A/N This will be a Bella and Seth pairing so just bare with me for a while because Bella must obviously form a relationship with Seth. I will do multiple points of view. This is my first fanfiction so constructive criticism would be great, but not too harsh please :) This takes place just as Edward is leaving Bella.


Bella POV

Bella saw him walk away without a backwards glance as he broke her heart with those last words. She collapsed to the ground, her legs no longer able to support her. She knew too clearly that she was not good enough for someone like him who was beautiful inside and out.

How could he want a mere weak human like her? She was certainly nothing special. With ordinary brown hair that fell to her waist and brown eyes, where was the draw? He had told her only too often of how breakable she was and how hard it was for him to control himself around her. Maybe it was for the best that he left….

Bella felt as if her heart had been ripped open and only a large cavernous hole stood in its place. She curled into a ball to try to hold herself together, placing her face to the damp leaves as silent tears streaked down her face.

Bella did not know how long she lay there but she could hear the resounding calls in the distance...and the shuffling of paws? She mentally shook her head. Maybe it was a wild animal and would finally put an end to her.

Little did she know that this would start a chain of events that would change her life forevermore.

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