A New Hope

Chapter eighteen: Queen Rikana

Rika tore through the palace searching for the medical wing. When she found it, she rushed inside and to her father's side. She brushed some hair out of his bruised face.

"Daddy" She whispered, staring down at him. Sapphire was doing his best to help Helios, cleaning his cuts and bandaging his wounds.

"I am doing everything I can, your highness" Sapphire said softly. Rika nodded, tears feeling her eyes. A tear fell and landed on her crystal. the crystal shone and it's light engulfed Helios's body. Sapphire had to shield his eyes from the light. When the light was gone, so were Helio's wounds and cuts and bruises. The white haired man slowly opened his eyes and stared up at his daughter.

"Rikana" He said softly, reaching up to touch her face. "I thought you were dead" Rika shook her head, tears filling her eyes.

"I'm alive daddy, Diamond is gone and so is Wiseman" She said.

"My brave, sweet darling daughter" Helios said. "You are so much like your mother" He sat up with Sapphire's help, since he was still a bit weak. Rika flung her arms around him, feeling like she had known him forever, even though she hadn't seen him in hundreds of years. Later that day, once Helios was well rested, a large crowd gathered outside the palace, as Helios and Rika stood on the balcony overlooking the crowd. The sailor scouts stood behind them. "People of Crystal Tokyo, thanks to my daughter and her loyal protectors, Diamond and Wiseman have been defeated. Peace will once again reign in the land and my daughter, my precious Rikana, will soon take her place as Queen of Tokyo. Those of you who believed that Diamond's rule was right, may remain here on Crystal Tokyo as long as you hinder and obey the laws laid upon this foundation by the Great Queen Serenity herself. The supreme ruler and creator of Crystal Tokyo, would have been saddened by the many followers of Diamond, for she created this kingdom for the people. I expect you to listen to Rikana as you would me, or your ancestors did for my wife and her mother" Helios bowed low and went back into the castle. Rikana smiled out at the crowd. She was still unsure if she would be a good queen, but she knew that she could not let her father down. After hundreds of years, the heir to the moon kingdom was to recieve her rightful place as Queen of Crystal Tokyo. She bowed low to the crowd.

"Fellow citizens of Crystal Tokyo" She began, in a clear calm voice, though she was trembling on the inside. "I hope to be a good queen. The ceremony will be in two days hence and all of Crystal Tokyo is invited. We are celebrating a new age, a new era and a new dynasty. I hope to follow in my mother's footsteps, but I can not promise to be exactly like her, after hundreds of years in hiding, this will take some getting used to and I ask everyone to please be patient with me as I learn." The crowd erupted in cheers and Rika turned to go back inside. Sailor Mars placed an arm around Rika's shoulder.

"Well said, Princess" She said softly. Rika shook her head.

"Please, all of you. Just call me Rika" Her scouts nodded. Rika smiled. Luna smiled down at the princess.

"You have learned much already" She said softly. "your mother would be proud. Come we must prepare for the coronation" For the next two days, Luna and the Sailor Scouts bustled about getting the palace ready for the coronation. Rikana was in her chambers looking through her dresses when Helios entered. He was carrying a dress that Rika new quite well, though she had never actually seen it. it was a dress worn by her grandmother and mother for thier coronations. it was long and white and had puff off the shoulder sleeves. Tears filled Rika;s eyes as she took it and with trembling fingers put it on, Helios stepped out of course. Once she was dressed, she looked in the mirror, not at all shocked to see how her hair had remained long. She twisted it up into the princess odango style.

"You look just like your mother" Helios said, kissing her cheek. "You will make a fine queen" Rika took a deep breath and accepted her father's arm. He led her down to the grand throne room and led her up to the throne her mother had once sat. She sat down and Helios stood next to her and the ceremony began.

"Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Crystal Tokyo, according to the statutes agreed upon by Queen Serenity of the Silver Millenium, and the respective laws and custom of the same?" Helios asked. "Will you, in your power, cause law and justice and mercy
to be executed in all judgments?" Rika took a deep breath.

"I solemnly promise so to do." She said. Helios placed the crown on her head, and as she stood, the crowd clapped. Rikana made her way down the platform and smiled a little. She was now Queen of Crystal Tokyo.

Sailor Mars watched as the girl she had come to love as her own took her rightful place as queen. A single tear tricked down her cheek as she saw how much Rikana had truly grown in spirit and maturity. She knew that Rika would be a fair queen, a just queen like her mother and grandmother before her.

Sailor Venus watched the beloved princess/queen as she held her head high. Something stirred inside Venus, something that she had not felt in a long time. Peace, unending peace and happiness. She smiled brightly as Rika looked her way and the princess smiled.

Sailor Jupiter watched the spectacle with awe. never would she have imagined something like this would ever happen. She still couldn't believe she was a scout, though it made her sad to think that Makoto Kino, a good friend of the royal family and original scout was never going to come back. She thought of the ancient scout and wondered if she could live up to expectations.

Sailor Pluto smiled as she watched the ceremony, then she turned to go. She had been away from the time gates long enough, it was time to go. She captured the scene into her memory and left the palace quietly. ready to continue her life of solitude and lonliness.

Sailor Saturn was awed by the spectacle. She was saddened also by the fact that she was replacing a well loved scout. could she live up to Hotaru, could she really be the soldier of death and rebirth or would she fail miserably. She reminded herself that she had been chosen for something more.

Sailor Uranus stood on the sidelines, unsure of what to do now. She glanced at Sailor Neptune with sorrow, as she remembered that Michiru was never coming back. She knew she had to be strong for the princess, and be ready for any enemy attacks, but she was not ready to let go of Michiru's memory, even though it had been several hundred years.

Sailor Neptune knew what Uranus was thinking. it was written all over her face. Neptune wondered if she really had what it took to live up to Michiru. She didn't think she'd ever live up to those expectations, especially not to Uranus. she sighed and continued to watch the princess as she made conversation with the citizens of Crystal Tokyo.

Diana and Solaris watched from the doorway before taking off in cat form, ready to nap, exhausted from all the running around and excited to finally have some peace.

Rikana watched them go, a small smile on her face and conversed with a family about the new era she would be bringing about. As Queen she had many things to think about, but her number one priority was the people of Crystal Tokyo. Someday, she would join the rest of her famiy, but for now, she was needed to keep things runnig smoothly. and she knew that her father would be there to help her in the Crystal millenium.

The end