I decided to put a preview on, sorry it was just running through my head and I had to get it out, don't worry it isn't going to be really long like the others (at least I will try and not make it long), its just going to be a simple preview, enjoy and I will try and make the actual second chapter.

She told a story...

"It was about 47 Years ago, on the day I turned 15" Old Alyssa 'Ally' said.

About a birthday present...
"you mean he's mine!" Young Ally said.
"Yep he's all yours" her mother said.
"I'll call him Max" Ally said.

That Became...

(Shows Ally with a Japanese akita puppy licking her face)

Her best friend...
(Ally hugs Max) 'she sniffles because she is crying'.

And the team's only chance....
"this is Max" said Ally "Hey Max, well he's a cute dog, [Laughs a little but hardly smiles]" Eric said (Ally is sat down with max on the front steps of her house) "Maybe you can help them, you know, make them happy...become one again" Ally slightly whispers.

To be brought back to life....
(shows Calleigh crying silently in the locker room with a picture frame in her hand) "Timmy" she whispered.
(Max comes in and then it cuts to him licking her face and then Calleigh hugging him).

For the first time ever...
"Why are you getting mixed up with these people you hardly know them, and your including Max?" her mom half yelled said.

CSI Miami presents...
"I think that he's there only chance to become a team again, they lost a team member and are going through hell, how would you deal with that kind of thing and not have anyone to talk to?, they can talk to him" Ally told her.

The heartwarming story...
"no one understands whats going through there minds Jazz" Ally told her sister who was sitting next to her on her bed.
"But I do" Ally said and her sister turned away.

About a dog...
"look, it looks like he's smiling at you" Ally said to Horatio who she was sat with on a bench.
(Max puts his paw on Horatio's lap)

Who can heal the hearts of those that are broken...
"I think Max is really helping them...he's healing them" Ally said to her dad while they were in the lounge watching TV.

Lucy Lawless (Brooke, Ally's mom)
shows Brooke smiling.

Jim Carrey (Seth, Ally's Dad)
Also shows Seth smiling at Ally

Emily Osment (Jasmine 'Jazz)
shows her running with Ally and Max.

Eliza Coupe (Nicoletta 'Nikki)
shows her looking up at Ally.

Louise Fletcher (Older Alyssa 'Ally')

shows her standing at a grave and smiling.

And Dakota Fanning (Younger Alyssa 'Ally)
shows her giving a kiss on Max' head.

The inspirational story of Max who became everyone's friend, and a legend...
"Max is better at making friends, than anyone I've ever known, and he's a great listener so anyone can speak to him about anything and he'll listen" Ally told Nikki her other sister.

And lives in the memory and hearts of those who knew him...
"Please don't die boy, what would I do without you?, your my best friend" Ally said to Max in tears while he was lying on the vets table.
everyone (the Team and her family) look through the window on the door sadly with tears in there eyes.

And will never be forgotten as Miami's...
(shows little rocks on top of one another where Max is buried, which is in her back yard) "I love you Max, we all do" Ally said quietly and walked back to the house.

Man's greatest friend...
"A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, smart or dumb, give him your heart, he'll give you his.." Ally says in the background as the scene shows the city of Miami and the sunset reflecting off it.

CSI Miami: Finding your heart.

There ya go let me know what you think and I will try and actually do the actual second chapter soon.