Perry slept most of that night on New Years, he didn't like staying up past midnight and to be perfectly honest the fireworks scared him. He never saw the attraction of candy colored explosions which make your ears bleed.

He decided to think about his past year instead to take his mind off the blitz outside. He supposed this year was the year of Dr Doofenshmirtz as his nemesis. He had never had a nemesis for this long and this year was...well it'll be one he would always remember. For many reasons and feelings, some he hadn't even come to terms with. All those schemes all those moments they hadn't got along even those weird awkward moments...Doofenshmirtz had always had a way of getting to Perry and...He found himself blushing and he settled back to sleep with Doofenshmirtz still on his mind.

Beep beep beep...

Perry blinked his eyes open and woozily clicked open his watch to see his monobrowed boss still wearing a party hat from the night before

"Good Morning Agent P, Dr Doofenshmirtz is up to his old tricks. He's been seen around the Danville area going to many community centers and gyms."

Perry crossed his eyes 'what on earth would he being doing there?'

"As these are all public places and we wish to keep the agency a SECRET agency we must ask you only to observe Doofenshmirtz until he returns to his building. Good luck agent P"

The watch closed down but then re-opened after Perry put on his hat "oh and happy New Year"

He saluted and then went off to his first mission of the New Year.

Phineas and Ferb walked in one minute later with a cart filled with robot pelicans "hey, where's Perry?"

Ferb simply shrugged.