I Stole Your Soul

By: Patche

Disclaimer: I, Patche, do not own Inuyasha, any of its characters or the lyrics to "This Is Twice Now" by Lydia (which will never be used in the story, but were great inspiration for the story)

Chapter One: The Queen of Everything


"Goodnight Kagome." My mother said softly as she tucked me in and turned out my light. I smiled and nodded in her direction.

"G'night Momma…" I chimed in response. I saw her walk out of the room and into the arms of my step-father, Ken. They were married about a year ago… only a few months after my father died. Everyone always referred to it as an "accident". I didn't know what all that meant at the tender age of five. That was how old I was when he died.

They sauntered off into the hall in the direction of my baby brother, Souta's room.

Once I was certain they were out of sight, I sat up in my bed and tip-toed over to my door, closing it slowly and quietly as to ensure they wouldn't hear me or even guess what I was up to. Just before my door had closed all the way, I heard them kiss Souta goodnight and head off into their own bedroom.

Just as the door clicked shut, I closed my own door and shuffled over to the window. I turned the locks to unlock them and pushed up on the bottom pane of the window, opening my room to the night. 'There's no moon out tonight…' I thought to myself as I peeked my head out, checking what I had to go through to get out of the house.

My window backed up to the side of the house and was the only window on the side of the house. No one would even know I'd left. Stepping up to the window ledge, I carefully crawled out of my room and landed on the grass beneath the window.

Breathing a sigh of victorious relief, I set off into the moonless night.

I dug my hand into my pocket, counting my money from my weekly allowance as I made my way to the road. Two-hundred yen… that had to be enough for an ice cream cone.

I looked up at the road just as it forked. 'Oh no… I don't know which way…' I thought looking frantically between my right and left.

'Should I just go back?' I shook my head. 'No! After all that work you went through to get out?!'

I nodded and took one bold step to my right, feeling this was the path I was meant to take.

I walked a few blocks and wound up in a more industrialized area than I'd planned. There were building's everywhere. Yet, no Sakura's Ice Cream shops. Maybe I had gone the wrong way…

I sighed dejectedly, turning down a dark street in between two buildings. I was officially lost. I had no idea where I even was. And it was darker out than it normally is at night and my mom… she had to have woken up and seen that I wasn't in my room.

I sat down on the pavement, my back up against the wall and began to cry. 'Would I ever get home?' I thought. 'I shouldn't have left! I didn't even get my ice cream!'

"What's a little girl like you doing crying in the middle of an alleyway?" A strange voice asked. I picked up my head to find a rather large man walking toward me. I couldn't see his face, but I could make out his expression.

He was smiling… a sick smile.

"Hey, you're Higurashi Masaru's daughter…" The man said, looking a little surprised.

I stood up, on my guard. This man was familiar with my father. Then again, the whole world was. My father was the lead singer for one of Japan's most famous rock groups.

"What is it to you?" I shot back, preparing to run.

"You know what kind of ransom I could hold you up for?" The man said chuckling and reaching out to grab me.

'Ransom? What did that mean? What did this guy want from me?'

I gasped hearing another set of footprints heading down the alleyway. Had this guy brought friends?

"Leave her alone!"

It was a boy's voice. He had to be about my age.

The man reaching for me turned to face the intruder and laughed. "Oh yeah? And what if I don't?" He asked, turning away from me.

In one swift motion, the boy darted from the other side of the man to me, grabbed my arm and began running from the alley.

"What- What's going on?" I asked as I was being pulled down the streets of Tokyo.

"Don't ask questions, just pick up your feet and run!" The boy said, picking up speed.

"But who are you? Do you know him?"

"Do you listen to people when they speak to you? I told you to run!" He shouted angrily from in front of me, still dragging me behind him.

The boy slowed to a stop once he realized the man hadn't been following behind us. I looked up and noticed a streetlight beaming down on us.

I took the chance to look up at my savior. He was about my height, looked maybe seven years old. He had long black hair that came below his waist and deep brown eyes that were set a little farther back in his face than mine. He looked tired and had two bags under his eyes. What was he doing out here?

"Are you okay?" He asked me, noticing my attempt to scan him over.

"Yeah. Are you?"

He just nodded. "Do you think you know where you are?"

I looked around. We were in a shopping center I recognized, but had only been to in a car. There was a small hill behind it, however, where I saw my shrine sitting.

"Oh, I live right there!" I said, pointing to the shrine on top of the hill.

"Alright. I'll take you there." The boy said, grabbing my hand once more. This time, we only walked. "So, what are you doing out so late? Isn't it really dangerous for a girl like you to be out at night?"

