I've done it! This is my first fanfiction and to be honest, I think it could be worse, but if you don't like it, don't be too hard with me :). And yes, I'm a total Jace-and-Alec-fan, but there are just not enough stories about them. So I had to chance this. There will be romance later, so be patient with me. (I'd love reviews!!)

Unnecessary to mention: I'm NOT Cassandra Clare, because if I was, I would not have to write fanfiction

Alec was standing in the library and watched the snow falling quietly, little white flakes appearing in the dark winter sky. With every breath he took, the silence outside seemed to settle down in his heart and calmed his unrest. This night it had happened again, he had dreamt of the one he loved, the one who would never be his. He had accepted this fact long ago and he was happy with Magnus, so he shouldn't still wake up in the middle of the night because of Jace.

But he did. The golden dreams kept coming back to him, torturing him with images that will never become true. Alec pressed his forehead to the cold glass and shivered. He pushed the memories of the dream away and made his way back to his room to get at least some sleep. While he turned around he saw a dark figure sneaking through the hallway, nearly invisible. If the moonlight hadn't touched a strand of gold hair he would not have noticed him. What was Jace doing here at this time? And where was he going? Alec tiptoed to the entrance of the library and saw Jace waiting impatiently for the elevator. He wore hunting gear and the black colour made his blond hair stand out even more. His parabatai always remembered Alec of a golden angel, but when he was dressed like that he seemed dark and dangerous, an angel of revenge. The elevator finally arrived; Jace jumped in and disappeared out of his sight. As fast as he could Alec also put on his shadowhunter gear, grabbed a stele and a blade and followed his adopted brother into the cold darkness. Jace's footsteps in the snow lead away from the institute in a straight way, but already vanished under the new layer of snow. At least one of us knows where we're going, Alec thought. He started running. Jace had about five minutes advance and that was more than enough for him to get into serious trouble. Start a fight with a whole pack of werewolves or piss off the faerie queen or get drunk as hell and riot in a mundie bar... the list went on and on. Alec had experienced all of it and not only once. He could not get Jace to stop being reckless - trying so only made it worse - so he just stayed at his side and was always ready to defend him. Not that Jace would recognize.

While he was following Jace's footsteps through the dark city it stopped snowing and the moon began to illuminate the scenery around Alec with a gentle silver gleam. He turned around a corner and found himself in a shabby yard framed by the backs of some dull grey industrial buildings without windows. In the middle of the free space, he saw his adoptive brother fight against a huge black daemon that towered over him and snapped at him with his claws. Jace laughed at its attempt to bit of his head and duck away under the claws reaching for him. Every time he saw Jace fighting two different feelings filled his heart, he was proud of how his parabatai made killing daemons look easy, almost like a game and how he turned a bloody battle into a graceful dance. The dance of combat. But he also felt his insides go cold whenever he had to watch anxiously how Jace risked his life in front of him, knowing he would not want any help.

This time it seemed to be a breeze for Jace, Alec saw that Jace could have killed the daemon almost half a dozen times, but he was playing with it. Nevertheless Alec drew his bow and aimed at the daemon, just to be sure. His support was not necessary; Jace got tired of the game soon and killed it with one fast strike of his blade. At this second a movement on one of the roofs caught Alec's attention and he frowned at the dark shadow. It jumped down and landed some meters behind Jace without any sound. "Jace!", Alec yelled and started to run towards him, letting his bow fall down to the ground. The daemon was faster. It reached Jace as he spun around and caught him off guard. Jace managed to get his seraph blade between him and the monster, but with its next strike it ripped the weapon out of Jace's hands. "Jace", Alec called again, "run! Get your ass out there!" The daemon did not look up, but held Jace's gaze, who seemed unable to move, and let one of its claws wander up and down at the blonde shadowhunter's throat, searching for the best spot to place its final stroke.

There was no time to think, Alec drew his dagger and launched himself at the monster. The impact took his breath and when he tried to stab the daemon his blade could not even accomplish the tiniest wound, it felt like he had hit stone. Before he could start a new attempt a sharp pain in his chest made him scream and he flew through the air until a wall stopped him very uncomfortably and he heard the bone of his left arm break. Alec turned his head and examined the damage. It looked bad, really bad. The monster's claws had ... deep into his side, leaving four bleeding wounds. The blood coloured the snow beneath him and filled the air with a strong, metallic scent. When Alec tried to cover the wounds with his hand, he could feel how every beat of his heart pressed more of the red liquid out of his body, as if it wanted to end the pain as fast as possible. There had to be poison in his wounds, it burned its way into Alec's chest. First it was only a slight pain, almost imperceptible, but then it increased to such a horrible agony it erased every other perception out of his mind. He did not see how Jace killed the daemon, his face a mask of horror, did not feel his adopted brother kneel next to him, wrapping his arms around his bloody body, could not see the fear in the blonde boy's face when the healing rune did not work. Could not see the tear that ran down Jace's cheek. But he heard him call his name again and again, so desperate he wanted to comfort him. With great effort Alec forced himself to speak, a mere whisper, but somehow he was sure his parabatai would hear him. "Jace, it's ok, really. It does not anymore." He smiled when he realized it was true. He could not feel any pain, the agony was gone. In fact, he felt nothing at all. A silent darkness welcomed him, caressed his wounded body with gentle hands and wraped his mind into peaceful numbness.