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Chapter 11 Journey Back to Kamui

Everyone had been surprised by what Waka had said in regards to the offspring of Amaterasu and Issun one day fighting together side by side with Nuushi, the newborn son of Susano and Kushi. Everyone there had other reactions besides surprise from Waka's new prophecy. Amaterasu and Issun were blushing and gazing into each other's eyes, Susano and Kushi were beaming with pride from the announcement, after all it's an honor for anyone to fight alongside a god like your ancestor before you, however, it's something else when your child gets to fight evil together with the eventual child of the god, Oki and Kai were hoping that their eventual family could help the child of Amaterasu and Issun like they helped the goddess and her fiancé, and Lika was hoping to play with the child when it was born.

"Waka." Amaterasu began. "Are you sure about that?" She asked her old friend nervously.

"Why Ma chérie do you doubt me after all these years despite my prophecies always coming true?" He asked from false hurt.

"Waka don't mess with Ammy like this she's just nervous at the thought of having a child so soon after we got engaged." Issun began. "Heck who wouldn't be nervous thinking so far ahead in their life." He continued. "However, right now we need to focus on ending the rest of the demons that came back after their deaths years ago." The Poncle finished.

"Issun is right." Oki began after shaking himself of thoughts of him and Kai married with a cub or two. "Amaterasu can you tell us all of the enemies you and Issun faced years ago and tell us how many remain?" He asked to get her mind off of Waka's prophecy.

"Yes Oki, the demons we faced and already re-killed are Spider Queen, Crimson Helm, Orochi, Blight, and Ninetails." Ammy began. "All that remain are the twin demons we destroyed with you Oki, and Yami the King of Darkness." Amaterasu finished.

"That is good which means we can take Kai and Lika home as well as begin the preparations for the final fight." Oki said.

And with that Waka, Amaterasu, Issun, Oki, Kai, and Lika prepared supplies, and rested one more night in Kamiki Village.

{Sunrise the next day in Kamiki Village}

With the light of a new day our heroes and their friends left Kamiki and began to trek through Shinshu Field.

"Wait for me!" Someone shouted at them.

When they turned around to see who the voice belonged to they saw none other than Susano prepared to travel to the freezing lands to the North.

"Susano?" Amaterasu asked surprised.

"Pops what are you doing here?" Issun asked bluntly.

"Well my little friend I figured you could use all the help you can get so Amaterasu and Oki can have plenty of strength to battle those owls." The warrior answered them.

"Well Susano, to be honest the more help we get the better our chances of victory." Waka said.

"But Susano what about your wife and newborn son?" Kai asked.

"I believe that if those three demons aren't beaten where they are; they will come to Nippon and endanger everyone including my family." Susano replied completely resolved.

"Spoken like a true warrior Susano." Oki began. "But now we must hurry to Kamui. We don't know the damage done to the land by Lechku and Nechku." He finished.

With that said they began once again to the cave that links Nippon to Kamui, and walked until they saw the snow of the land. However, when they got to the edge of the tunnel…

"W-what is this?!" Oki asked stunned to what they saw.

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