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Harry never had so much fun in his entire life, so many people and buildings, and that was just the land of Hufflepuff. The school was HUGE! Not as big as the castle but still big.

The carriage stopped, in front of the school gates, where Albus and Minerva were waiting.

"We're here!"

When Harry tried to wiggle off the seat, he was caught and lifted onto Severus's lap

"Severus!" Harry whined

"Are you sure about this cub?" Severus asked for what was the hundredth time, and no he was not cuddling, he merely holding his cub very tightly.

"Sevvie let go, I wanna go to school"

"You know, most children say that they don't want to go, maybe he's sick. Lucius perhaps we should go back"

Harry whined and started wiggling, squeaking when Severus tighten his hold, "Lucius, tell Sevvie to let me go, tell him I want to go to school"

"I don't know Harry, you do look a little pale" Lucius said with chuckle, he was not to happy about his little cub leaving, but he learned to live with it, his brother on the other hand…..

"Excuse me"

The three looked at the window where Albus was smiling.

"Not to be rude, but Harry needs to get settled in before the opening feast starts"

Severus glared at the monkey Ferus who just pleasantly smiled back, a nuzzle at his neck turned his attention to the pouting Harry, who's ears were reared back and his tail was twitching with irritation.

"Severus, I'll be okay, and I promise to write to you and Lucius everyday" he nuzzled the other's neck and purred. Severus sighed and grumbled before letting go.

"Fine, but you better write every day, if you don't, we're coming back to get you and lock you up in your room til you're old and wrinkled" Harry giggled before pecking the older Ferus on the cheek, then Lucius before hoping out the carriage, Albus escorted the little one inside the gates

"Bye Severus, bye Lucius!"

The gates closed.

It was a week later, and no note from Harry, Severus was ready to go to war with Hufflepuff.

"He probably very busy with school, after all Brother, is it the first week, no reason to start a war" Lucius said with a grin as he watched his brother fret.

Years ago, Severus would have been glad that Harry was gone, but now he acting like a worried parent….or mate.

Lucius shook his head of that thought, surprised at how pleasant he felt at the thought of his little cub as their mate.

"He's probable held captive, by some perverted teacher, and being forced to do some unspeakable things" Severus growled as he paced.

"And risk, your wrath? Surely not" Lucius said "now sit down and help me finish these bills, what do think about raising taxes?"

"We have enough complaints from the current unwealthy, we don't need more"

"Alright bill denied, what about the ban of the Red Light Districts?"

"Even if we deny them they'll still do it, so what's the point"

"Right, denied"

And it went on until late in the afternoon, and all though Severus still was worried, he decide to wait, besides war was such a messy business.

Harry sighed as he finally finished his letter to Lucius and Severus, he knew Severus wouldn't be happy with it being a week late, but he had been so busy since school started.

First there was the opening feast where Harry learned that there were four schools each named after the four lands, he was in Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw schools were where the Betas went to learn, Slytherin and Gryffindor were where the Alphas went to learn.

Every weekend the students of Slytherin and Gryffindor came to visit them and every other weekend Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw would visit Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Second were the dorms, normally it were four to a room, but because Harry lived with Lucius and Severus, he was considered High Beta and as such had his own room.

Third were the classes, most were on history, how to change from one form to another, potions and how to be a good wife to your mate, which included, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children and sexual experiences, the last Harry was going to learn at an later age.

Then there were the students, they heard rumors about him and since he was rarely seen outside the castle wall, they were extremely excited to met him. Not once did the young Ferus have any peace to himself, though he didn't mind, after all he never had children his age to play with.

Finally though he was alone and he write and sent his letter, with a smile.


Harry looked at one of his new friends, Neville.

"You coming down for lunch?" he asked, Harry nodded and followed his friend out the owlery.

Severus and Lucius received the letter the next day, much to both theirs and the staff relief.

"It sounds like he doing fine and having fun" Lucius said as he went over the letter, glancing at Severus who was reading over his shoulder.

"That means the old monkey was right" Severus mumbled, and if Lucius didn't know any better he could have sworn his mate was pouting.

"Looks like it, but we should have known, we've known him since we were cubs and he always seem to know everything back then"

Severus's tail twitched in annoyance, as he remembered those times the old monkey bested him, he then looked back at the letter.

From the sound of it, their cub did sound happy and so far was doing well and was even making friends, though how true some of them were was still up to debt. But yet he felt of ping of something, maybe because he was finally realizing that their Harry was gone and would not see him for another four seasons.

"This is why I don't pick up strays, you get attached and then they go away to some school run by a nutcase monkey"

"Severus you eye is twitching"

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