My name is Uzuki Cheverie! Well, that's my nickname that I came up with in the seventh grade at least. Either way, since I came up with the nickname, I've been working on this fanfiction. It was only until I found this website that I decided that I should publish it online for the world to see. I actually have the story halfway finished, for those of you that have been reading this fanfic ever since it was first released in January, 2010 (I thank you for that!). But I have been planning on working on the chapters and resubmitting them, as there are a few chapters that I'm not happy with :( So for those of you who are just starting to read Time Gate, or those of you that have been reading it since the beginning, here's the NEW edited and revised The Legend of Zelda: Time Gate. Please R&R, and enjoy!

Uzuki Cheverie

The Legend of Zelda: Time Gate

Chapter 1: New Home and New Adventures

Death. It's an unwanted thing. Everybody fears Death. It's emotionless, and does not care who it takes. It strikes, and after it has finished its job, it moves on.

Forever and ever.

Death is also something that we cannot escape. No matter what happens, people shall never be immortal. The rules of Death shall always apply.

Forever and ever.

At least, that's what our ancestors believed. . .

The flames from the lantern illuminated the dark streets of the city, orbs of red and orange flickering about across the ground. The stray fairies of the town flew towards the strange woman walking down the alleyway, their soft little voices echoing like a ghost's cry. Aside from the lantern, the woman was also carrying a box under her arm, gripping it so tightly as if it were the most fragile thing in the world.

The woman finally stopped at a small house. She silently crept towards the mailbox that was across the street from it. Quietly and gently, she put the box inside.

Her ears perked up when she heard a faint sound from around the corner. Footsteps. She had been found. The stray fairies that had been following her began to panic, their little voices becoming high-pitched cries. They could sense the evil that was coming. But as they got closer to her, they soon realized the evil that was surrounding her as well.

"Shh, little ones. . ." the woman whispered, bringing her finger to her lips and patting their heads. They soon realized that this evil being wasn't as evil as the person coming from around the corner, and they calmed themselves.

Suddenly, the lights in the small building turned on. She couldn't be found, not in a place like this, at a time like this. She had to get out fast, before she was found.

She dimmed the lantern, and backed up against the wall, the footsteps getting louder and louder until she knew that the person she was hiding from was just around the corner. She smiled at the fairies, and then placed her hands on the brick wall, her hands and feet glowing as she climbed up the side of the wall like a spider.

Then she spread out her wings, and disappeared into the darkness.

I opened my eyes, awakening myself from the nightmare I was having.

What time was it? I looked at the clock. It was six in the morning, but it was still dark out for some reason.

Then I heard footsteps.

Crap, not again, I thought.I sighed, and got out of bed.

"Good morning, Link!" came a loud laugh. The huge man leaped onto the bed, kicking the pillow on my bed with his steel-toed boot, attempting to wake me from my 'sleep'. He blinked in confusion, and then he jumped off the bed and then onto the floor. "Link?" He pulled the blankets off the bed to see four pillows arranged to look like my body.

"What kind of sick twisted bastard are you?" I screamed at him, closing the door from where I was hiding against the wall. He looked at me with widened eyes. "First, I have to worry about you attacking me during the day, but now at night? That's low, even for you, Byrne!" I sprinted towards him, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, and tackling him to the hard wood floor.

"Whoa, calm down, I didn't mean it!" Byrne screamed as he hit the floor.

"How could you not mean to sneak in here at six in the morning and attempt to attack me?" Why in the world was I so mad? It was normal for Byrne to attack me. I pretty much had to put up with it, because he was letting me stay with him at his weaponry store, in Clock Town. But this was a chance for me to get back at him for all the times he's tackled me, stepped on my fingers (on purpose) stepped on my head (still, on purpose) and pushed me to the ground (did I mention all of this was on purpose?)

"Please, have mercy!" Byrne laughed. The only problem was, him being thirty-three, and me being thirteen, he had the upper advantage. He reached out his huge hand and picked me up by the back of my shirt like I was a wet kitten, and then he threw me onto my bed.

"Hey, watch it!" I yelled. "I'm still a kid, so treat me like one!" Byrne splashed a glass of water in my face, making me even angrier.

"Get cleaned up and eat fast, we're going to have lots of visitors today," Byrne mumbled as he went to the door leading to the main area of the store.

"Don't you say that every day?" I snickered, wiping the water off my face. I reached for my green hat that was sitting on my bedpost and put it on my head.

