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A/N Brady-italics Collin-underlined Seth-bold

Hey Seth?


What's Bella like in bed?

Yeah, I bet she's a wildcat. What I wouldn't give to have her sliding down my-

Collin yelped in pain as an enraged Seth bit down hard on his hind leg and started chasing him and Brady through the forest.


Chapter Twenty: A Happy Bella Equals A Happy Pack

After fighting with Brady and Collin, Seth had made sure there was ample time for them to heal before their patrol was over. He really didn't need for Bella to get even madder at him right now, and he knew those two would only be too happy to report what had happened. But without evidence, he was off scot free.

Seth didn't mean to be so devious, but he was now headed to Paul's house to apologize to Bella, because despite all the ribbing by the rest of the pack, he was indeed very sexually frustrated. And he knew that he needed to make up with his imprint before that could ever happen.

Don't get him wrong, he wanted to fix things between them for more than just sex, he hated the fact that they were fighting. She was his mate, the love of his life and he didn't like it at all that they were at such odds with each other.

So, he had resolved to go to the house, get her forgiveness, and hopefully make up with her.

As he approached the house, he sighed in relief when he saw that Paul's truck was gone. It would make things so much easier without an overbearing Paul around. Nearing her window, he saw that it was wide open and decided to surprise her by entering there.

Cocking his head to the side, he silently crept forward as he started hearing noises coming from her room. He moved until he stood right outside Bella's window and peeked in, immediately hardening.

Bella was lying in her bed, pleasuring herself. She was moaning softly, her fingers moving rapidly inside her.

Seth was frozen, one part of him wanting to continue to watch, the other, more primal part of him, demanding that he get in there and fuck her.

Bella made the decision for him, when her mouth formed a perfect little O as she began to reach her peak. Her fingers quickened their pace and as she orgasmed, she bit down on her lip and moaned. "Mmm, Seth."

When she called out his name, Seth couldn't control himself any longer, and he boldly entered her room, surging with newfound confidence.

Bella finally seemed to notice his presence and jumped up, covering herself. "Seth! What are you doing here?"

He smirked at her. "I was just enjoying the show and couldn't resist not coming in."

She frowned at him. "I hope you enjoyed yourself. Now leave."

Seth shook his head. "I don't think I will." He stalked towards her bed.

Bella narrowed her eyes. "I want you to leave."

He arched an eyebrow. "Really? It doesn't smell like you want me to leave." Seth sat down on the bed and leaned towards her, smiling when he heard her heart beats accelerate. "I know you're mad at me babe, but tonight I'm gonna show you how sorry I am." He finished his last word by licking his mark on her and Bella responded with a loud moan.

Hearing her response, he licked it again and then gently bit down on it.

Bella's hands came up to grab a hold of his shoulders and a gush of wetness dampened her panties. The mark was always sensitive and she found that whenever Seth touched it, her body responded by preparing itself for him.

Seth let out a guttural growl as her smell became even more apparent to him and continued to kiss down her neck. Reaching her breasts, he gave them each a lascivious lick that caused her hips to jut up and her nails to scrape down his arms. "Oh God, Seth!"

He then returned to the first breast, suckling on her nipple and gently biting down on it every few seconds, while simultaneously rolling the nipple on her other breast. Bella began to pant and moan, feeling another release approaching her quickly. "Please, Seth! Mmmm, that feels so good!"

Seth was even more aroused by her talking. Though Bella was much more headstrong now, he knew that this more naughty side of her would only be seen by him. His hand reached down her body until two of his fingers entered her. As soon as they did, Bella yelled out her climax, jumping up as if she'd been electrocuted. "Sethhh!"

Her walls fluttered around his fingers, but he didn't allow her to come off her high, continuing to move his fingers in and out of her. He had made it his personal mission tonight to make her come as much as possible. Her body was writhing on the bed, each little bite to her nipples sending a jolt to her pussy, almost as though they were connected. Seth's fingers were quickly becoming covered with the juices from her previous climax and he had no trouble slipping in another finger, stretching her walls even further. "God you're so wet, Bella."

Her hips were moving along with the thrusts of his fingers and she was tossing her head from side to side as she once again neared her climax. "Oh…Seth…I'm…"

Seth hummed around her breast and swiped his thumb roughly across her clitoris and she immediately climaxed, screaming his name again.

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices off them. "Damn Bella, you taste so good. I think I'll taste some more."

Bella was slowly coming down from the clouds, her eyes heavily lidded with her pleasure.

Kissing down her stomach he growled as he reached the area where her scent was the strongest. This was the very essence of his mate; she had gotten this wet for him. She was preparing herself for him. And he was only too happy to accept the invitation.

He inhaled deeply before diving in, licking from the very bottom up, making Bella shudder with desire. Like a starving man, he eagerly made sure to lick every bit of her essence off of her outer lips and then lapped at her clit with fervor.

