A friend who I owed a favor to asked me to write a story where Harry is a Dark Lord, so here it is.

Chapter 1

Master of Death

"I am about to die." Harry whispered to the small, winged, golden sphere. It cracked open and a small black stone fell out of it.

As the Resurrection Stone touched his skin, Harry felt a tingle race through his arm, which quickly became a burning sensation, which then changed to ice. He felt a severe pain in his head. A brilliant green light exploded from his scar. Still dizzy, Harry remembered the story of the Hallows. Thinking of his family and friends, and his life, he turned the stone three times in his hand.

Harry's eyes glazed over as he froze. Images flashed before his eyes. A single figure appeared in front of him. It was a figure that Harry recognized. Dumbledore. Harry felt like he was being sucked into the old man's forehead. Suddenly, he found himself in an empty darkness.

Then, he saw a scene. It was Dumbledore standing outside Privet Drive at night. It was similar to a Pensieve, except that he could feel Dumbledore's thoughts and emotions. He could feel Dumbledore thinking about his plan. Harry would be trapped amid abusive muggles, with Order members ensuring that they remained so, in order to make him weak and dependent on Dumbledore.

Harry could see more of the old bastard's memories, times where he would use the Imperius or Compulsion spells in order to force the Dursleys to beat him. He also used compulsions to keep Harry from even thinking of running away or resisting. He had sealed Harry's magic so that he shouldn't have been able to use any magic. He had been shocked when the boy had still been able to use such powerful accidental magic. Harry had been too strong. Dumbledore would have to create a tighter leash on the boy.

Harry watched countless times where Dumbledore would manipulate him or those around him. He'd been obliviated so many times that Harry was surprised that his mind was still intact. Dumbledore had never released Harry's power, which meant that Harry had been working with, at most, a third of his natural power. Every single misfortune that had occurred at school had been either orchestrated by Dumbledore, or done with his knowledge. He'd been happy when Voldemort had taken Harry's blood, because it would make him more dependent on the Headmaster.

Harry spent what felt like days watching Dumbledore's memories. Then, he saw something shocking. Visions of his so-called friends reporting to the old bastard. He only watched two of them: when Ron and Neville visited him, and when Ginny came in and not only informed Dumbledore about his mental state, but also requested another love potion.

He turned the stone over three times again, stopping the visions. He felt the beginnings of despair setting in. Did he have no friends? single member of the Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts staff, and almost every other wizarding world he had met had, at some point, been responsible for manipulating him and those around him. He didn't even know if any of the friends he'd made at Hogwarts actually cared for him. Ron, Neville, and Ginny obviously didn't, but he was hesitant to use the stone again, to find out about the rest.

The use of the Hallow had revealed more than the treachery of the people that Harry had thought that he knew. He knew that he had a Horcrux in his scar. He also knew that when Voldemort used the Elder Wand to try to kill him, it would destroy the Horcrux, but leave him alive. As the Master of the Wand, it would not hurt him. Being the Master of Death had its advantages. He would destroy Voldemort, then he'd decide what to do with the rest of his so-called friends.

As he'd expected, Voldemort had used the Avada Kedavra as soon as he could. Harry found himself in a spiritual version of Kings' Cross station. The fused pieces of Riddle's broken soul were there, as well as Dumbledore. Harry's fingers wrapped around the old man's neck.

"Why the hell'd you do it?!" Harry snarled.

"Harry?!" Dumbledore asked, frightened. He'd expected Harry to assume his usual "I'm-too-stupid-to-figure-anything-out persona and ask him all of the obvious questions. "What's come over you?"

"I used the Stone, you old bastard. I saw your memories. You've been manipulating me my entire fucking life! You used just about everyone I've ever known as spies or manipulators!" Harry released the old man in disgust.

"With- without my help, you would have lost to Volde-" Dumbledore said weakly.

