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{Last time}

With the light of a new day our heroes and their friends left Kamiki and began to trek through Shinshu Field.

"Wait for me!" Someone shouted at them.

When they turned around to see who the voice belonged to they saw none other than Susano prepared to travel to the freezing lands to the North.

"Susano?" Amaterasu asked surprised.

"Pops what are you doing here?" Issun asked bluntly.

"Well my little friend I figured you could use all the help you can get so Amaterasu and Oki can have plenty of strength to battle those owls." The warrior answered them.

"Well Susano, to be honest the more help we get the better our chances of victory." Waka said.

"But Susano what about your wife and newborn son?" Kai asked.

"I believe that if those three demons aren't beaten where they are; they will come to Nippon and endanger everyone including my family." Susano replied completely resolved.

"Spoken like a true warrior Susano." Oki began. "But now we must hurry to Kamui. We don't know the damage done to the land by Lechku and Nechku." He finished.

With that said they began once again to the cave that links Nippon to Kamui, and walked until they saw the snow of the land. However, when they got to the edge of the tunnel…

"W-what is this?!" Oki asked stunned to what they saw.

{Recap over}

Chapter 12: Journey to Ezofuji

"W-what is this?!" Oki asked stunned at what they saw.

Before them was a flurry of snow as black as night, and a path of pure white snow going through the black snow.

"Hmm looks almost like Shinshu Field." Susano spoke only to be grabbed harshly by Oki.

"HOW IS THIS LIKE SHINSHU FIELD?!" The Kamui Warrior yelled to his Nippon counterpart.

"I was remembering the cursed zone of Shinshu before we made it to the moon cave." Susano began. "The only reason we got through there was a path through the zone straight to our destination." Susano finished before Amaterasu realized where he was going.

"No, He's right I think the black snow is a more subtle version of the cursed zone, and the path of white snow is the path they want us to follow." Spoke the goddess basically finishing Susano's explanation.

"So basically any place without the white snow is part of the cursed zone, which means we would need to have a back-up plan in case Wep'keer is part of the zone as well." Issun spoke out.

"You mean like my home after I left the village when I took Kutone?" Oki asked.

"Yes, my sometimes furry friend there is a chance that your second home may have been untouched by the cursed snow allowing us to leave your future wife and sister-in-law there in case your village wasn't spared." Waka replied.

With that conversation finished the group began their journey along the white path through the cursed snow in Kamui. After a little while of walking they came across a small hut untouched by the evil snow. A hut Amaterasu and Issun remember well.

"OKI LOOK IT'S YOUR HUT!" Issun shouted.

"You're right Issun." Oki began. "It looks completely untouched by the black snow which means we could leave Kai and Lika here, and the rest of us could continue to Ezofuji and Wawaku Shrine." He finished.

"First we should let Kai and Lika themselves decide if we should leave them here or check out Wep'keer first." Susano said.

"Pops is right, so Kai, Lika which do you think we should do leave you both here and the rest of us go fight the owl twins, or try and see if we can leave you both at your village while continuing on to the shrine?" Issun asked the Oina girls.

After that question Kai and Lika began to have a private conversation between each other, and after they finished they both turned back to their companions.

"After some consideration Lika and I think we should stay in Oki's old hut because if the village has fallen prey to the cursed snow than we would have to turn around, and return here which is a bad idea since time is of the essence." Kai said with Lika nodding in agreement.

After that Oki guided them into his old home away from home and set up a fire for them before he, Amaterasu, Issun, Susano, and Waka left and continued on the path. As the remaining five members of the group traveled they saw the path to Yoshpet shrouded in the cursed snow as well as the path to Wep'keer, which made them glad Kai and Lika decided to stay in Oki's hut outside the village. They then continued on until stopping in the Ezofuji region of Kamui.

"Whoa look at that!" Susano exclaimed pointing out into the middle of the now pitch black Laochi Lake.

"It seems the cursed snow mixed with the Lake turning it pitch black making it as evil as the demons that made this foul snow." Waka said.

"It's more than that Waka." Oki began. "I think the darkness is consumed the Ark of Yamato." He finished.

It was then Amaterasu and Waka looked up, and saw the Ark was missing from where it floated days ago when they came from the celestial plain. However as they looked up they saw something else that made Issun and Amaterasu worry.

How is this for a cliffhanger, and I typed this all within a day. Although, I wonder how many people would ask what Amaterasu and Issun saw that made them worry… Oh well you'll all just have to find out next time I update this story, and in the meantime don't forget to vote in my poll, as well as letting me know which story you think I should update next.

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