E/O Challenge: Twist (100 words exactly)

Couldn't get this out of my head – so had to get it down

Already bashed Dean once this week so this one's a little lighter (hope it doesn't suck!)



"Watch it," Dean muttered as his brother moved his left hand into position.

"I'm trying dude but you know I gotta do this ... just hold still a minute."

"Okay ... but be careful Sasquatch ... if your knee gets any closer I'll be singing soprano."

"Right... what's the next move Bobby?" Sam panted, fighting to maintain his balance.

"Hold on a sec, boys ... its spinning ... got it. Color's green – body part's ya left foot."

Moments later both Winchesters lay sprawled on the floor.

"Hey Sammy," Dean groaned. "The next time you wanna play Twister I'm on top."