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In a world where make believe is the every day, there is a land called Hogwarts, Hogwarts was separated into four kingdoms, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Each of these kingdoms were ruled by an Alpha and they were ruled over by the High Alpha. The people called Ferus were an happy race, living in peace. Yet a dark cloud will soon shatter that peace, all by one.


Our story begins in land that the Ferus call the Founding Lands, it is said that on this Lands the founders of the four Kingdoms came together. It is also here that the High Alpha lived and where our story truly begins.

The nightly silence that came when the moon rose was broken by a soft cry, a cry of fear and loneliness, and only one heard it.

The powerful creature paused, his ears stood swirled here and there, listening for the sound again, its long tail twitched when the cry came again. The powerful creature headed in the direction of the call, it did not take the creature long to find the source of the noise. It was a cub, a very small cub. The cub finally noticing the larger creature stopped its crying, the cub stared at the larger animal before it before limping its way over.

The creature's ear twitched when the cub rubbed its head against his paw, nose twitching as it caught the scent of blood. Lowering his head he sniffed the cub, said cub pawed at the creature's massive head playfully, the creature gave a playful growl in return, before opening his mouth and grabbing the scruff of its neck.


"Excuse High Alpha, your brother High Alpha Lucius has returned, and wishes to see you immediately in your chamber"

High Alpha raised a brow, wondering what he brother would want of him so soon after hunting, a part of him was worried, was his brother possible hurt. High Alpha shook his head, no if his brother was hurt then he would be going to medical chambers instead of their rooms.

"Is anything wrong bro—" High Alpha paused and stared, on his bed was his brother. The large snow leopard was laying upon the sheets and that its self was not the problem, the problem was the small black creature that was curled up against his brother.

"What is that?"

Lucius chuckled quietly as to not wake the cub

"Do you not know a cub when you see one brother?"

High Alpha growled "You know what I mean, why is it here?"

"Well I couldn't just leave the thing alone and injured Severus"

"Did you have a Healer look at him?"

"Of course, now come to bed its late"

Severus sighed, cursing his brother's habit for picking up odd objects. Movement made him look, moments later there in place of the white tiger was a naked blonde man.

"Besides look at him, he adorable" Lucius purred, Severus said nothing though he did undress and climb into bed, careful of the cub.

"Tomorrow he goes" the dark-haired male said, as he wrapped an arm around Lucius's waist, Lucius chuckled as he looked down at the cub.


Severus was awoken by something biting at his tail, with a growl he opened his eyes and lifted his tail to see what was bothering him, on his tail was the cub from last night. The little devil had his teeth and claws dug into his tail, big green eyes looking innocence.

Severus growled at and flicker his tail , the cub let go and tumbled back onto the bed, Severus watched as the cub clumsily got onto his feet and walked around the bed before he saw Lucius 's tail and pounced on it. The black hair male chuckled when the blonde growl in his sleep, Lucius flickered his tail and the cub tumbled again. Severus wondered how old the cub was, he looked to be weeks old, he was so small. The cub's fur was night black and he smelt to be a panther.

When the cub tried to pounce on Lucius's tail again; Severus grabbed him before he could by the scoff of his neck. The cub looked up at him.

"Not that I don't find it amusing, but Lucius is very peculiar about his tail and it would be a pain for the maids to get the blood out of the sheets"

The cub's ear twitched

"See I knew you'd like him"


Lucius yawned and rolled over to face them, "Morning little one" he said, tapping the cub's nose with his finger, then let the cub sniff and lick it.

"I will call Minerva, and have her find the cub's parents after breakfast"

"So we can't keep him"



"Don't give me that look, and when will you change to your Solum form?"


"Fine stay that way"


Severus gave the cub to Lucius, the cub purred happily in the other's arms then Severus and his brother got out of bed and dressed, then went to the dining hall where breakfast was waiting along with a bottle for the cub.

"You're getting attached brother" Severus said watching the other male feed the cub, "that cub has parents who are looking for him"

"I doubt that"

Severus didn't have anything to say about that

"Besides, he may not have any parents"

"An orphanage will do"

"When did you become so cold?"

"He will not stay here Lucius"

Lucius paid his brother no mind.

"Excuse me High Alphas, Lady Minerva is here"


"How adorable!"

This time Severus did roll his eyes as he watched the elder Ferus cood over the cub, "Today would be nice Minerva" he said after five minutes of this.

"Don't rush me cub" the female snapped, before getting a needle. "Now this won't hurt a bit" she then told the cub who tried to sniff the needle. Minerva took hold of one of the cub's paw and pricked it, the cub didn't even twitched.

Taking the blood covered needle and dipped in a bowl of water, she waited for a moment then the water turned blue, she frowned.

"This cub has no parents" she said.

Lucius took hold of the cub

"Can you tell us how long?"

"It'll take awhile, but yes."

Severus though both his brother and Minerva looked too happy about that.

"Very well, we'll be back in the evening"

Minerva bowed, and the three left.

"He will not stay here" Severus said as the two made their way to the throne room where their first order of business was waiting.

Once again Lucius paid him no mind


5 years later

A loud crash echoed in the empty hall followed by small feet running


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