A Christmas to Remember

" O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord " I could hear the women singing

Outside the windows of 221b Baker Street. It was my first Christmas since

Holmes' " resurrection" and I was nervous; what would it be like? I

haven't had anyone to celebrate Christmas with since my Mary died.

I can hear Holmes asking Mrs. Hudson about Christmas dinner and now

he is entering our sitting room with a big parcel under his coat.

"Merry Christmas Watson", he cried out. " The same to you", I reply,

eying him as he drops into his chair and pulls out his pipe. I make a beeline

for the door to go to my room to get the present I purchased for him.

When I returned, Holmes' lanky body was curled in his chair sound asleep

with his pipe hanging out of his mouth. I could tell he was tired so I went into

his bedroom and picked up a blanket to cover I left I turned the

gas down and went up to my room.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to Holmes singing "O Come All Ye

Faithful". I confess I was surprised because I had never heard him sing before.

I was also surprised because he had a deep and soothing voice, one that could be in an opera.

"Good morning Holmes", I said as I entered the sitting room. " Yes, it is a good morning", he replied as he went to sit at his desk.

" This is for you Watson", he said as he pulled the parcel that I saw last night from his desk. " Merry Christmas my friend".

"I'll be right back", I said as he handed the parcel to me.

I finally had the opportunity to give him the ivory handled magnifying glass

that I had purchased for him.

When I returned Holmes was lighting his pipe.I handed him the parcel and

Said " Merry Christmas my dear Holmes".

I sat and opened the parcel he had given me. It was a set of expensive medical

Texts that I had been looking at for a while. I let out a cry of surprise.

" Thank you my did you know?'

"Every time we pass the bookstore I see you looking at these books, so I assumed

You wanted was elementary my dear Watson." As he said this he opened my gasped when he saw the fine carved ivory handle of the magnifying

looked closely at the carvings which said ' To the greatest friend a man

Could ever have .Merry Christmas. Watson'.

"Watson, you have really outdone yourself this time.I have been without a

Magnifying glass since Reichenbach. How could you have possibly known?"

"As you say ' Elementary my dear Holmes.' I noticed that you didn't have your old one, so I decided to get you a new one."

This was definitely a Christmas to remember.