Cinquain poetry comes in three different patterns:

Pattern #1:

Line 1: one word

Line 2: two words

Line 3: three words

Line 4: four words

Line 5: one word



free from

emotions they say

but could they be


Pattern two is a little trickier:

Line 1: a noun

Line 2: two adjectives

Line 3: three "ing" words

Line four: a phrase

Line five: another word for the noun.

So we'd get:


stubborn, emotional

irritating, insulting, caring.

values life above all else


Pattern three involves syllable counting, yay!

Line 1: two syllables

Line 2 : four syllables

Line 3: six syllables

Line 4: eight syllables

Line 5: two syllables

Here are two examples:

Can I

Explain to you

Just what I feel for you?

What I feel cannot be described

in words.

If I

told you the truth

would you laugh in my face?

Or is there a chance that you feel

the same?