Chapter 1

"Sam" Dean said, sounding irritated,

"What are you doing?"

Dean had specifically told Sam not to touch

his stuff. He leaves to go get food and comes

back to find his brother going through his bag.

"Dean, you've got to see this." Sam said.

"I don't have to see nothing." Dean said.

I hope he didn't find my journal. I've worked

too to keep my secret about Alexandria a

secret. Dean thought.

Sam looked up from what he was looking at.

Confusion was written all over his face,

"What are you talking about?"

Dean scowled in confusion. His bag was

sitting next to Sam. He was pretty sure he

didn't place it there.

"You were looking in my bag." Dean stated.

"No I wasn't." Sam said.

"Oh." Dean said, feeling embarrassed, "But

why is my bag there."

"Because you dropped it there before going

to get food." Sam said slowly, still confused.

Now Dean remembered, "Okay, what do

you want to show me?" Dean quickly

changed the subject.

"Come here." Sam stood and practically

shoved a news paper into Deans face.

Dean took the paper. On the front there

was a picture of two brothers standing

side by side. One had dark black hair and

eyes. He looked quite hansom, but deadly

eyes. the other one had dark brown hair

and dark green eyes. He looked almost like

his brother, just more mature, but at the

same time younger.

Bellow there was a heading. The

Salvatore Brothers Return!

"Damn and Stephan." Dean announced


"Exactly." Sam said, "That's who Alexandria

was talking about."

"Her twins sister, Elena's boyfriend and his

brother." Dean said.

"Dean." Sam said, frustrated that his

brother was being half blind to the situation.

"What Sam?" Dean asked.

"The Salvatore Brothers!" Sam said.

Dean slowly started to remember some part

of what Sam was telling him.

"Wait, you mean the founders of the that

small town called Fells Church?" Dean asked.

"Yes. That's them." Sam said.

Dean looked back at the brothers in front of

him, and saw the two men who had always

been in pictures of his grandfather's

pictures that his father showed him.

"Their alive." Dean said, "And still young."

"Still the same age as when those pictures

were taken of them, back when grandpa

lived there." Sam said.

"The rumors from Mystic Falls during

grandpas time." Dean said.

"Vampires." Sam said.

"And the humans must think..." Dean was

having a hard time processing things from

the moment Alexandria came into all of this.

"That their descendant and for some strange

coincidence they look alike."

"But there not. There Vampires and one of

them is dating Alexandria's sister and the

other's Alexandria's best friend." Dean said,

the last part with anger and he the news

paper on the bed.

He grabbed his bag, "Let's go, Sam."

"To Mystic Fallls?" Dam asking, for


"Of course." Dean stopped at the door

before opening it. He turned towards his


"Alexandria's there, isn't she?" Dean asked.

"Yes." Sam said, "She knew Stephan had

told Elena."

"She trust Stephan. That girls going to get

her and sister killed." Dean pushed the door


Sam tried to keep up with his brother's quick