"Today's special. Don't tell me you've forgotten?" He pointed to the calendar hanging on my wall.

I stood up from my bed and went to check the date. Surely enough, circled with a red marker, was the date, December 29th. Two days before the carnival.

"Holy cow, I forgot all about it!" I panicked. "Sorry about that Byrne!"

He laughed and rubbed his fingers through his spiky black hair. "Nice going. You're the Hero of Time, and you can't even keep track of dates? Who are you and what have you done with Link?" Without warning, Byrne picked me up and swung me over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" I yelled, and began pounding his back with my fists. "This is no way to treat the Hero of Time!"

"Oh, suck it up," Byrne muttered. He set me back down on the floor. "Now, go get cleaned up. I'll be waiting for you out in the lobby."

I sighed, still tired from the restless sleep I had. I should have known the carnival was coming up. Every year, around the same time as the carnival, I begin to have nightmares about Majora's Mask, and the terror that it brought to Clock Town three years ago. That moon. . . it was so terrifying that it chilled my very soul just thinking about it. And each day, the dreams seemed to replay themselves as my journey, like my mind was telling the story of how I saved this town. The dream I had last night was my encounter with the Skull Kid, my transformation into the frail pathetic little Deku Scrub, and then the deal with the merchant of masks. And that was it. I already knew what to expect tonight.

As I started to get ready, I heard a noise. It was probably just Byrne again. But I looked out into the kitchen area to see Byrne cooking up breakfast.

I listened carefully to the noise, trying to find the source, until I found myself by the window. I pulled the curtains open, and looked down into the streets. Normally, if I were human, or from some other tribe in Hyrule, I wouldn't have been able to hear it. But with my Hylian ears, I could hear things from a mile away. Which is the total reason why I hate dog whistles.

Dog whistles aside though, I didn't like what I saw outside that much. Some guy dressed in a black robe from head to toe was standing right outside our house. I couldn't tell which direction he was facing, because of all the black he was wearing and how dark it was outside, but I'm pretty sure he was looking at me. Not good.

Why did stuff like this always happen to me?

I silently sat down at the table in Byrne's small kitchen, a plate of toast and eggs already made for my breakfast. Byrne sat across from me, nibbling on the corner of his toast. I ate without saying a word.

"So, what's up with you anyway, kid?" Byrne asked to break the silence.

"Well, that was out of nowhere," I said as I drank a glass of juice.

"It's just... every time the carnival rolls around, you get so nervous, and you don't seem to have as much energy as you usually do. So I want to know what's bugging you. The carnival is supposed to be fun!"

"Yeah, fun for you," I mumbled. "I don't know, I just have. . . weird dreams whenever the carnival comes up. You know how the carnival is based around a three-day cycle?"

"Yeah, the first day we begin to prepare, second we're almost done, third we finish, and then at midnight on the third day, we celebrate the carnival by opening the entrance to the Clock Tower."

"That's what bugs me. Do you remember that story I told you, of how I saved Clock Town from being crushed by that moon?"

"I'm the only one in Clock Town who knows, besides that Skull Kid guy and his fairies, but they live near the swamp to the south."

"Well, there was something else I forgot to add. You know how I saved the town during the three-day cycle? I actually did that cycle more than once. I saw what could have been."

Byrne winced and lifted his hands up, put them together, and set them under his chin. "So... you saw the future?"

"Sadly, yes. You took refuge up in the mountains, correct?"

"That's right. I was an old companion of the blacksmith up in the north, so he found a place for me to stay with the Gorons."

"Byrne, I hate to tell you this, but I ended up killing you more than once."

"What are you talking about? I'm fine! Living and breathing, and couldn't be better!"

"That's the trick. In the land of Hyrule, there are three golden goddesses: Din, Farore, and Nayru. However, there is a fourth goddess, whose true name I am unsure of at this point, but she is known as the Goddess of Time. By sealing a fraction of her powers in my ocarina, whenever I play the Song of Time, I can travel back in time. I used this consistently during my journey, to avoid getting myself killed. The song would take me back to Day One of the cycle, so I could start over again, with seventy-two hours to spare. I wouldn't have to do everything I already did over again, but people I met and helped. . . I had to introduce myself to them again, and fix their exact same problem again." Which was very, very, very annoying, I thought, biting my lip. "I'm pretty sure I ended up doing this fifty times. . . I screwed some stuff up a lot, and some things took so long for me to figure out that I had to travel back to the first day so I could try it again with more time to spare."