I nodded. "I wanted to sneak out and get ice cream from the shop across the street, but I didn't find it…" I murmured ashamed of myself.

"Sakura's Ice Cream?" The boy asked me.

"Yes! It's my favorite. I always order a special ice cream. It's chocolate ice cream with banana chunks thrown in. It's so good!" I said, getting excited about my special ice cream that I often ordered from the place. I stopped, though, once I noticed the odd look the boy had been shooting me. "At least, it is to me, anyway…" I finished.

He shrugged. "My dad is friends with the woman that owns it. I get free ice cream. I'd take you there if it was opened…" He trailed off.

"It isn't open?"

The boy shook his head. "Sakura's closes at eight on weekdays."

I gasped. "Guess I wouldn't have gotten ice cream anyway…"

The boy merely shrugged as we began the ascent up the hill to my shrine.

Once we climbed the stairs and made our way up to the window I'd so cleverly snuck out of earlier, I turned to face my savior once more.

"Thank you so much for saving me. You're really brave, you know." I said. From the porch light shining next to us, I could see the faint trace of pink that trailed across his cheek bones. I smiled and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his left cheek.

He stood there, his mouth wide open and the blush on his face intensifying. I smirked and reached around my neck, pulling off the necklace I'd been wearing all night.

"Here…" I murmured, placing it around his neck and fastening the necklace together. "This is my thanks." I smiled, looking at the necklace draped across his neck. It never really did suit me. The necklace was clearly for boys. It was composed of many brown beads, and accented with seven teeth of some animal. My father had left it to me after his tour in Australia. Though I treasured it, I felt it was a necessary gift for this boy's chivalrous behavior.

"Goo…goodnight.." He said, regaining his composure.

I gave him a soft nod and reached my hand down to the window pane, opening the window up all the way. "Goodnight…" I gasped, remembering I hadn't even known the boy's name.

"Wait!" But when I turned around, the boy had left…


Kagome grabbed her head groggily, opening her eyes to discover she had been dreaming.

"Oh, what a weird day to dream that again…" She said yawning. "What time…" She trailed off, picking up her alarm clock. "Holy crap!" She shouted noticing the clock said eleven. 'My interview is at noon! Oh man, I'm going to be latelatelate! Oh how could I over sleep? Why didn't my alarm wake me?'

Kagome frantically searched around her room for some nicer clothes to wear. After shifting through and trying on two different outfits, she finally decided on a soft pink skirt and a black sweater to wear on top of it.

"Craaaaap!" She shouted, running into the bathroom.

"Kagome, what's up with you?" Souta, asked upon witnessing his sister's erratic behavior that morning.

"I'm LATE!" She shouted from inside the bathroom, applying make-up as quickly as she could.

"Oh yeah. Your interview is today at that pizza place, right?" Souta asked, leaning up against the wall. "I really hope you get the job, Kagome. It'd be so awesome to get free pizza!" He shouted, excitedly. Souta was now eleven years old, while Kagome was already sixteen. Today marked the eleventh year after her father's death. She told herself not to think about that, though. Today was a good day. She was going to get herself a job at Taisho Pizzeria.

"Yeah, that's definitely not why I'm applying, Souta. It has absolutely nothing to do with you and your love of pizza." Kagome said, stepping out of the bathroom. "Do I look okay?" She asked, wincing.

"You look like… a beautiful pizza girl…" Souta said, grinning.

Kagome laughed. "Alright. Thanks! Tell Mama I'll be home later!" Kagome shouted, running out the door.


"Umm… Higurashi Kagome?"

Kagome perked her head up from chair she'd been sitting in. Once she came in for her interview, a girl of about fourteen told her to just wait at one of the tables in the restaurant.

"Yes?" She asked, standing up. The girl flashed her a brilliant smile.

"Sesshoumaru-sama will see you now."

Kagome nodded and grabbed her belongings, following the younger girl into the office.

"Thank you, Rin." She heard a voice say from inside the office. Kagome hurried inside and sat down across the desk from a rather peculiar looking man. He had long white hair and deep yellow eyes as well as a crescent-shaped tattoo on his forehead.

He actually looked a lot like one of the boys she'd gone to school with.

"So, you are Higurashi Kagome?" The man asked calmly. Kagome nodded eagerly.

"I am she." She said strangely.

The man raised his eyebrows, looking over a sheet of paper. "You have no other experience?" He asked.

"Well, no. This would be my first job, but if I sent you over some transcripts from my high school, I'm sure you'd see that I'm a very hard worker. I'm incredibly dedicated and I promise to be responsible-"

The man held up a hand, silencing her. "I only asked if you had any experience…" He said slowly.

