Separating the Mechs from the Kittens

Chapter 2 - Mama Ravage Reporting for Duty

Ravage was pissed. No that was an understatement. There were no words that could describe how furious the mechanical panther felt when she had been assigned to watch the Seeker Elite who had been reduced to kittens. Organic kittens at that. 'What the frag?' she fumed to herself, 'Why couldn't they have at least been metal like her?'

So far they haven't caused too much trouble because for the most part they simply lounged around doing absolutely nothing. Well except for the black one with the purple stripes which was of course, Skywarp. Ravage was slightly relieved that they at least remembered their names. Starscream and Thundercracker were for the most part ignoring everyone and everything. They were probably a little steamed at being uprooted from their positions by such an unexpected and indignified way. So far no one could come with a way to cure this furry little problem.

The metal cat sighed heavily knowning that day probably wouldn't remain as peaceful considering who the kittens were. In fact, in looked to Ravage that they were taking full advantage of not having to do jack-slag around the base because... well they were too small to have any impact. She couldn't figure out why Megatron didn't just get rid of them. They were just cats for crying out loud! She remembered when their leader had actually assigned her this job.


The Decepticons had made it back to the Nemesis with the tiny fuzzies in tow. Megatron was still holding the red one, Starscream, and even when he knew who this kitten was he couldn't bring himself to stop running his thumb over the soft fur of his small forehead. Of course, the former Air Commander (being the attention whore that we all know him to be) was fully lavishing in this unusual gesture. He was actually purring and loudly at that.

Dirge was holding Skywarp who was just starting to wake up. As the blue conehead made his way in to the control room with everyone else, the black kitten sat up, looked up at him before tilting his head and then 'mew'ed in was sounded like confusion. Apparently, this caught the attention of the blue cat, Thundercracker, looked back at him from over one of Blackout's fingers and 'mew'ed back.

Suddenly the black kitten vanished from Dirge's hand leaving him sputtering. Everyone calmed down though we he reappeared next to Thundercracker. Even as a fuzzy he was still and always will be Skywarp.

"Soooo... What are we going to do with them?" asked Ramjet who was to the left of Dirge, obviously referring to the kittens.

Megatron paused for a moment before he ordered, "Ravage is a cat right? She will take care of them."

And that's how Ravage got stuck with the kittens.

***Flashback end***

While she watched them, her creator, Soundwave, had sent out Frenzy and Rumble to collect supplies for them. Since they were organic they would need cat food and other such thing. Ravage sighed heavily and flopped over onto her side. Not even five seconds had passed before she felt something small and fuzzy flopping over onto its side on top of her.

Looking up she spotted the black fur ball immediately. 'How the frag did he get up there so fast?' she inquired in her mind. She couldn't even remember feeling him land on her. Quickly kicking herself inwardly as she remembered that he could still teleport as a kitten. 'Great.'

Ravage watched him for a while but he seemed to be content with just lying. When both eyes closed, the panther laid her head back down. Internally, she watched the other two with her radar.

Soon the need for recharge took over. It had been a long day and she felt that rest was well deserved. She was just about to enter the cycle when she felt two warm fuzzies curl up next to her belly. Shrugging, mentally she finally slipped into recharge.