"So. . . the moon. . . you saw it destroy Clock Town?" Byrne asked in a low voice.

"On several occasions, when I really screwed up, yes. Byrne, I just need to tell you this: even if you were in the Goron Mountains, heck, even if you were up on that giant castle in Ikana Canyon, it would have made no difference. When that moon landed, it was like a gigantic bomb." It's called an atomic bomb, you idiot. I raised my eyebrow at what my thoughts just said to me. Wait, where did that come from? What the hell's an atomic bomb? Weird. I looked up from my food to see Byrne's reaction. His expression was empty, showing no emotion at all.

Then, as if out of nowhere at all, he smiled.

"Well, thank the Goddess Din you were there to save us!" he chuckled. His face brightened, and then he stood up from the table. "So let's not worry about the past! You saved us and that's all there is to it!"

I smiled at his attempt to cheer me up. I picked up my dishes and set them in the sink to wash later. Byrne left the kitchen to go open the shop, and I went to the storage room to bring out some of the weapons we were going to put on display today. I forgot to mention, Byrne is a master blacksmith and swordsman. He used to work as a soldier for the king of Hyrule, but he got injured in a battle, and he was forced to move out here. So he started his own blacksmith service and weaponry store, and I've been his assistant for the past two and a half years. The weapons he makes can be truly extraordinary, as long as he works hard on them.

"Link! Hurry up with those weapons! We ain't gettin' any younger!" Byrne yelled from the other room.

"I'm trying! But this last one is really heavy!" I yelled back. For the third time I attempted to lift the heavy package, but I ended up having to drag it out to the lobby. I placed it next to the counter so Byrne could set it up.

Weakling, I thought. Wait, no, I didn't think that. Not at all! So where was it coming from? My head was just really slow today I guess.

"Byrne?" I realized that he was gone. He probably went out to get the mail. I sat down on the floor and yawned from the terrible sleep I had. These three days were going to be horrible. Would I even be awake enough to take part in the Carnival of Time?

Hopefully. I'd love to laugh at your attempts to stay awake.

Stupid thoughts. I was beginning to hope I wasn't schizophrenic.

Finally, Byrne came inside, carrying a handful of letters and a small box. He threw the box towards me, and it landed on my lap.

"Here kid, it's a parcel for you," Byrne said.

"But how can I get mail? No one knows where I am." I tried to find a return address, but it was blank. There was no name either. I opened the envelope that was tied to the box with my fingernail and pulled out a sheet of black paper. The letters were written in a strange silver-colored calligraphy, so it was hard to make out. After looking over it four or five times, I finally made out what it said.

Dear Link
So, you're still alive, eh? I guess that's a good thing for you, but also a bad thing for us. Not saying we have anything against you. In fact, one of my teammates is a big fan of yours. But Link, I send this letter to you in a strict warning. I am not going to introduce myself to you yet. I'm not going to help you from the danger that awaits you yet. However, I can tell you one thing: you are in grave danger. It concerns me and my comrades. If you want to remain safe from the darkness, then stay where you are. Do not leave the town for any circumstances whatsoever!

P.S. The diary is in the box. Details on how to use it are on the inside cover.

I folded the letter up and ripped it in half. What a stupid letter. It was probably a prank made by the Bomber kids. But I was still curious to open the box. 'The diary is in the box'? I thought. I picked it up and pulled off the cardboard. Inside was a black diary, with a nib pen and a bottle of ink. The words 'Time Gate' were written in silver letters on the front cover. I picked up the diary and examined its clean surface. I opened it and flipped through the pages, when a small square piece of paper fell out. I caught it as it fell and read the tiny, neatly-written letters.

Hey Link, I created this diary for you. Please keep it, it's my life's work. I hope it comes in handy!
Your biggest fan, Uzuki Kasahara

Aww... I thought. Something was definitely wrong with my brain today.

"Shut up, stupid brain..." I hissed.

"What?" Byrne asked.


I put the note in my shirt pocket and looked at the book's pages again. The pages were lined, allowing them to be written on, and they were clean and new. I checked the back of the front cover, like the letter instructed me, and it was there that I saw silver words written all down the page.

How to Use the Time Gate
By Uzuki Kasahara

-The Time Gate is a special diary, only able to be used by a person who can control time itself. The ink that has been included does not work for people that don't have this ability.

