A/N: Lyrics from "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen. This has been bugging me ever since we learned what the name of that crashed spaceship behind the Eleventh Doctor was. I refuse to believe it was a glaring continuity error by Steven Moffat, so here is my explanation. Sort of.


"There is a crack in everything,

That's how the light gets in.."


In Flux

Few months ago at an Asgard marketplace the Doctor helped a lost girl find her mother. He told her a story about telepathic butterflies and shared a packet of biscuits with her. One might call that a picnic.

Now he's staring at the smoking wreck of Byzantium with Doctor Song, who has all his faces in that maddening notebook of hers, and wonders. Why did Professor Song expect the previous, younger him to have already lived this?

He thinks about Amy and the Daleks, and a giant robot trampling London, and a cold feeling of unease settles in his hearts.