His Kinky Thoughts-Prologue

His Kinky Thoughts-Prologue

He wanted her.

It was that simple.

He always got what he wanted. No if, and or but about it, and he wanted her. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to pup her. He wanted her chained to his room to supply him with never-ending pleasure with all of her orifices. He wanted to see his seed on her, in her. He wanted his smell to be on her body all day, everyday. He wanted to possess her. He would. He would have her ...soon.

He watched as she bathed standing in the hot spring, blissfully unaware that she had an audience. He watched as her hands roamed her body with something he'd heard her call soap. His eyes traveled from her face, to her generous breasts, down to the apex of her creamy thighs. Pup rearing thighs. He took a notice that her dark curls were clean and shaven into a "V". Though it was new to him, he found that he liked that. His cock became heavy and hard while watching her bend over in the proper receiving position for an Inu. The foam created from the lathered soap trailed deliciously slow between her legs. He noted that her neither lips had no hair and they glistened from the warm water from the hot spring. He couldn't wait to see his seed moistening those lips, trailing the same path as the soap's foam.

Though there were no others around to be sensed, he still could not fathom her ease at being here, unguarded.

Did the girl have no regard for her safety? What was she doing here, alone, with no weapons to defend herself against predators? Predators like himself he mused.

He could slip is cock into her before she could even register that someone was behind her. His cock twitched at the thought.

He then frowned at the thought of some other demon coming upon her before he did, swiftly taking her as he just imagined. The thought of any other laying claim on the miko angered him.

No, when he took her he would be her last, her only, her everything. To accomplish this he had to get her away from the half-breed. He was sure that she no longer harbored any insane feelings of love for the half-breed; any feelings she might retain would be friendly, brotherly. That was as much a hindrance as being a lover. Above the protection of lover was protection of family. But he would get her away and once he claimed her and fucked her he wouldn't stop until she was pupped, maybe not even then. In any case, she would no longer be able to travel with or be touched by the whelp. As his miko, she would only need his touch to bring her pleasure, his touch to bring her comfort, and if necessary, his touch to bring her discipline.

While killing the whelp would not bother him and solved all his problems, he was sure the girl would be mad at him and there is only so much an Inu could take before he would subdue her whether she wanted it or not and he preferred his bitch to be willing.

He had begun planning to seduce the girl after the death of Naraku. Since then he had not indulged in any sexual escapades. That was almost 12 moon cycles ago. He needed relief that only his miko could provide. Though never having her, he imagined that others would pale in comparison. She seemed like she would be extremely responsive to the lightest of stimulation.

He would enjoy tainting her innocent aura. While her body was not untouched, her mind apparently was. He would enjoy changing her reiki from a light pink to dark purple by introducing her to a depravity that only someone of his age and experience would know about. She will love it. She will love him pounding into her ass as well as her cunt. She will love taking him into her mouth and swallowing his very essence. She will love it, he would see to it.

No, he would not kill the whelp, the negatives would far outweigh the positives. Though he was not against using aggressive measures, it would not do to have to wait longer for her than he deemed necessary. Killing the boy would definitely make completely possessing her take longer. His patience was wearing thin.

Soon Kagome, you will be mine. Mind, body, and soul!

With that thought he watched as she pat her body down with a drying cloth, dressed and returned to the village that she shared with her friends. He silently followed her and watched as she entered the tattered hut that she shared with the elderly miko of the village. He turned and headed toward the west. He had many plans to carry out, a fortress to expand in expectation of the young she would soon be carrying, and a swim to take in the cool river to calm his girth.

Soon, Miko.