for the girls to copy.

"You guys have tofu!" Annie said jumping up and down

Sky went over to the fridge "I did not know, I just think that's Nigul's stuff so I don't look." Sky said looking to Annie

"Can we cook with tofu please?" She begged

"Why not?" Sky said

While they cooked Sky would glance over to Max, of course the cops would take her away, but they would be reunited. Why would they keep them apart, Sky would be legal in four years,they could live with their grandmother. It's not like she helped Ethan and his brother s with anything, though would they say she was an accomplice?Is that what he's talking about?She was tired of thinking so she just cooked and let herself relax.

When the guys came back they were glad no cops were around, though they had to wait until they got inside.

"Annie, guys were back!" Nigul yelled

They heard footsteps so they looked to the stairs "Shh, Nigul Esther finally went to sleep." She said running to him and covering his mouth.

He smiled and moved them "I'm sorry, how was your day she didn't tire you out did she?"

"Not as much as you said she would, how was the interview?" She asked looking at him

"It went fine, we all got hired." He said putting his hands around her waist.

"I'm so proud of you," She remembered the others and looked to Paavo who already got out of his tie and jacket and Ethan who was holding onto Sky. "as well as you Paavo."

Paavo rolled his eyes "We know you forgot about us, don't act like you didn't. Why don't you two go out to celebrate and we watch the kids."

"You mean it?" Annie said ecstatic, "I mean if it's okay with you, though if your tired from the interview we ca-"

Nigul kissed her and broke it "On our way back I was deciding the whole time how I can be with you." He said with a light blush himself.

"Let me change first and we can go out and talk." He kissed her forehead and left upstairs racing

"The last time I saw him run like that, was when we put jalapenos down his pants in his sleep." Paavo said with a serous tone before laughing at the memory

Ethan began chuckling at the memory. "You guys did that when you were little,that's horrible." Annie said while trying not to laugh

Ethan shook his head "Little, were talking about two weeks ago."

Now Annie was laughing as well, though Sky hit Ethan lightly with a smile on her face"You told me that was a horror movie you were watching."

"Well it was a horror for Nigul." Paavo said

"Alright, I am back I am going to ignore the laughing of my immature brothers and Sky I thought you were more mature." He said looking at her,while getting Annie's purse for her

"I am it's just they told us how they put jalapenos down you pants."She said and everyone laughed again

"Let's go Annie, you can show me around some fun places."

"Careful if they serve Jalapenos their hot.'" Paavo said then Nigul slammed the door

"Oh that was good, what did you guys cook, smells good?" Paavo asked going Sky

"Fake meat!" Danny said as if it was forbidden

"Wait, fake meat as in the white cottage cheese looking junk Beast Boy eat?" Paavo said serious

"Yes, the white booger stuff!" Danny whined

"Guys it's not that bad." Sky said crossing her arms

"Not that bad?Sky,Sky did you not hear us? Cottage cheese looking, booger stuff, I am not three." Paavo said going into the kitchen with apprehension

"Oh God!You used my bacon skillet!"

"What the bacon skillet!" Danny yelled shocked

"What's the bacon skillet?" Sky asked looking to Ethan

"He bought form somewhere, and it makes bacon whichever way you want and it collects the grease while still being an unstuck pan."E than said putting his head on her shoulders

"It was the best pan, and plus it has the favor from all the other bacon meat, now it will taste like boogers." Paavo complained

"Hurry cook some more bacon it" Danny said taking bacon out the fridge

Ethan and Sky rolled their eyes as they were frantic about tofu touching a meat only pan.

"Can we talk?" Ethan whispered in her ear


They walked up the stairs into their bedroom, where Ethan changed shirts

"You seem sad that Annie was leaving?" He said taking his shirt off deliberately slow in front of her

"Well, we grew close strange but true, I enjoyed hanging out with her is all." Though she was jealous how her and Nigul clicked , with her and Ethan it used to be like that but now it's different. Soon though their will be another girl, though this is it. What are they going to do kill her family?

