Tracy looked up to see her ex-daughter-in-law holding coffee.

"How's Brook Lyn?"

"Her arm hurts and she's going to be a pain for a while since she can't draw or paint. Ned's with her doing the insurance thing. We didn't want to bother you. We'll probably stay at the house with Brook and Dillon until you and Alice have things figure out here. How are you?"

Tracy swallowed the coffee and sighed. "Alice's in surgery. They just don't know if she can maintain the pregnancy. Monica's with patients…."

"Why isn't Alan with you?"

"Alan was bugging the hell out of me so I made him go away."

"That sounds ominous coming from a Quartermaine. Dillon?" Lois' remark was rewarding with a small chuckle.

"Dillon's on a trip to Chicago," Tracy sighed, "I really do want this. A new wife, a new family."

"I know, Tracy." Lois smiled sadly.

"I wondered, if this is some sort of karma for what I did to you. I almost killed my own granddaughter because I didn't believe you," Tracy said.

"Hmmm…." Lois sipped her coffee. "You know, no one behaved well on that visit. You always provided Alan your phone number and address. Ned could've call to inform you about the baby. Edward didn't have to banish you three years earlier. He could've help with Dillon more. And the fact Edward did faked a heart attack didn't help you believe me when I had cramps."

"I think on that visit even Alan yelled at me. Alan never yells at me."

"Alan loves his baby sister. God knows why." Monica handed Tracy a sandwich. "Lois, Brook Lyn and Ned are done. Brook Lyn's pretty doped up on painkillers and Ned's anxious to take her home. I'll sit with Tracy."

"For what it's worth, Tracy, you've more than made up for what you did with Brook Lyn. She loves her Granny so much. These new babies are lucky to have you. So is Alice." Lois made a motion to hug Tracy and Tracy raised an eyebrow. Lois settled for a pat on the back.

"If you need anything, we'll be at your house." Lois left.

Monica studied Tracy. She sighed and pulled a blood pressure cuff from her lab jacket.


"Oh, relax, we have time to kill. And I do mean relax. Pressure's high. Oh and here." Monica fished out two pills out of her pockets.

"Monica, I'm fine. Only some cuts and bruises. What are these anyway?" Tracy asked.

"Trace, if I was going to poison you, I would've done it when you tried to prove A.J. wasn't Alan's. They're painkillers. Even if you feel fine now you're going be sore tomorrow."

"I just need to know Allie and the babies are going to be all right. And you thought A.J. was Rick's."

Monica smiled. "Alice and the babies. Were you planning on telling us about the twins?"

"No, it was going to be out little secret."

"Alan's insuffienible now. 'You see, Monica, men get better with age. I managed to give my sister two babies when she only asked for one.' On and on. He acts like he was the one who personally saw to it those specific two eggs were fertilized and stuck in your wife's womb."

Tracy laughed. "You did mention you and Alan wanted twins. We try to deliver."

"Allie's going to fine." Monica said.

"I don't deserve her."

"No. But you got her. So now we wait." Monica held her sister-in-law's hand.

"We wait." Tracy closed her eyes and contemplated karma.