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Chapter 1

Christy and Haley Singer couldn't be more different from each other. Christy was the oldest. She was wild and crazy and loved to hunt. Haley who was 3 years younger was quite and always dreamed of a normal life. There mother died when Haley was 6months old in a fire. Their dad Mike raised them the best he could with help from his brother Bobby. One summer when Christy was 16 and Haley was 13, they went to stay with there uncle and met John Winchester and his 2 boys Dean who was 17 and Sam who was 13 as well. There was an instant attraction between Christy and Dean and they soon became a couple. Sam always liked Haley but never acted on it, so they became friends. When the summer ended and Mike came back to get his girls and John came for his boys, Dean and Christy knew that what they had needed to end. The break up didn't go well. A lot of hurtful things where said on both side and that was the last time they spoke. Now 5 yrs later, after their dad died, they are coming to stay with their uncle Bobby, and once again met up with Sam and Dean.

"Boys come in here please" John yelled and they can down Bobby's stairs

"What's up dad" said now 22 yr old Dean Winchester

"Listen boys, Christy and Haley are going to be coming to live with Bobby for awhile so I want you to behave"

"Oh dad come can't we just leave"

"No Dean, look I'm gonna be leaving in a few day so when I do I want you two to stay here and help out Bobby got it"

"Yes sir"

"And by the way they'll be here in an hour" John said and headed outside

"I can't believe this shit man" Dean said

"I don't know it would be nice to see them again"

"You're just saying that because you're still hung up on Haley"

"I am not we're just friends"

"Sure Sam whatever" Dean didn't want to admit it but he was a little excited to see Christy again but he knew this was not going to go well.

Christy and Haley were about 20 minute from there uncle Bobby's and she looked over at her sister who was more quiet than usual.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Northing why"

"You seem a little distracted that's all"

"Just thinking"

"Let me guess really tall good looking name rhymes with ham"

"No" she paused for a minute "do you think he remembers me"

"Haley come on it been 5 yrs not 50 plus how could someone forget you" she smiled at her

"I just hope he does"

"You still like him don't you"

"Maybe a little, but it will never happen, he doesn't like me that way"

"You need to give yourself a little more credit…your hot I mean you are my sister after all, Sam wont know what hit him"

"And what about Dean, you don't want to see him"

"Not really, but I guess I don't have a choice" Truth was Christy did want to see Dean and see if he was still as good looking as he was 5 years ago and if he was she knew this was going to be really hard.

As soon as they pulled up, Bobby came out and hugged both his nieces. They went in the house and all 3 Winchesters were sitting in the living room. John got up and the girls hugged him before looking over at Sam and Dean. Dean didn't say anything so Sam walked over to the girls.

"Hey Sam" Christy hugged him

"Hey Christy how are you"

"Been better" she said and looked at her sister who was just standing there staring at Sam like a love struck teen.

"hey Haley" Sam said and gave her a hug and she just melted.

"Hi Sam you look good…..I....I....mean are you doing good?" Christy tried had not to laugh so she didn't embarrass her sister so she turned he attention to Dean who was looking at her.

"What Dean no hello I'm hurt"

"Hi" Dean said sarcastically "I'll be outside Dad if you need me" Dean walked around Christy and went out the door.

"Girls why don't you go get settled in dinner should be ready soon"

"Ok uncle bobby" The girls picked up theirs bag and headed up stairs. Haley turned around halfway up the stair and saw Sam checking her out. He saw her look back at him and he walked away quickly and she smiled. John and Bobby looked at each other. They knew that this was going to be a crazy few weeks.

That night at dinner it was quiet. Everyone just sat at the table and didn't say a word. Haley sat next to Sam and stared at her plate the whole time. She couldn't believe after five years she still felt this way. It was like being 13 all over again. Dean and Christy and the other hand would pass evil pissed off looks to each other every so often. John decided to break the silence.

"So Christy how have you been"

"Good you know just moving all over gods green earth and what not"

"And Haley, what about you"

"I'm good I finished school a few months ago so I'm glad that's over with" she said and went back to eating.

"That's great so did Sam" Sam looked over at her and she looked back and finally spoke.

"That's great Sam" She said and Christy just watched them. She loved her sister but she was a little lost when it came to the guys. Haley was about to reach for another roll but instead she knocked over Sam's glass and his drink spilt all over him.

"Oh my god Sam I'm so sorry" She got a rag and tried to clean it up but soon realized just where the drink had went and jumped up and so did Sam.

"Its ok I got, don't worry about it" He smiled at he. He could tell she was embarrassed and didn't want her to feel bad. But she did and she excused herself and went upstairs.

"Well this is going well" Christy said

"Yeah I know I'm having a blast" Dean smirked at her

"As long as you are Dean that's all that matters"

"What's that mean?"

"Nothing, excuse me I'm going to go check on Haley" She got up and on her way out Dean was about to get a drink when she purposely bumped him chair and made him spill it.

"My Bad" she said and walked out of the room.

"Shes still a bi……."

"Don't even say it Dean" John warned him "Now you boys help clean up" Dean and Sam did as he was told and cleared the table.

Christy walked into her and Haley's room and found Haley lying on her bed crying. She walked over to her and lay beside her.

"What's wrong" Christy said and Haley turned over

"Why am I such a geek" She said and Christy wiped away a tear.

"Because I was born first and got all the good genes" She smiled

"That's not funny I mean it, I can never talk to guys and when I try I just screw up some way"

"Hey I screw up sometimes to it doesn't make me a geek and neither are you"

"Yeah but you always sleep with guys to make up for it"

"Hey I resent that………….I don't always sleep with guys" Haley looked at her sister and gave her a yeah right look.

"Listen to me Haley, you are not a geek your beautiful and smart and funny……..when you want to be, and when Mr. right or right now comes along he will see that and not just a quick piece of ass ok"

"Guys wouldn't see you that way if you wouldn't make it so easy" Haley said and truth was only one guy had ever thought of her more than just a quick lay and that was Dean and she knew it, but after the break up she never wanted to get hurt again.

It wasn't long before both girls had gone to sleep. They knew tomorrow would be a long day.

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