"No…" Kagome said guiltily.

"You were supposed to be here ten minutes earlier." The man said again. "Is this a prelude to how tactful you'll be if I hire you?"

Kagome shook her head furiously. "No, sir. I promise what happened today was a very rare mistake."

The man nodded, looking slightly disinterested. "If I should hire you… You do understand what your tasks will be?" He asked.

Kagome blinked.

"Washing dishes, answering phones, helping customers… cleaning off tables, waiting on customers… Pretty much anything I don't feel like doing."

Kagome nodded. "I am able to do all those things."

"Good. And do you have a problem working until one or two in the morning?"

Kagome shook her head. "I'm a night owl anyway." She said laughing. The man across from her merely stared indifferently. Kagome's laughter quickly slowed and became more forced and awkward before she finally shut her mouth.

"You may leave." The man said softly.

'LEAVE?! I didn't get the job?! I'm a failure!' Kagome's mind screamed as she stood up to walk out of his office. 'I completely bombed that! I'm so stupid! Why did I think being a night owl was so funny?! What is WRONG with me?'

"Yes sir…" Kagome said, standing from her chair.


"So, you know what I heard…" A girl with long, brown hair sat at her lunch table in school, taking a bite of her roll from her tray. Across from her sat a pale girl with black hair who seemed uninterested in all that was going on around her.

"What did you hear, Sango?" She asked dryly.

"Sesshoumaru's going to hire Higurashi Kagome!" Sango said, her mouth full of food. "Yeah… I get to train her… How much does that suck?"

The girl across from her scoffed. "She's really going to work there? Did her father's check finally run out or something?"

Sango laughed. "Kikyou… this is going to be brutal. I mean, can you picture Inuyasha… and Kagome… working together?"

"Inuyasha will rip that poor girl a new one. I can't believe Sesshoumaru would hire her." Kikyou said, taking a sip of her drink.

"Well, Sesshoumaru never really was too keen on his brother's well-being…" Sango said as the aforementioned boy appeared before them.

He gazed down at them with amber eyes. He had long, white hair that came down to his shoulders an two dog ears on top of his head.

He was a half demon, noticeably… and he never heard the end of it once in his life.

"Inuyasha…" Kikyou said, scooting down on her bench to make room for him.

"Yo…" He said, kissing the girl beside him lightly. "So, what's going on with Sesshoumaru?" He asked Sango.

"Higurashi is working with us… I get to train her… hoorah…" Sango said sarcastically.

"WHAT?! Ugh…" Inuyasha groaned in disgust. "Why would Sesshoumaru even consider…"

"I guess she gave him a nice 'perky, customer-friendly' attitude that he wanted… He just liked her tits. That's all she is… boobs and a reputation…" Sango scoffed. "I thought we were doing fine with just me and Rin…"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "He's doing this just to piss me off, I know it."

"Don't let it get to you…" Kikyou said. "I doubt Kagome really means that much harm to you, Inuyasha. She just needed a job."

"Why are you taking her side?" Inuyasha grumbled.

"I'm not taking her side. I'm telling you to get over yourself for five seconds and realize that Kagome and Sesshoumaru aren't out to get you. This is just how things work. Don't get me wrong, she really pisses me off… but she's not out to destroy you…" Kikyou said standing up. "I'm going home. I don't feel so great…" She mumbled before walking off.

Inuyasha scoffed. "Keh! What the hell was that?"

Sango shook her head. "A direct attack on you. What's going on?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "She's probably just pissed off that I'm going to be around Kagome all the time."

Sango laughed. "And why would this piss Kikyou off?"

"I don't know. But she's been picking fights with me like this ever since Kuwashima-sensei paired me with Kagome for labs." Inuyasha said, taking a bit of his mashed potatoes.

Sango shook her head. "She can't be jealous, can she? I mean, Kikyou's gorgeous! And she's so smart and loving! What does Kagome have on that?"

"I know, Sango… it's ridiculous…"


"Hello?" Kagome asked answering her phone as it began to ring later that night.

"Higurashi?" It was the girl from the restaurant earlier.

"Yes?" Kagome asked.

"Oh, hi Kagome! It's Rin from Taisho's… Listen, Sesshoumaru-sama wanted me to let you know that we'd be happy to hire you. When would you be able to come in for training?"

Kagome felt her breath hitch in her throat. She was hired! She smiled giddily. "Umm anytime would be fine."

"Great. How about tomorrow at four?"

"Perfect, I'll be there!"


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