Ethan finally put on another shirt when he realized that was Sky was in another world deeply thinking. He smirked and began kissing her down her neck, he smiled as she let herself be in his arms. He began kissing her , and then started kissing her lips, which she responded back to.

He smiled and put a hand on her thigh, and began to rub it nice and slow.

"Ethan." She said back in the world of the living

"Yes, tell me what's wrong?" He said holding himself above her

"I'm jealous,i am for some reason jealous of Nigul and Annie. I don't know why!" She said getting stating to cry from frustration.

Ethan went behind her and began rubbing her shoulders "I know why, we were the first couple and yet we haven't even gone on our first date and it's not a mutual love. We don't show our love mutually, it's spur of the moment type of deals. Sky I have to ask, why don't you want to be happy? We can be that happy without me threatening you? You think I like it I don't, truthfully I am shocked I got the job." He admitted

She rolled her eyes, getting up "Yeah right."

"That's something I don't like about you." He said mad

She looked at him shocked "What?"

"How you see me as an unfeeling person, I care about Max, why would I not care about you ? I hate how you think I am faking my love for your, I am reserved in showing my emotions. I do have them and I also don't like how you hog all the covers."

"You kick!"

"That to!" He yelled pointing a finger at her

"What?" She asked confused

He got closer to her "I hate how you won't tell me what's wrong with you, like I told you I am here talk to em I am not going to ignore you, or set your feelings aside. Look whatever it is you think I will do I promise you I am listening and finding a way to solve your issues. I will not cast them aside."

"I want my family back." She said crossing her arms

He sighed and brought her to the bed "When Nigul came back he told me something I did not want to tell you."

"That's not surprising."

He ignored her comment "Tyler escaped and killed three people and burned our house down. I at first did not believe him though I checked online and it's true."

"So their isn't even a home to turn to." She whispered

"This is our home." He said rubbing her back

She jumped up "This is my dungeon, I have yet to see the city."

"Then we shall go, it will be our date night."

"Ethan stop fucking with me!"

"I'm not, I mean it after work Friday me and you, we will see the town stay in town and leave early for Disney World." He said having her look at him "Do you want to be by yourself while you process your child home being burnt down?"

She winced at his bluntness but shook her head and put her arms around him, he carried her to the bed bride style and they laid like that for three hours.

Sky came to a conclusion until she looked at Ethan "Do you smell like a lot of bacon?"

He sniffed the air and then the clock "Those idiots, we have work at eight am tomorrow." He sighed looking at the midnight clock.

They both went to the kitchen to see lots of bacon with signs of how they were cooked.

"I didn't know we had this much." Sky said looking at the table that was full of bacon

"We don't, they must have went shopping while we were talking." He wrote down "put away" and him and Sky went to their bedroom.

"Do you check the house?" Sky asked once she came from the bedroom changed in her Pj's

"Yes, why?" Ethan said in his boxers

"Well Danny said you did and-"

"It's not just me, we rotate soon we will have Danny do it by himself, though he needs to learn to be quit so he could do it at night without waking one of us. Were okay if he wakes one of us, one of the babies though or you girls."He said going into the bed

Sky shook her head "No, not going to happen."

He looked at her "You want him to wake you up?"

"What no!I don't want to sleep with you, I mean in the same bed as you while you are in your boxers." She said blushing

He smirked "It's hot and your lucky I have shirt on." He

"Ethan." She wined

He looked at her "You really want me to put on pants, when I just came from hot Texas eighty degree weather and into a kitchen that cooked bacon."

"Please?" She begged

"One condition."

"Name it."

"You tell me how you feel, and if I have to say "Sky tell me what's wrong?" then I get to sleep commando." He said with a smile

"Really" She said blushing

"That's the deal."

"Fine, put some pants on." She said turning around as he lifted the blanket

"I am quite shocked at how much of a prude you are since we have a kid." He teased knowing he would get a reaction.

She turned around "She's not my daughter!" Though she turned around quickly "Why are your boxers missing? I asked you to put on pants!"

End Chapter

Should I focus more on Sky and Ethan or Nigul and Anna or should he be stuck in friend zone what about Paavo?