Summary: It's been over three thousand years since the final battle and things are very different. New races with no trace of old ones, magical and muggle communities combined and things went back to ways of old with the knowledge of the present. Three wizards have been through it all, this story is about one who became immortal and accidentally made his friends live extremely long lives. This is the story of Harry Potter and his journey with the fellowship of the ring.

AN: so this is obviously au and some characters will be ooc. I'll say right now that I've only seen the LOTR movies a couple times and haven't read the books (yet), so if I get something wrong consider it part of the au, if it's something WAY off that bugs you to no end then feel free to put it in a review and I'll see what I can do about it. thnx ;)

WARNINGS: this will be slash. If you don't like that then there's a back button for that. If you flame it, well my only response is you didn't have to read it. the rating may change as I write.

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Chapter Word Count (CWC): 588


There were only two other people in the world that Harry knew now. First and foremost was Professor Albus Dumbledore, his long time friend. Or, as he's more commonly known, Gandalf the Grey. The second was Draco Malfoy, his long time friendly rival. He was more commonly known as Saruman the White. Harry didn't have another name and he definitely was not well known. No matter how much Albus and Draco begged, Harry only left the house to gather food. The story truly begins at the long forgotten final battle. This was before muggles and magic folk came together, before technology was left behind for a new world in which the past was brought forward to mix with knowledge of the present. The Final Battle was when- with the help of his friends- Harry defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort.

When Harry was fighting Voldemort, he knew he needed more power, there was just no way around it. It turned out that the power Voldemort didn't know was Harry's rare ability to channel magic, so Albus Dumbledore and Draco Malfoy volunteered for their magic to be channeled through Harry as they were the more powerful wizards that were fighting in the front lines. At the end of the battle Harry sent Voldemort a fatal blow using his Albus' and Draco's power, but the dark lord had the chance to send one last killing curse and harry was to slow to move. At the exact same time Bellatrix Lestrange had sent a curse to him, in revenge for her master whom she thought died instantly. The two curses hit Harry at the exact same time and though he did not know it at that time, the curse had made him truly immortal. Because Dumbledore's and Malfoy's magic was being channeled at the same time they were also affected by the curse, but instead of immortality they were given the gift of extremely long lives. They still aged, but slowly. Harry on the other hand looked just the same now, over 3,000 years later, as he did then at 25.

They at least know they'll have peace in the end, Harry thought. He was still a little upset that after all he went through he'd never see his family and friends again. 20 years after that battle the magical community came out of hiding. Though there were still some people who feared them, most were accepting of magic and they worked together for a brighter future. 200 years after that and people found themselves going in a downward spiral. Harry still isn't sure how the decision came about to get rid of all but basic technology (basic being plumbing) and live as "those of old" as they were called. A couple hundred years after that and technology and just about all of history was forgotten save by 3 wizard men who've lived through all of it. Harry will never forget Draco's face when he heard there was going to be no more technology. Absolutely priceless.

So here he was now, a man with more power than the three other wizards combined, living a quiet, normal life. Sure he's been part of other wars, especially that first one with Sauron, but he didn't show his powers because he didn't have to. He was simply another man helping the fight. Not looked up to as savior, not feared as most powerful man in history, treated as just Harry. Life was good. But he couldn't escape the feeling that that would change soon.