-The Time Gate can be written with the nib pen and ink provided, however other things may work as well (pencils, marker, and maybe even blood)

-The ink provided is one of its kind and will never run out. The pages in the Time Gate will never run out either.

-The Time Gate is only usable by the person who can control time itself, however it can also be written in by the person who created it.

-If the person who owns the Time Gate dies, or forfeits ownership of it, it will return to the person who originally created it. If the person who originally created it has also died, then the Time Gate will continue to exist until somebody else claims ownership of it, as long as they can control time.

I closed the diary and set it back in the box. I wanted to just send it back, but there were two things keeping me from doing that. One, that there was no return address. The only name I knew of who sent it was that Uzuki girl. And she obviously wasn't the person who wrote the letter. She was just aiding her comrade.

The second reason I couldn't give it back was that she said she put her life's work into creating it. I couldn't return something she worked so hard to make. I picked up the box and hid it under my shield, which was resting on the back wall.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I heard Byrne yell.

I looked at him with a confused look. "What's got you so mad?" I asked him.

He held up the letter he was reading. "You know that Osmont family over in Kalasia?"

"Uh, yeah, the family of six, right? They wanted you to make them a royal mythril sword. Aren't they coming to pick it up tomorrow?"

"That's the problem! Both their boys are sick with the flu, and one of their daughters is healing from a broken arm! They can't make it out here, and now they expect me to deliver it to them personally!"

"Isn't that a good thing? The Kalasians are very royal. You should take this as an honor!"

"Not when I'm busy enough as it is! I mean, the carpenters need my help building the tower that leads to the Clock Tower, and some of the soldier defense teams are low on men, so they asked me to help them with defending the town from monsters! I also need to make some light weapons for them!"

"Well, how about I go deliver the weapon after you do the finishing touches on it? I have nothing better to do."

Yeah, you've got nothing better to do, I thought, or at least, my mind thought.

Byrne sat down and held the tip of his finger to his mouth. He always did that when he was thinking. "Link, Kalasian Palace is miles from here, and it's well guarded too. I can't just send a kid like you out there."

"Come on Byrne, I've faced dangers that some people can only imagine in their nightmares. I can do it, just give me a map, point the direction, and I'll be there and back in no time!"

"Hmm. . . are you sure?"


Byrne sighed and gave in. "Alright, you can deliver it for me. But you have to be back by the morning of the Third Day. And keep the delivery safe, you hear? I don't want to get complaints from the Osmonts saying that the package was broken. You should leave around ten o'clock just so you can get there earlier." That left me with about three hours to get ready.

I grabbed my bag, and tried to take my shield to my room without Byrne noticing the box underneath it.

You're not going to tell him what you got? Isn't he going to get curious? 'I' thought. These weren't my thoughts anymore.

Think to yourself right now.

Say anything in your head.

. . .

It's your voice, right?

These thoughts were not recited in my voice.

Congratulations, I was now schizophrenic! I think not!

Shut up brain! I thought. Whatever's wrong, just shut up!


Crap, I really was schizophrenic!

I quickly ran into my room, and stuffed the book into my bag. I grabbed my small sword that was resting against the wall, along with my bow, my quiver, a few bombs, Deku Nuts, and a few of my transformation masks. I grabbed the Deku Scrub mask, no matter how useless it usually was, my Zora mask, and my Goron mask. The final one I grabbed, just in case, was my Fierce Deity's Mask. I didn't really understand this one. All I knew was that for some reason, its powers could only be activated when I was fighting the ruler or the ultimate monster of a temple. But I could still remember the day when Majora's Mask gave it to me, and when I defeated the cursed mask with this one. It was almost as if I could feel the evil resonating off the mask, like the warmth off the sun.

Bastard, I thought.

"Shut up," I hissed.

I hate him. I hate his guts. I'm so much stronger than he is. . .

"Who are you?"

No answer.

I groaned, and finished packing my bag. This bag was huge. It had six pockets along the sides, with two huge parts inside that opened up, along with a spot where I could set my quiver inside for quick access. Byrne had crafted it for me when I first met him.

So, we're off to Kalasia?

"Shut up!" I yelled, pounding my head against the wall so I could get the message to my brain that I wasn't fooling around. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

That's right, just keep pounding your head against the wall until you knock yourself out.

I growled, and continued to hit my head against the wall.

Hey! Quit it already, or the old man will hear you!

"I don't freaking care, get out of my head!" I started to feel dizzy.

Alright, suit yourself, idiot. . .

What a stupid brain I have.