Chapter ONE: The rumours.

Booth put the book up on the counter and reached for his wallet. "How much?" he asked, his fingers ready to pull out the bills.

"That will be thirty-five dollars sir."

"Ouch." Said Booth, forking over the money.

The lady behind the counter smiled. "Worth every penny sir. There's a right good love scene in there that will just make your knees quake."

Booth stared at her uncomfortably. "Oh. Okay. Thanks." He grabbed the receipt and the book and almost ran from the store.

Back out in the mall he ran his hand through his hair. That was the first time the book seller had said anything of that nature to him. Looked like he'd have to switch book stores again.

Which would be a shame, because that one always got Bones' books in first.

He checked his watch. Time to get to the Jeffersonian.

He walked into Bones' office with a smile on his face. "Anything new on the case?"

Brennan looked up. "No. Not on the case."

Cam and Angela grinned at him over her shoulder.

"Her book, on the other hand.." Angela purred, shooting Brennan a teasing glance.

Brennan blushed. "I really don't know what the fuss is about. It's entirely fiction."

Cam widened her eyes and put a hand on her hip. "I'm going to buy it on the way home. Any book that has a sex scene that lasts for a whole chapter deserves a place on my bookshelf."

"It is not a whole chapter long!" Brennan protested weakly.

Booth coughed. "A whole chapter?"

"Yuppers," said Angela. "I read it last night, and let me tell you, it's smoking." She winked at Booth knowingly.

Booth stared at them all. "So, nothing on the case then?"

"No. We're waiting for lab results." Brennan said. "We should have them by morning."

"Ok then, I'll see you in the morning." Booth turned to leave.

"Got a hot date?" Angela called as he was going out the door.

He stuck his head back in. "No. Hockey game on PPV."

Angela and Cam traded knowing glances.

"Pay Per View my butt," Angela said. "He's going to go read the book."

Cam nodded. "Yup. And so am I."

Angela looked mischeivious. "It's chapter seven by the way." She whispered.

Cam mouthed a thank you so Brennan wouldn't hear.

Brennan swallowed nervously as she watched Booths retreating back....