Bella's hands came up to tug on his head, her clit much too sensitive, the pleasure almost too much for her. "S-Seth, too much. Too m-much."

He placed a hand on her stomach to keep her from squirming too much and continued licking her clit with even more enthusiasm. Bella couldn't even speak anymore as unintelligible words fell from her mouth and her orgasm washed over her. There was now a thin sheet of sweat on her skin and her lust-filled eyes gazed down into his.

Seth gave her a mock-saddened look. "Bella, I just finished cleaning you up and now you've made more work for me? I guess I'm gonna have to do this all over again."

Before she could protest, not that she planned on protesting, Seth's tongue dove into her, licking the sides of her walls and then entering her. His tongue began to mimic the movements of fucking her and he almost crowed in victory when he found that spot inside her that had her shoving her pussy against his face. "SETH! Right there! Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, OH!" She collapsed against the bed as her release seemed to gush out of her and an overjoyed Seth happily captured it all in his mouth.

As he allowed Bella to finally come down from her high, he climbed back up her body, smiling down at her. "Wow, babe. It looks like you're a gusher. Damn, I love you."

After a few seconds a sultry look came into her eyes. "That was great and all, Seth. But I think you still owe me a round of make-up sex." Her eyes trailed up and down his figure, locking on his extremely hard cock.

His eyes immediately darkened. "Babe, I'd be only too happy to comply."

He rolled until he was on top of her, his arms caging around her so that his weight didn't rest on her fully. Their lips met furiously and they kissed until Bella's lips were red and swollen. His mouth once again found its way to her mark and he nipped and sucked at it, causing her hips to jut up to meet his.

His cock practically weeping at the close contact, he bit down particularly harshly on her neck, causing her to climax. He made a mental note of this before entering her roughly before she could completely recover, groaning as her walls clamped down around him. "God, Bella. You're so..tight."

Bella's chocolate brown eyes were almost completely black as their eyes met and he thrust into her deeply, causing her breath to hitch. He pulled out until only his tip remained inside her and then roughly thrust back in. He repeated this process over and over, his pace torturously slow, making her stay on just the edge of her release.

Bella was wailing, crying out his name, her hands trying to find purchase in the sheets. "Seth, yes, oh! Mmm, more. Harder. Faster."

He obliged, his thrusts increasing with force. Her headboard hitting her wall over and over, resulting in a loud BANG..BANG..BANG! But somehow, Bella's cries were louder and they could hear the distinct slapping of skin as he moved inside her. Bella's shouts grew even louder in volume when he found her g-spot and he repeatedly hit it over and over and over.

She was now chanting his name reverently and with one particularly hard jab, her now hoarse voice shouted her release.

Not allowing her to recover, he turned her until she was on her hands and knees and she gasped and he growled as he was able to enter her even deeper. This would definitely always be his favorite position. Grabbing hold of her shoulders, he slammed into her, speaking to her after every thrust. "Goddamn. You. Are. So. Tight." Overcome with possessiveness, he yanked gently, but firmly on her hair as he thrusted into her. "No man will ever make you scream like this. Not Edward. Not Jacob. Only me! Say it!"

Bella moaned loudly. "Only you. Only you can m-make me. Oh GOD, Seth!"

He needed more. "Tell me that you only think of me when you touch yourself!"

Her climax was quickly approaching; she only needed a little bit more to send her over the edge. "O-Only you! I only s-see you. You are the only t-thing that makes me c-come." She stuttered slightly whenever he thrust particularly deeper inside her. He was the only one that would ever fill her so completely. They were made for each other, and fit together like puzzle pieces.

Seth's own long-awaited climax was approaching and his words were practically growls. "YOU. ARE. MINE!"

Bella nodded around her screams. "Only yours!"

His thrusts increased even more and as his teeth once more clamped down on her mark, he roared out his release, Bella's voice joining his seconds later before they both collapsed from exhaustion.

When Bella awoke, it was to find a possessive arm wrapped around her waist. Turning her head, she saw Seth with the most peaceful expression on his face. Gone were the frown lines and sadness upon his face, and Bella immediately felt guilty for causing him such distress just because he challenged her. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she was glad he wasn't bending to her every whim.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that this had to have something to do with the imprint. From what she had discovered from the pack, Seth used to let people walk all over him. Whether it was Leah, his mom, or the other guys, he never really spoke up for himself and was a really shy person.

Now she mused, though he was mostly his usual sunshiny and cheerful self, he had this edge to him that showed that he was still not to be messed with. Was that because of her?

And what had the imprint given her? She used to be a very introverted person, keeping her feelings all to herself and never really showing her emotions on the outside. But now that she had Seth as a mate, he had shown her that it was okay to be more expressive in your feelings and that you could lean on other people to help you through your problems.

It was through this that she realized how lucky she is to have imprinted and been imprinted on. It was as though she had found the other part of her soul and she had discovered parts of herself that she had never known were there. She was lucky to have such a loving and understanding mate who wasn't afraid to push her—even when she didn't want him to.

