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The cliff rose steeply like a strange natural skyscraper in the centre of New York. The city seemed not to be the place for untouched nature and indeed, no mundane has ever seen this place. Maybe it was because of this similarity with Idris that Alec Lightwood loved the place so much or maybe it was just because of its peace and silence. He had never met anyone here so he liked to think of it as his, his secret place. Although he stood at the very edge of the cliff he did not fear to fall. Like all Shadowhunters he had a perfect balance.

As soon as Izzy and Magnus had left his room, he had sneaked out. Their constant attention made him nervous and he had some serious problems to think about. Alone. Life was really sadistic. First he thought to be in love with Jace, but could not get him, then that soap-opera which lead to his current relationship with Magnus. And now? Like phoenix arose from ashes hope had filled his heart again. Hope that maybe Jace felt something more than just friendship.

But if it was true, whom should he choose? Jace or Magnus? Magnus was ... special. He was caring, definitely in love with him and the High Warlock of Brooklyn, which was convenient at times. But then, he was very sparkly and you could tell he is gay at the first glance. He liked to be in the centre of attention and he usually was. Both things Alec could not stand, but you could hardly ignore a warlock that tall and sparkly with blue magic around his hands. And then his age! 800 years were quite something.

In his way Jace was special, too. He was probably the most sarcastic Shadowhunter in history and unfortunately Alec was one of his favourite victims. On the other hand, Jace had always needed someone to believe in, in his childhood it had been Valentine, the man he had called father. Then it was the Clave and now Clary. But she was not really a Shadowhunter and she would never be. She did not understand how Shadowhunter society worked, that everybody had his place. That you knew death could come any day. And accepted it.

They say you have to let your heart tell you which path to walk, but what if it is beating so loud that you can't hear what it says? While thinking about his problems he had walked back to a tree nearby and leaned to its bark. In some way his situation was funny. They should write a book about it, he thought. Picturing a horde of readers laughing at his indecisiveness made him angry. He mumbled something rude and headed towards the cliff's edge again. Maybe pacing up and down would help him, although there was no reason why it should. He was only two or three steps away from the cliff when suddenly something heavy thrust him to the ground. His lifelong shadowhunter training made him fight against the aggressor without even realizing who he rolled through the snow with. At least not until he landed a well placed hit and was rewarded with a curse. As soon as he recognized the voice he stopped defending himself and let Jace pin him into the snow.

"Don't ever try that again!" Jace practically shouted at him and shook him. "Don't ever, you hear me?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to punch you, I just didn't realise-"

"Punch me? That's not what I'm talking about, you can punch me as often as you like-"

Now it was Alec's turn to interrupt Jace. "So what is it you're talking about? And would you please stop shaking me and let me get up now?" If Jace was speaking about their kiss, they could talk it over although it would be embarrassing, but Alec would not have that talk lying beneath Jace.

His parabatai ignored his protest. "You just tried to jump down that damned cliff and you dare to ask me what I'm talking about?" His voice sounded incredulous.

"Calm down Jace, I have no intention of ending my life today, or tomorrow or someday soon. And you should really know me better than that. I've been raised as a Shadowhunter, I won't run away from responsibility. I never really considered suicide an option. I came here to think about... things."

Jace loosened the grip around Alec's shoulders, but let his hands rest on top of them. "With things you probably mean our kiss. We should talk about that, you're right."

"Jace, let me explain. I know it was a mistake, I did not think at all. Let's just forget it, and pretend it hasn't happened. I don't want to lose you. See, you love me, but you're not in love with me, I got that. I'll stay with Magnus over the weekend or maybe a bit longer and when I come back we're friends again, like before. Please."

"No, I don't think so." And then Jace bent down and caught Alec in a slow, but deep kiss. When he spoke again, Jace sounded hoarse and his voice was intense.

"You won't go back to him, because you belong to me, do you understand? You're mine!" He took in a ragged breath and shifted his eyes, not looking at Alec anymore. His next words were barely audible. "And I'm yours."

He let go of Alec's shoulders and stood up abruptly, stopping some steps ahead, his back turned to Alec, his hands clenched into fists. The black-haired Shadowhunter sat up puzzled and a bit embarrassed by Jace's confession, but he shoved these feelings away. In search for something to release the tension Alec asked the first thing that came to his mind, keeping his voice low: "I wondered, how did you find me?"

Jace turned his head to face Alec and crooked one eyebrow "You're wearing my jacket; there's a tracking rune inside." Alec flushed lightly and picked his sleeve. "Uh... I think it's soaked. Sorry." This made Jace smile. He turned around again, but now the tension was gone and he just stood there. Somehow Alec knew what to do. He stepped up to Jace from behind and put his arms around the blonde Shadowhunter. When he placed his head against Jace's shoulder, he could feel the other one shiver beneath his breathe. He closed his eyes for one moment.

"You're right, I belong to you. Always have, always will. It's your choice." He had barely finished his words when Jace spun around in his arms, grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss. If there had been spectators, they all would have agreed that this kiss meant yes. Yes! YES!

When they parted both of them were breathing heavily. And then they just stood there for a long time, forehead to forehead, holding each other. Finally Alec broke the silence.

"Is this real?" Golden eyes stared into his, their expression serious. "I don't know. I honestly don't know, but if it's dream, I'll kill whoever wakes me up."

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