I Stole Your Soul

By: Patche

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Chapter Sixteen: Banana Chocolate Ice Cream


'So, I'm dead, then…'

He was shocked to find he had been cast into some white abyss. There was nothing.


He could hear Kagome's voice. It sounded almost like it was coming from above him. It was muffled and echoing through the space he currently inhabited.

"Inuyasha, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't break the curse…" He could hear her sobbing.

'What the hell is this?' He thought, still seeming to float in the vast sea of white that surrounded him.

He saw in the distance a small speck of black. He watched it curiously as it headed toward him, expanding with each inch of distance it covered. He realized as the speck grew larger and larger, that it was in fact a hole and he could see something in the middle of it.

He gasped. The hole he was peering into was clearly showing him a scene from long ago. He saw his mother standing in the middle of Taisho's beside his father, a small bundle wrapped in blankets rested in her arms.

There was another woman standing beside them, her face contorted with rage as she yelled. Her voice grew in octaves until it echoed through the white landscape that surrounded him.

"I will put a curse on this whole restaurant! No one here will know how it feels to be happy ever again!" The woman shrieked. She turned to the bundle in his mother's arms and sneered in disgust. As she began to reach for it, Inuyasha saw his father run in between his mother and this other woman. She smirked and took a step back.

"But, there's an upside to this… If this abominable spawn of yours can ever be accepted… truly accepted for what he is. I'll lift the curse. Lucky for me, that'll never happen. A half demon will never even accept himself… how could anyone else learn to?"

Inuyasha's eyes widened. 'What the hell is going on?' He thought as the woman left the store. His mother and father just stared at the place she once inhabited, shock coursing through their expressions.

He heard a man clear his throat from behind him and Inuyasha turned around as the hole sealed up. He gasped, taking in the figure before his eyes. It was his father.

"Inuyasha…" He spoke, his voice booming as it always had.

"Dad…?" He asked, squinting an eye to make sure he wasn't just seeing things… though he didn't really know what to believe in this stranger, alter-reality his brain had subjected him to. The man chuckled.

"Sort of, I guess." He looked back up at Inuyasha, his amber eyes fixated on the boy. "I'm not real. This is all… more or less… just your own conscience's way of telling you that you broke the spell…"

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. "So, it's some figment of my imagination?"

The man pursed his lips. "Yes."

"Well, I broke the spell…" Inuyasha began, "So, did I really have to die in the process?"

"Die?" The man asked.

Inuyasha scoffed and gestured to the white that surrounded him. "Is this not some sort of afterlife? Otherworld? Heaven? Hell?"

The man grunted in response and looked up to smile at Inuyasha once more. "The passageway to the afterlife is a good title."

"Awesome. So, I'm stuck in the middle…" Inuyasha said dryly.

"Inuyasha." The man said.

"What?" Inuyasha asked growing irritated with this strange situation he'd been thrown into.

"Inuyasha!" The man shouted again, his voice sounding more urgent.

"His eyes flickered!" The man shouted again.

"What are you talking about?" Inuyasha asked, taking a step closer to the man just as he and the white surrounding him disappeared and everything around him became black instead.

"He's coming to!"

Inuyasha gasped, opening his eyes and letting the light and the colors of the hospital room he'd been in moments ago fill his vision.

He gasped for breath, panting and looking around frantically.

"Oh my goodness…" He heard his mother say then squinted, turning his head to see her crying in the chair beside him.

"Inuyasha!" His eyes shot over to the sound of the familiar voice and he saw Kagome at the other side of his bed, her eyes red and her cheeks stained from crying.

He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't form words.

"Well…" He heard the same male voice from before and looked up to find a man in a white coat standing beside his mother. "Looks like miracles do happen sometimes…"

'What the hell is going on?' Inuyasha thought just as Kagome grabbed her mirror to answer his silent question. She held it up for him and he gasped at his reflection. He looked… normal. His ears were at the top of his head, his hair was its usual white color and his eyes had returned to their naturally amber hue.

"I was so worried!" His mother shouted, grabbing his hand with hers. "I thought you were gone!"

Inuyasha smiled weakly at her. "S….sorry…" She scoffed and stood up, giving her son's hand one last squeeze as she looked over at Kagome, who was clearly just as relived as she was. "I'll be back." She said softly. "I'm going to go talk with the doctor…"

He turned to face Kagome who bent down and placed a soft, gentle kiss on his forehead.

"I was scared, too…" She whispered. "But I knew deep down that you'd come back for me."