Looking down once more at his beautiful face, she thought back to their night. To how he had almost religiously worshipped her, as if she were some sort of goddess. Her eyes glazed over as she also recalled how he had CLAIMED her. And marked her again. Despite their position, she had felt so powerful, knowing that only she could bring out his more primal wolf side, when to everyone else he appeared to be such a gentle soul.

All of a sudden, she felt this overwhelming urge to show her appreciation for him, and as a wicked smile spread across her face, she knew just the way to do it.

Seth woke up from a very good dream to find that he was incredibly aroused, perhaps more aroused than he should be just from having morning wood.

Opening his eyes he groaned at the picture before him. His mate, his Bella, was kneeled before him, trailing her hands up and down his shaft. Her little hands couldn't even wrap around his entire cock, but she was still working him.

When she saw that he was awake, with a determined look in her eye, she leaned over and licked all the way down his length, slowly and almost torturously. His cock jumped and he muttered out a "Fuck, Bella!"

She smiled and began to suck and lick around his tip, causing his head to fall back against the pillows. As soon as his attention was otherwise diverted, she opened her mouth around him and slowly enveloped him inside her mouth as much as possible.

Seth's eyes immediately opened in surprise, and he couldn't stop himself from thrusting upwards into her mouth. "Goddamn! Your mouth is so warm." He didn't want to be an ass, so he dug his hands into the sheets to try to stop his instinctual response from wanting to simply fuck her mouth.

Seeing his hesitation, Bella began to bob her head up and down his length, wanting him to let go. Each time she went down and came back up, her tongue swiped his tip with relish.

Seth groaned, his eyes closing with his pleasure. "Shit. Bella. Fuck!" He was unconsciously gently thrusting up into her mouth, overcome by the feeling of having her lips wrapped around him.

Bella smiled around his cock, glad that he was finally letting go. She hummed around him and scraped her teeth gently down his length.

Seth tried to sit up, not sure if Bella wanted to swallow. "Bella, I'm about to…"

She moaned around him again, the vibrations sending him over the edge. He came with a guttural growl and Bella eagerly swallowed everything he had to give her.

Seth's head fell back into the pillows with a soft thunk, his chest panting as he came down from his high. Bella crawled up his body and moved to lie next to him.

He moved his head sideways, a look of pure adoration in his eyes. "Babe, that was awesome."

Her hand traced his glistening abs lightly, her eyes glancing away from him shyly. "Really? I've never done that before."

Seth, seeing the insecurity in her eyes was quick to assure her. "Bella, that was amazing. You are amazing." His hand reached over to pull her chin towards him, wanting to look into her eyes. "I love you."

Bella smiled, her fears fading away as she saw the love that shone in his face. "I love you too."

Seth pulled her closer to him and proceeded to show her over and over just how special she was.

Seth walked into Sam's house with a huge smile on his face. He had made up with his imprint, who was now running a quick patrol, and couldn't see how life could get any better. Everyone else seemed to be gathered there, hanging out before they would go over to the Cullen's house to train with the Denalis now that they had arrived.

He walked straight to the kitchen, snagging a muffin off the tray before turning to the others. "Hey guys, how's it goin'?

Quil spluttered, spitting out the food he had been chewing on. "Dude, you so got some last night, didn't you?"

Seth's smile widened. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Jared snorted. "Don't even try that. There's only one thing that can make a man smile like that."

Seth shrugged. "I'm just happy that Bella forgave me, that's all."

Jacob rolled his eyes, visibly tired. "Oh, please. You definitely did more than just 'forgive' each other last night. You two kept me up all night. I don't know if I can ever look at Bella the same way again."

Embry looked at him in surprise. "Jake, you live like, six houses away from Paul. How could you possibly hear them?"

Jacob looked even more morose. "Let's just say that Bella, is kinda…loud. And with wolf hearing…"

Paul breezed in, catching his last sentence. "Who's loud?" His eyes immediately landing on an almost too cheerful Seth and groaned. "Oh, fuck. You didn't?"

Seth's eyes clouded over a little, not really realizing who he was speaking to, and answered him without thinking. "Oh yes, I did."

Paul narrowed his eyes, his temper flaring. "Oh you did, did you? I'm gonna fucking kill you."

Bella walked in, winking in Seth's direction before centering a mock glare on Paul. "You won't be killing anyone unless you don't plan on eating for the next month."

Paul quickly shut up and sat down in a chair sullenly.

Quil glanced over at her hopefully. "Does that mean you'll cook for us? Please Bella, we're dying here."

She shrugged. "I don't see why not. My punishment is over after all."

Quil heaved a sigh of relief. "By all means Seth, keep doing what you're doing if this gets her to cook for us."

Bella pretended to ignore him as Seth and Quil fist bumped behind her.

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