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Bella's POV

I knew the moment Laurent decided I was to die today. I watched his stone cold facial expression slowly melt into an evil smile. Somewhere in my mind I knew I couldn't talk my way out of this, but his voice was urging me to try harder. My desperate attempts at lying sounded transparent even to my own ears. When that didn't work I tried begging, only to be waved off and told he was doing me a favor by killing me himself.

No, I couldn't convince Laurent that the Cullens still cared, because I didn't believe it myself. Even sweet Alice had left me without as much as a goodbye. I was completely alone, and maybe it was for the best. I felt a wave of relief that Jacob didn't come along today, knowing he would've died trying to protect me from something he didn't even believe existed.

The velvet voice in my head was screaming for me to run, but I knew it was useless. Laurent would avenge James's death and taste the blood of the one girl that could elicit such strong feelings in his kind. I knew it was over, and a part of me was comforted by that thought. I promised Ed… him that I wouldn't do anything reckless or stupid, and I have lived up to that promise, aside from a few motorcycle rides. I realized then that I've longed for a release from the painful hole in my chest. A hole that has threatened to swallow me since the day he left. My resolve had broken, and I welcomed death.

"I can see the defeat in your eyes, Bella. Does this mean you have given up?" Laurent said

"You're right Laurent, he left me." I sighed "He finally figured out I wasn't worth the hassle to keep alive." My voice breaking on the last words as the pain in my chest threatened to bring me to my knees. "They all left me" I whispered to myself, but I knew he had heard me. As soon as the words left my mouth he had me in his grip. His red eyes gleamed with the excitement of being the one to end my life.

"A pity really, I expected more of a fight from the Police Chief's daughter"

My breath caught in my throat at the mention of Charlie. I can't give up so easily, I have to try harder for Charlie's sake! He deserved more than to go through the pain of identifying my body. Or worse, I become a missing person and have Charlie wonder if I left because of something he did or could have prevented. He would probably torture himself with thoughts of things he could have done differently to make me happy enough to stay.

"Laurent wait!" I screamed, but it was too late. I felt his teeth sink into my arm and the subsequent woozy feeling that caused a black border to frame my vision. A small sob escaped my lips as I realized that my life wasn't the only one that would probably end today.

"I'm sorry Charlie" I sighed "I hope you can forgive me."

The black box crept in a little closer as my thoughts drifted to Edward. A small smile formed on my lips when I realized it didn't hurt to think of him anymore. The reprieve I had longed for has finally been granted. I closed my eyes and shut out the pain, only thinking about Edward's beautiful face.

My knees gave out the moment a fierce growl escaped Laurent's lips. He released me and I crumbled onto the soft ground. My mind too clouded with thoughts of amber eyes to form a coherent thought. I heard more growling from behind me as I fought to clear my head. Why did he stop? The fire consumed my arm just then and I cried out in pain. My mind and vision instantly clear as I looked up and saw Laurent backing away with fear in his eyes. But, he wasn't looking at me. His eyes were focused on something behind me. I didn't have to wait long to find out what had a frightened a vampire into giving up his meal.

A very large wolf was standing at my side looking down at me. Our eyes locked and I saw soft brown eyes that once again reminded me of my best friend safely at home. Looking into its eyes caused my fear to waver until I heard loud snarls and growls in front of me. My head snapped forward to see five wolves in various sizes closing in on Laurent, the smallest being the size of an adult bear. Their furry manes framed razor sharp teeth and cold cunning eyes with different shades from silver to brown. Laurent's eyes briefly met mine before he turned around and disappeared into the tree line, the five wolves following closely behind. The fear that I saw in his eyes confused me. Why is a vampire running away from overgrown wolves?

A low whimper caused me to turn my attention back to my side once again. The remaining red wolf with the soft eyes stood towering over me, standing so close that I could feel its hot breath on my face. I followed its gaze down to my arm that Laurent had bitten, the burning once again brought to the forefront of my thoughts. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and ripped a strip off to wrap it tightly around my arm like a tourniquet. I knew it wouldn't stop the poison from spreading, but maybe it would slow it down until I figured out my next move. Just then the wolf to my side took off running after its mates.

That was my cue to get up and run. I didn't want to be around when the wolves figured out that I was an easier target than the fast moving vampire they were currently chasing. It would be just my luck to survive a vampire attack, only to become the next meal of six very large wolves.

I knew I had lost a lot of blood when I tried to stand and felt the ground being pulled from under my feet. My vision blurred and the black border claimed all light when I instinctively used my hurt arm to brace the fall. I awoke kissing dirt and took a few seconds to clear my head once again. I thought about 30 seconds had past since Laurent bit me, but couldn't be sure since I didn't know how long I was out for. My second attempt to stand was successful and I started running as fast as I could in what I hoped to be the direction of my truck.

I ran blindly hoping to put as much distance between myself and the clearing as possible. Watching the ground as I ran, I tried to avoid the obstacles that my feet seemed naturally attracted to. The sound of trees being ripped apart broke my concentration causing me to stumble and fall to the wet ground. Luckily I remembered to shield my injured arm this time. I pulled the compass from my pocket just as the smell of burning wood filled the air. I had to lay it on the ground in front of me to read it, because my hands were shaking so bad the needle wouldn't stay still. The compass confirmed what I feared; I was running the wrong way. Just as I figured out which direction to go in, the fire in my arm started to seep past the tourniquet. I tried my best to stifle my screams as the fire raced to my heart and exploded though my chest. Every breath I took like adding fuel to the fire that now consumed my lungs.

Now I wished for the darkness of unconsciousness to claim me, but I wasn't so lucky. If anything the pain made me more aware! Every leaf that touched me felt like sandpaper rubbing my arms raw. Every gust of wind that blew through the trees caused the flames inside of me to get hotter. I heard footsteps behind me and for the second time today welcomed death to ease my pain. When I turned around to beg the victor of that battle to kill me quick, I found myself staring into the eyes of the last person I expected to see.

I felt my body's natural mechanism against pain kick in. The darkness finally started to close in around my vision, bringing with it the sweet feeling of numbness. His name escaped my mouth in a whisper right before the light was extinguished completely.



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