"Bullshit. If you hadn't sealed my core, I wouldn't have needed your "help". Your "help" has done nothing but cut me off from everything. You see, old man, I know everything. Looks like I needed the Elder Wand to undo these seals."

"But… You think you're dead right?" Dumbledore said hopefully. "You'll need my help to get back…"

Harry gave a mirthless laugh. "I'm the goddamn Master of Death. I know everything I need to. Goodbye." Harry turned to walk away. Then, he paused and looked back. "Oh, and don't worry about being lonely. Tom's the first in a very long list. Your little minions are going to pay."

"Harry! Wai-" Dumbledore shouted. But it was too late. Harry vanished. In his place was an all-consuming inferno that ate through everything in its path. Dumbledore screamed as even his soul was consumed by Harry's fury.

After quietly informing the useless Narcissa Malfoy of her worthless son's continued existence, she pronounced him dead to her Dark Lord. Inwardly, Harry laughed. Trusting the word of someone like that? What a foolish mistake.

Hagrid picked Harry up and carried him behind Riddle. Harry gripped the Resurrection Stone tighter and issued a command. He compelled spirits of deceased victims to well up and seal the majority of Riddle's magic. He now had about the level of power as a normal third year. It wouldn't do to let this man kill off the Order or the other inhabitants of the castle. That right belonged to Harry.

He waited as Voldemort announced his death to the wizarding world. Then, while everyone was distracted, Harry slipped on the Invisibility Cloak and vanished. He was surprised when the Cloak molded itself to him, ensuring that none of him was visible.

Minutes later, Harry banished all of Riddle's dueling opponents, who, despite being powerful members of the Order of the Phoenix, were incapable of dealing with a Voldemort at third year power. He pulled off his cloak and revealed himself.

"You're dead! I killed you!" Voldemort shrieked.

"Not really." Harry shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh, and thanks for holding onto my wand for me."

"What are you talking about, boy?" Riddle spat.

"Oh, I'm the true Master of the Elder Wand." Before Tom could speak, Harry held up a single finger, while his other hand held the hawthorn wand pointing straight at Riddle. "Yes, I know that Snape killed Albus and that you killed him. However, he never actually beat Dumbles. Dumbledore was already dying and he asked his spy to end his misery. Before he could, however, Draco Malfoy disarmed him. He never touched the Wand, but was its master nevertheless." He held up the wand. "This is Draco's wand. I beat him, which means that the Wand is mine."

With that statement, the Elder Wand leapt from Voldemort's hand and into Harry's. Knowing what would happen, he commanded the spirits binding Riddle to release his magic. He didn't want to have to cast the dark curse, yet. Voldemort quickly pulled out his old yew wand and fired an Avada Kedavra. With a gesture, Harry reversed the direction of the spell, sending it flying back into Voldemort. He yawned as Tom Riddle fell to the ground, dead. Harry dropped Draco's wand and stomped on it, destroying it.

Later, Harry entered the Headmaster's Office. He waved the Wand and paralyzed, blinded, and silenced every picture except that of Dumbledore. He pointed the Wand at the old man and calmly stated.


With that spell, he did something that should have been impossible. He completely erased the picture, removing the world's last trace of the "leader of the light". He then tapped himself on his chest, right above his heart, and unsealed his magic. The sudden surge of power made Harry drowsy and he made his way to what had once been Dumbledore's favorite armchair before passing out. The three Deathly Hallows seemed to sing as they infused the first true Master of Death with their incredible power.

"Harry!" a pair of excited voices shouted. He opened his eyes a fraction to see Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger looking at him. He twitched his wand almost unnoticeably and the red haired boy flew into a wall, passing out. Then, Harry was standing glaring at Hermione. He'd somehow gained a few inches of height and was now looking a bit down at her.

"Were you part of it?" Harry growled in a low voice. Pure power suffused his voice. Hermione's knees trembled and her breathing quickened at his voice. She also felt compelled to answer his question.

"Par- part of what? Harry, what's going on? Why'd you do that to Ron?" She asked, frightened.

