A New Hope

Author's note: I borrowed the title from star wars because I think it fits with the purpose of this story. It does not pertain to star wars in anyway.

Summary: In the year 2900, Crystal Tokyo is attacked by the Dark Moon family and many people and sailor scouts are killed along with the royal family. Rei Hino escapes with the youngest heir to the throne, Princess Rikana (Rika), and waits 400 years for the return of the sailor scouts so they can over throw Diamond and place Rika on the throne. The royal family and the sailor scouts have very long life spans, and never grow old.

Character List

Princess Rikana: Sailor Moon

Eri Kamei: Sailor Jupiter

Minako Aino: Sailor Venus

Ai Takeme: Sailor Mercury

Setsuna Meioh: Sailor Pluto

Rina Lee: Sailor Saturn

Haruka Tenoh: Sailor Uranus

Aya Matsuura: Sailor Neptune

Diana: Last of the moon cats

Solaris: Last of the sun cats


Rei Hino stared at Queen Serenity in disbelief. War was raging around them and the pink haired queen wanted her to flee?

"Please Rei-chan" Serenity begged. Her red eyes sparkled with tears. "He's already taken my parents, and my son. Don't let him take my baby too" She was clutching the hand of four year old Princess Rikana.

"Usa-chan" Rei whispered, using the former name for the queen.

"She'll stop Diamond when the time is right" Serenity said. "Protect her Rei-chan. Protect my baby" She handed Rikana to Rei, tears clung to her eyelashes.

"Mother!" They turned to see Princess Serenity, platinum hair like her father standing in the doorway. "Diamond's captured father!" Queen Serenity gasped. The tears fell freely now.

"Helios" She whispered. "Go!" She shouted at Rei. Rei looked at the Queen one last time before taking off with Rikana in her arms. She flinched as she heard the terrified scream of the queen. Tears filled her eyes, but she kept on running, without looking back.

Minako Aino fought as gallantly as she could, but she was wounded, blood poured from a wound in her side. Zoicite raced to her side.

"Venus, you have to get out of here" He said quickly.

"But…" He shook his head firmly.

"I can't lose you" Zoicite said. "Please, I'll take care of things from here" Minako realized that he was right. She needed to leave, and heal. She stumbled away as Zoicite continued fighting. Minako didn't know where she was going, or what to do, but she kept on running, feeling weak from the loss of the blood. After running for a while, Minako couldn't run anymore and collapsed on the ground.

"Zoicite" She whispered, before passing out.

Rei kept on running and running, trying to get as far away from the palace that she could. Rikana was crying and Rei wasn't sure if she made the right choice. How could she raise the heir to the moon kingdom? She hoped the answers would come, soon. She turned and saw the palace, burning in the distance. She sighed heavily. It was time to start a new life.