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Terror. That one word paints a horrible picture. Some people think of war when they hear "terror". Some think of death. Younger children might think of a monster. But what is terror?

"Terror: Intense fear, fright, or dread."

You know what I think of when I hear the word "terror"? An angry Mesprit.

"STUUUUUUUNNNN!" Mesprit's voice echoed off the walls of the cave I had been staying in on Eevee Island. "WAKE UP, YA LAZY BUM! HOW ARE THESE KIDS SUPPOSED TO GET STRONGER IF YOU'RE ALWAYS ASLEEP?!"

I groaned and slowly sat up. "Mesprit?" I said, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "What do you want?"


I jolted up and exclaimed, "Hey! Mesprit, what's the big idea?!"

Mesprit giggled with amusement. "Sorry, Igglybuff. I won't do it again." And she floated out of the cave. I clenched my teeth and got up. Mesprit had been saying that she "wouldn't do it again" for the past three weeks. And she always did it again.

It had been a year since the war against the darkness. A year since Thunder the Jigglypuff's death. A year since… Star's death. I looked down sadly and walked outside, instantly being blinded by the bright morning sun. Chu, Fluff, and Berry were standing in a straight line, with their arms to their sides.

I looked at Berry and smiled. "Alright, cadets! Berry, today we're going to be doing some transforming and flying exercises." Berry nodded. Although I could sense that she was extremely powerful, her transforming skills weren't too great. I turned to Chu and Fluff. "Today, you two will be focusing on your psychic-type attacks. First we'll try Confusion, and, if you're still up to it, we'll try you out on Psybeam." I was trying to get them in touch with their psychic abilities as much as I could. I doubted that they'd be able to transform, but you never know….

Chu and Fluff nodded. "Great, you guys. Go over there and meditate while I work with Berry." Fluff and Chu ran off. In some ways they had grown up, but they were still little kids at heart. I looked down at Berry and said, "Alright. Close your eyes and concentrate. Focus all of your power into becoming a Taillow."

Berry nodded and closed her eyes. After a couple of seconds, her body started to glow with a brilliant white light. Her arms turned into wings, she grew a beak, and she started to shrink. Just as a few feathers started to appear, she stopped transforming.

"What?" Berry exclaimed. "Why did I stop?"

"Hm…" I looked up and down Berry's even-more-mutated body and sighed. "I'm not sure if it's lack of psychic power, or if you're unconsciously blocking yourself." Even though Berry was behind in her psychic skills, she could become invisible and intangible easily, as well as being able to possess others.

Berry looked down sadly. "I'm sorry, dad. I've tried using all of my powers, but I can't. It feels like I've still got more in me, but I can't get to it."

I scratched my head in confusion. "Hm… well… I'm not sure what this means…. Try to change back while I go talk to Chu and Fluff, okay?" Berry nodded.

I walked over to Chu and Fluff, who were trying to meditate, but they were being bugged by Mesprit.

Mesprit's face was inches in front of Chu's and she whispered, "Hey, guys. How do you two stay so still? It's coooooooool."

Chu hissed and whispered back, "You're breaking my concentration, Mesprit." Mesprit giggled.

"Mesprit," I said, walking up to them. "Go away. Go see how Silver is doing." Mesprit turned away from Chu and floated away, grumbling something about how she was going to murder me in my sleep.

I stretched my arms and said, "Okay, guys. Ready?"

Chu's and Fluff's eyes snapped open and they stood up. "Oh, yeah!" Chu said, ready to go.

"We can do it!" Fluff said with a smile.

"Alright. Concentrate your psychic power, and use Confusion. You first, Chu." Chu closed his eyes and grunted, trying to use the unnatural attack. I started to feel funny, and I was pushed back a couple of inches, but I didn't fall over.

"Great job, Chu. You're starting to get the hang of it. Fluff, your turn."

Fluff nodded and closed her eyes. I got that same feeling again, and flew up into the air. I was up about twenty feet before I started to come back down. I screamed as I hit the ground.

I slowly got back up, rubbing my back. "Ow…. That was great, Fluff. Really good." I rubbed a bruise on my shoulder and said, "Uh… are you guys ready to try Psybeam?" Chu and Fluff nodded together. "Great. Concentrate like before, okay? Try your hardest. Chu first again."

Chu nodded and concentrated. The beam that came out was, truthfully, pathetic. It couldn't hurt a Pidgey.

"Oh…" Chu groaned and looked at the ground sadly.

I patted Chu's shoulder. "Don't worry, Chu. You're young, so you have plenty of time to improve. Fluff, your turn."

Fluff closed her eyes, and blew me away with her beam. Literally. I crashed into the woods and landed at Silver, the Chromeon's, feet.

Silver looked down at me with surprise. "Oh. Stun. How are you?"

I groaned and got up. "I've been better. I'm starting to regret having apprentices."

Silver chuckled. "I know what you mean. The little ones at home are starting to drive me crazy." Silver had had two children. Eevee kits stayed in their mother's womb as eggs for two weeks, then hatched in about two days to allow their brains to develop.

Silver had had one boy, Covie, and one girl, Virginia. Virginia was the eldest. Their father was Moonlight, the Lepidopteon. Lepidopteons were slowly being accepted back to Eevee Island.

I smiled and asked, "How are Covie and Virginia?"

"They're doing great, but Moonlight doesn't want to pull his weight. I'm up all night taking care of screaming kids. Feeding them, bathing them, making sure everything's just right before they finally fall asleep. Moonlight's just passed out on the floor, ignoring their screams."

I laughed. "Well, that's Moonlight for you, always the sleepy one." I stretched and continued, "I should probably head back. See you later, Silver."

Silver nodded, and I teleported back to Fluff and Chu.

"Good job, Fluff." I said, looking down at the cute Buneary. "Your psychic powers are getting stronger."

Chu crossed his arms and pouted. "How come she's so powerful?" He muttered to himself. "Stupid girl."

I smiled and patted Chu's head. "You should always remember, Chu, that a female can be just as powerful as a male." I thought of Thunder, and said, "Maybe even more powerful."

Chu looked up at me. "But you're a guy, and you're the most powerful Pokémon there is!"

I grinned. "Perhaps. But you never know, there could always be another, more powerful, Pokémon around the bend."

Chu shook his head. "I don't think so, master. I don't think anyone will ever be stronger than you."

I chuckled. "Thanks for the kind words, Chu."

Mesprit floated over to us. "You know what're kind words? 'I think we should see other people'. Those are some kind words."

I sighed. "Sure, Mesprit. Sure."