Doofenshmirtz walked into his lair hanging his purple parka on the hook and dropping his keys on the side "I'm never gonna get that old people smell out of my clothes..." he murmured smelling his hands in disgust

Perry shuffled back furthur trying not to get noticed but listened intently to the man's soliloquy

"I's gonna be worth it though y'know hopefully." he laid down on the sofa looking out of the window "...happy new year Perry the Platypus"

Perry stiffened 'dammit! Does he know I'm here?!'

"Wherever you may be..."

The platypus let out of a sigh of relief

"It is all for you anyway...I'm doing this all for you"


"I would've done number 3 if it wasn't for my ex taking the same class! That's just bad luck..."

Perry smirked still listening

"a-and of course number one and number 167 was a disaster..."

'Yeah I know...'

"And I'm just hoping that number 327 is...gonna be alright"

Perry swallowed the lump in his throat

"And...That we can be more than nemesis"


Doofenshmirtz fell off the sofa "PERRY THE PLATYPUS?!"

Perry smiled as he saw his nemesis groan on the floor.

Doofenshmirtz scrambled up to his knees turning a bright cherry red "P-p-p-perry the Pl-platypus...w-when did you get here?" he blinked noticing something on Perry's beak "why do you have this?"

Perry looked down blushing lightly

Doofenshmirtz swallowed hard " much did you hear?"

Perry looked up with eyes that said 'more than enough'

He sighed running some fingers through his hair " least I could've done a better job of it!"


He walked over to an overflowing bin filled with crumpled up pieces of paper "I spent all last night writing a perfect...confession if you will!" he passed the bin to Perry "if you think writing an evil monologue is hard then you have no idea how hard this was"

Perry picked up a few crumpled balls as Doofenshmirtz laid his head back on the sofa blushing hard.

He un-crumpled one

'you see Perry the Platypus, you have always been my nemesis, my first if you may...and I might just think that I might have more than I might think that I might have a slight...I'm saying I might have...'

"I think I used the word might too much in that one..." Doofenshmirtz admitted as Perry took another piece of paper

'Perry, I've always wanted to rule the world...or at least the tri-state-area anyway. But I've found a new evil scheme, and it's about are my tri-state area and i want you under m-'

The rest was cut off and Perry looked up at him with wide eyes and a hard blush

"UNDER MY RULE!" Doofenshmirtz squeaked blushing hard "i-i-it's supposed to say 'under my rule'...!"

Both of them looked pretty relieved. Perry looked up at him and jumped up on Doofenshmirtz chest lying down comfortably on his stomach.

Doofenshmirtz could feel his heart beating against Perry's resting body "s-s-s-so Perry t-the pl-platypus..." he stuttered stroking the mammal's fur "w-w-w-what do you say...?"

Perry looked into his nemesis deep blue eyes and blushed '...y-yeah sure' he thought nodding

Doofenshmirtz blinked in shock but then smiled lightly "g-g-g-good...great!"

Perry pecked his nemesis nose and they both blushed

"So...what now Perry the Platypus?"

Perry shrugged looking out of the window 'I really don't know...lets just see what this year brings.'