Inuyasha smiled and raised his hand to her face, groaning at the strain it put on his muscles. She smiled her soft sweet smile as one tear rolled from the corner of her eye and down the path so many others had trailed down before. Inuyasha grunted and wiped it away with his thumb.

"I swear, woman… that's all you ever do…"

She laughed weakly. "It's because I love you, idiot."

Inuyasha smiled. "Then I guess I don't mind it all that much." He said playfully. Kagome leaned down to brush her lips over his.

"I love you, too…" He murmured.

She pulled back slightly. "So, that wasn't all just some ploy to break the curse?"

Inuyasha let out a weak 'keh' and turned back to her. "This ain't the Beauty and the Beast, woman!" Kagome laughed and leaned down to kiss him once more.

"I really like the idea of doing this all the time…" Inuyasha murmured against her lips.

"Mmm" Kagome agreed. "Me too…"

"So, you'll stay with me, then?" Inuyasha asked, pulling away.

Kagome cocked her head to the side. "Of course, I will…"

Inuyasha smirked. "Good…" He sighed weakly as Kagome sat on the bed beside him.

She smiled and reached up to play with his ears. "I missed these things so much."

"They were only gone for a few hours!"

"Yeah, but you weren't my official boyfriend until they decided to disappear, which meant I couldn't touch them!" Kagome argued.

Inuyasha chuckled. "That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

"Well, we've all got our quirks." Kagome said, pulling away from his triangular-shaped appendages.

"Like chocolate ice cream with banana chunks?" Inuyasha teased.

Kagome groaned and sat up.

"Aren't you tired yet?" She asked. "You've only been awake for like ten minutes and you're already under my skin!"

He laughed and grabbed her hand. "I'm just playing with you, woman." She sighed and sat down beside him. "I thought it was cute…"

"Thought what was cute?"

"That a girl like you was so determined to get something so silly. You could have been murdered that night, you know? But you wanted that freaking ice cream."

Kagome lay down and snuggled against Inuyasha's chest. "What can I say? I'm one of a kind…"


One Month Later

Inuyasha had finally returned to school. The hospital had been running constant checks on him, wondering how the virus had just disappeared from his bloodstream entirely. His mother wasn't a hundred percent sure that he'd lifted the curse either and was always waiting for him to become a human or a demon at any moment, like he had before.

Kagome, however, kept to her word and trusted him just as she promised. She knew that the curse had been lifted. She could tell just by the way Taisho's seemed a little brighter and everyone seemed to be smiling a little bit more than she'd ever seen before.

Rin even returned to work. She'd been sick with a bad stomach flu for weeks and had suddenly made a successful recovery just a day after Inuyasha had. Sango and Miroku began dating. Nothing too serious, but they seemed to enjoy each other enough. Miroku even quit his job at the hair salon and filled in at Taisho's when a position suddenly became available after the "dancing pizza slice" incident. Sesshoumaru found that Kagome's dance outside his restaurant that day had actually raised revenue so much that having someone hired to do it every day would bring in even more money. Needless to say, this saved Sesshoumaru from selling the company to a children's restaurant.

Miroku was happy to fill the position, and Kagome would even still come out and join him from time to time, since she knew the dance best.

At school, Kagome and Sango had become even closer. Kikyou still kept her distance but did make amends with Kagome… eventually.

As for Inuyasha and Kagome…

Inuyasha slid his hands into his pockets. It was the last day of the school year and he was walking his girlfriend home, just as he always had.

However, just as she began to turn the street that led to her house, Inuyasha grabbed her arm and pulled her the other direction.

"What are you…" She started, but hushed herself, falling into step behind him.

"We've been together a whole month now, Kagome. I think it calls for a celebration." She said, flashing her a cheesy grin.

She scoffed and smiled, despite herself. "Oh, and just where are you taking me?" She asked just as the sign appeared in front of her.

"The best place in the world." He said, looking at the ice cream shop before them.

She smiled, linking her hand with his.

"I think I'm going to try this magical Chocolate ice cream some girl told me she liked a long time ago."

"A girl?" Kagome asked, playing along with him.

"Yeah… just some chick. I like saved her from this mugger when we were six and then met her again a few years later after obsessing over her for the better portion of my pubescent years, but she was obsessing over me at the same time, so it works out. She gave me this necklace I wear all the time for saving her." He said, pulling the necklace out to show her. "She totally helped me break this curse that was placed on me, too." He looked down at Kagome. "Nothing for you to worry about though…"

Kagome giggled. "Sounds like a keeper."

"Oh, you have no idea…"


The End

AN: The ending seems a little weak. I tried to wrap most of every problem that arose within the story up, but I may have left out something that didn't matter to begin with.

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