Okami Resurrection of Darkness

Chapter 1 Reunion of Friends and Allies

It has been four years since Yami the Lord of Darkness was destroyed and peace brought to the land of mortals. Okami Amaterasu had restored the celestial plain with Wakas help slowly peace was brought to the world. Though the goddess should be happy and proud of her accomplishments she longs to be in the mortal world once more and see all her friends, allies, and her celestial envoy and former companion Issun.

"Ma chérie" Waka spoke in, "I have a prophecy to bestow."

The prophet began "I foresee enemies rising from the grave and a journey with an old friend."

Confused from the prophecy Amaterasu looked down from the celestial realm and decided to see what her dear friend and missionary was up to, and Issun, ever true to his word, did say Ammy would have more believers than she'd know what to do with. Though something was amiss with the little poncle truth is he could sense an immense evil growing.

"Ammy where are you I can sense so much evil growing it feels like Orochi, Blight, Ninetails, Lechku and Nechku are coming back" thought the tiny artist as he roamed shinsu field on his way to visit everyone in Kamiki.

Little did Issun realize all too much that he was right for within the depths of the moon cave the sly serpent began to resurrect, Oni Island was reforming with the revival of Ninetails, an evil mist formed in Sei an City as Blight appeared in the palace of the late Queen Himiko, and a blizzard arose in Kamui with the rebirth of Lechku and Nechku.

Back in the celestial plain Amaterasu was preparing to board the Ark of Yamato when she saw Waka at the entrance of the ship.

"Going somewhere Ma chérie?" the prophet asked the goddess of the sun.

"Yes I'm going to Kamiki to see my old friends and Issun Waka now can you please pilot this ship to the mortal realm." replied the goddess.

"Sigh very well Amaterasu it would be nice to annoy your little bouncing friend after so long." Waka remarked.

As the two boarded the ark and began to set sail everything inside suddenly turned pitch black and the Ark of Yamato fell out of the sky and once again landed in Laochi Lake. Amaterasu and Waka got out of the ark and began to head to the Onia village of Wep'keer on the way there they ran into Oki, Kai, and little Lika.

"A-A-Amaterasu is that YOU?" asked Oki shocked at seeing the goddess in her true form.

"Hello Oki Lika and Kai it's wonderful to see you three again after four years" spoke Amaterasu.

"So far it seems we'll have to journey to Kamiki on foot Amaterasu" said Waka disappointed at the arks fall.

"Can we go with you Oki, Lika, and I wish to see the village where the Legend of Orochi began" asked Kai.

"Sure I would love it if you came with us and it would be a good surprise for Issun" answered Amaterasu.

"YAY WE GET TO SEE ISSUN AGAIN!!!" yelled Lika as she jumped around with joy.

And so the five went through Wep'keer, and started walking in the blizzard of Kamui on their way to the tunnel that connects Nippon and Kamui.

"This blizzard is truly bizarre as is the fall of the Ark of Yamato" stated Oki.

"We haven't had this trouble since the twin demons Lechku and Nechku as well as the Dark Lord Yami" responded Kai.

"Can we please talk about this when we reach Shinsu field otherwise we might freeze in this blizzard" Waka jumped in freezing.

So after they stopped talking they made it to the tunnel and crossed over to Shinsu field in Nippon but instead of the beautiful field they saw a horrid cursed zone.

"Miss Ama is this what Shinsu field is supposed to look like?" asked Lika confused.

"No but the last time I saw a cursed zone like this was when Orochi and I came back" replied Amaterasu unsure of herself.

The five then continued onwards to Kamiki and at the entrance to the village they ran into Susano and Kushi as part of their welcoming committee.

"Hello Susano Kushi it's good to see you again" said Amaterasu cheerfully.

"I sense a divine instrument is it you my brother in arms?" pondered Susano.

"Brother in arms?" Waka asked as he smirked looking at Ammy.

"It happened after the fight with Orochi and I was in my wolf form that time remember Waka" remarked the annoyed goddess.

"Touché" responded the ancient man of the moon tribe.

As they spoke Mushi and his dog Hayabussa came over with a glowing green ball on the dogs head.

"ISSUN" yelled Amaterasu.

"AMMY IS THAT YOU!!!!" yelled Issun shocked to see his old companion in her human form.

Issun bounced to Amaterasu and she hugged him after seeing her old companion after four years since their farewell at the Ark of Yamato.

"AHH Bonjour my little bouncing friend it's been a long time" Waka said cheerfully.

"AWW not YOU again you too bit half-baked prophet I thought I saw the last of you when you boarded that accursed ark" complained Issun.

"Now now Issun don't let your hatred of Waka ruin our reunion shall we go to Konohana and see Sakuya?" asked Amaterasu.

"Oh sure Ammy lets go" said the celestial envoy.

As Amaterasu and Issun walked to Konohana to see their favorite wood sprite a loud earth shaking roar could be heard as the night of the full moon drew near.

"That roar it couldn't be" thought Ammy and Issun.

Soon the duo arrived at Konohana and Sakuya appeared in burst of cherry blossoms to reunite with Amaterasu and Issun.

"Oh great Amaterasu origin of all that is good and mother to us all and celestial envoy Issun it warms my heart to see you both together in Kamiki once more" said Sakuya proudly.

"Alas Amaterasu I wish we could have reunited on much warmer times" the sprite said sadly.

"Sakuya what do you mean does it have to do with that roar we heard on our way here?" Issun asked a little worried.

"Yes Amaterasu and Issun it seems the evil beings that were slain four years ago have returned Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, Ninetails, Lechku and Nechku, and worse yet the King of Darkness Yami" warns the worried Sakuya.

"So we need to prepare for battle with all those old enemies doesn't seem too hard since I've been practicing the celestial brush techniques, Oki and Susano have been training, plus Ammy and Waka are very powerful" assured Issun.

And so ends chapter one of Okami Resurrection of Darkness. How will Amaterasu, Issun, Waka, Oki, and Susano handle their old enemies now that they came back?