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Everything was still in the Tower of Guidance. An eerie silence filled the holy building and the stench of death mixed with the air. But none of this bothered the cloaked figure who lurked in the shadows.

The cloaked feminine figure continued her way through the tower, climbing the long curving stairs, until she reached the room just outside of Ashera's chamber. In the corner was yet another cloaked figure, sitting quietly.

"How are you feeling, Lehran? Are you doing all right?" She knelt down to the revived Heron descendant. "Why do you insist upon calling me that name? Lehran is over and done with. And I feel terrible. Could your God not have used a less painful and draining method to revive me?" Sephiran muttered, very obviously displeased.

"I call you Lehran because that is your name. Reviving the dead in full and complete restoration is not an easy task, and only His Majesty can do such. Also, do not say 'your God'. He is our God, Lehran. He is our Master." The cloaked mistress set down the tray she had been carrying.

"It will take you months to recover your strength and powers, and to get even stronger than before. This food is what superior beings feast on. It is forbidden to those who are not blessed by our master, the Supreme God. Eating this stuff should help. This holy water will help with the pain if you drink it, as well."

With a deep sigh, Sephiran pulled the hood down to reveal his face to the woman. "I have been alive far too long. After so long of wanting to die, I finally did die... Only to be resurrected a few days later. I suppose that it really is true that I have rotten luck..."

"His Majesty was kind enough to bring you, myself, and our fallen brethren back from the dead. He brought out little family back together again... So why do you wish death? Do you not wish to stay with us?..." She turned away.

"...Forget it. Just eat your food. I'm leaving to check on everyone else. All this complaining about being alive, you seem to be just fine."

"...Forgive me. I should not have spoken so carelessly. I did not mean to offend you." Sephiran took the woman's hand and pulled her closer. "I am very happy to see you. I was disappointed not to find you in the afterlife. It has been so long since I have last seen your face... Why do you hide it from me? I missed you - Did you not miss me, perhaps, A-?"

"Dominique. My name is Dominique. And who would miss you, Lehran? Don't be an idiot." Dominique jerked away. "Ah, still playing hard to get, are we? You haven't changed a bit... Dominique." Sephiran smiled. "S-shut up. Just eat. His Majesty needs us to carry out his plans, so the faster you recover, the better." Dominique stood up.

"This vision of his... The Age of Perfect Beings... It sounds very... Interesting. So... Elaborate. But there are also so many obstacles..." Sephiran trailed off.

"Do you question His Majesty's power?"

"No, of course not."

"Then what exactly is it that you are saying?"

"I'm simply interested to see how this will all play out, that is all. Since I am here once again, I suppose I will play along... For now."

"Don't do anything stupid, Lehran. The fury of the Creator of All Beings... Is a fury that one could not even begin to imagine. You do not want to test his patience, or challenge his authority. For if you do... He will show you a fate far worst that eternal damnation."


"I will ask you one last time, Ashera... Will you comply silently, or will I have to do this by force?"

Struggling to pick herself back up, Ashera laid in a pool of her very own blood, once again on the verge of death. She couldn't think straight. She felt weak, drained, and vulnerable. Her vision was becoming blurry. And pain ate away at her, from inside out.

This was how it felt when flesh creatures die a slow, violent, and painful death, the Goddess of Order realized.

"Hmph. Did you revive me as a flesh being... Only so that you could truly torment me before killing me yourself?" Ashera demanded weakly. A mysterious cloak figure walked up to her.

"I have no intentions of killing you, my dearest Ashera. I only wanted to return part of the favor." The masculine voice replied. "Silly Ashera... Did you honestly think that you could seal me away again on you own, without Yune or the other godlings? You, a mere child who has confused herself as a superior being?"

"Perhaps it was indeed foolish of me to even attempt to subdue you... My lord. Perhaps I really do need Yune and the other gods... More than I had originally thought. " Ashera responded.

"Gods, Beorc, Laguz... They are all the same. Imperfect beings... Never learn. They are all far too arrogant and full of themselves. Especially you, my dear Ashera. What right does an imperfect god have to eliminate her imperfect creations?"


"Destruction is not the answer - Destruction is never the answer. I will save your creations from themselves. I will create a utopia world of peace and tranquility. And I will replace you and Yune both as the God of this new world."

"Yune and her companions are powerful and will do all they can to thwart you, I guarantee it. In all honestly, I had only wanted what was best for this world... But they helped me realize that I had been too strict." Ashera began.

"Just as you said, what right does an imperfect god have to eliminate her imperfect creations? I lost faith in the world I helped to create, and isolated myself from my children. Because of that... I became hard, bitter, and unable to see how much good there really is in my children.

"It is as you say. This world is not enveloped in light. My children are not always good. But this world is not completely dark, and my children are not all bad. That is why I need to have faith.... This is why I have to believe that Yune was right."

"As much as I adore Yune, she is just as unstable as you. Neither destruction nor patience is the answer. There is but one way to obtain eternal peace and utopia - Everyone must be equal and the same. Bias and difference must be eliminated. And everyone must serve under one single God."

"I see that you still strive to create your Age of Perfect Beings, my lord. But do you think the children of the world will prefer Perfection... Over Humanity?" Ashera questioned.

"All things come with sacrifice. I will take this world by force and make it mine in order to save it. Since the beginning of time, there have been disputes, wars, and destruction, and they only lead to even more disputes, wars, and destruction. I have grown quite tired of this idiotic and endless cycle." He responded.

"Imperfection must be exterminated. And I will begin with you... My lovely Ashera."

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