"I asked you a question." Harry said icily. "Were you one of the old fart's tools too?"

"I don't kno-" Hermione started. Then, she froze as Harry met her gaze with his own. His eyes had changed. His irises looked like emeralds and his pupils looked like black stars. She felt like he was peering into her soul, but couldn't look away. She was getting a little turned on by his gaze.

"So. He used the Imperius on you." He muttered. "It looks like you're a true friend, not a lying bastard like the weasel over there."

"H- Harry?" Hermione asked breathlessly.

"I just used the Stone to look into Dumbledore's memories. Looks like just about everyone I've met has been spying on me for Dumbledore. He's been responsible for almost everything bad that's happened to me." He raised the Wand and Hermione flinched. "Let me show you." He tapped Hermione on the forehead.

"Finite Incantatem!"

Instantly, memories poured into her mind. Dumbledore Imperiusing her into spying on Harry. Dumbledore placing compulsions on her to want Ron. The three times that she'd caught Ginny lacing Harry's drink with love potion. The list of hidden memories went on and on.

"Oh my god." She whispered as she stumbled back.

Surprised by her reaction, he realized that she'd been obliviated more times than he'd thought. Then, with a sinking suspicion, he repeated the process on himself. Instantly, memories flooded him. All of the times he'd caught one of the Order members spying on him, every time he'd heard something that Dumbledore didn't want him to know, the Mind Dampening charms that Dumbledore had consistently been placing on him to keep him dependent on the old man. Hundreds of lost memories returning in an instant.

One thing that was predominant in his mind was the sudden onset of desire for the beautiful brown haired girl next to him. How had he never felt that before? Dumbledore must have locked those feelings as well.

Hermione gave him an irresistible look before tackling him, forcing her lips up against his own. Their hands explored each other's bodies. When Hermione's fingers felt the ropy scars on Harry's back, she broke the kiss and pulled back.

"What the hell are these?" She demanded. "Take off your shirt." He slowly pulled off his shirt and turned around, showing her his back. The scars covering his back were plainly visible.

"Oh my god!" Hermione whispered, her body cringing in sympathy. "Where did these come from?"

"The Dursleys." Harry said. "I just found out that Dumbles had his Order brainwashing them to abuse and neglect me. This happened… Oh, about a year or two before I got my letter. I vanished and replaced the glass on a snake cage, trapping my cousin with a big snake.

"And they beat you!? Dumbledore condoned this?!" Hermione shrieked.

"Since he'd been using magic to enhance their anti-magic tendencies, I'd say yes. He'd had several Order members watching me at all times. They're all going to pay." Harry growled.

The last comment shocked Hermione. "You're going to attack the Order? You're going to attack our friends? You are going to attack some of the best fighters that the magical world has?"

"I don't consider any of them my friends anymore. I don't care about their reasons, After they've done to me, they are beyond forgiveness." Harry said calmly. "If you want to go warn them, be my guest. Just know that I won't forgive treachery. If you want to go, just know that your fate will be the same as theirs."

"I'm not saying I have a problem with it." Hermione said breathily. "That's damn hot. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when we show up."

"Excellent. I was hoping you'd say that. I'm going to need my right-hand witch when I become the Dark Lord." He looked over at her. "You're in?"

"Oh yeah!" She said gleefully. "You've got all of the Hallows, right? Is that why you've… changed?"

"I'm sure. Apparently, being the Master of all three gives certain… benefits. Not to mention allowing me to access new powers of the Hallows themselves."

"What powers?" Hermione asked, eager.

"I'm not a hundred percent sure. It's not like I instantly know what powers they have."

"I take it you're planning on using the Elder Wand to deal with our former friends though?"

"Of course. Although I'm going to take a few weeks to master the Hallows and my new powers, before I begin my vengeance. Coming?"

In answer, Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and crushed his lips with her own. They both vanished, ignoring the wards.

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